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10 Most Popular Health and Wellness Podcasts


10 Must-Listen Popular Health and Wellness Podcasts

With around 104 million Americans listening to podcasts on a regular basis, it is no surprise that this medium continues to break into a variety of niches. As many of us are trying to take better care of ourselves, health and wellness podcasts have managed to educate and inspire us to make positive life choices. To discover more about this engaging niche, Netinfluencer has compiled a list of the most popular health and wellness podcasts on the market. 

Ten Percent Happier

After having a panic attack live on air, journalist Dan Harris began experimenting with meditation. To his surprise, this simple coping mechanism miraculously changed his life, causing him to produce the Ten Percent Happier podcast. Across the span of multiple days, Harris opens a thought-provoking discussion that aims to push his listeners into finding the power of mindfulness. He also communicates with guest stars such as Father Gregory Boyle and Christiane Wolf to gain new perspectives on these ideologies. Alongside this acclaimed podcast, Dan Harris also published a best-selling book of the same name, which gives more insight into his journey. 

10 Most Popular Health and Wellness Podcasts

The Wellness Mama Podcast

Hosted by award-winning blogger Katie Wells, The Wellness Mama Podcast looks to unpack the mystery surrounding holistic health and teach others how to lead a more nutritious life. Wells is a key advocate for real-food, a concept that focuses on food that has not been industrially processed. Through her podcast, Wells highlights how simple lifestyle changes can help us to find happiness within ourselves and our bodies. She has spoken with Dr. Jeffery Bland on the impact of functional medicine as well as Ali Katz on the importance of generational wealth. Wells also uses her platform to discuss quirky DIY projects and tips on how to handle the stress of motherhood. 

10 Most Popular Health and Wellness Podcasts

Happy Place

Happy Place is hosted by Fearne Cotton, a prevalent TV personality who stepped away from the spotlight to focus more on her mental wellbeing. Cotton’s platform gives her the space to interact with inspirational individuals, who give a clearer view of how mental illness can affect us all. Due to her time in the industry, Fearne Cotton speaks with a plethora of influential people such as prolific British olympian Dame Kelly Holmes and popular boy band trio Hanson. Happy Place is also accompanied by a series of self-help books that present a collection of worksheets to help listeners to get their thoughts out of their heads. 

10 Most Popular Health and Wellness Podcasts

Body Stuff

In partnership with TED, Dr. Jen Gunter explores everything you need to know about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Body Stuff works to debunk a variety of medical myths and finds the real truth in some of their claims. Gunter is a professional gynecologist and pain medicine physician, giving her a broad insight into many ailments. On her podcast, she unpacks a variety of topics such as the propaganda surrounding opioids and the increasing prevalence of food allergies. Despite only starting the podcast in May 2021, Body Stuff has managed to gain an engaged fan following in just a few 30-minute episodes. 

10 Most Popular Health and Wellness Podcasts

Give Me Strength

Alice Liveing is well known for her fitness content, building a devoted audience of 694,000 Instagram followers. Her podcast, Give Me Strength, gives more insight into her journey as a personal trainer and how she manages to stay on track. However, she does not just focus on the physical elements of fitness. Liveing also uses her platform to discuss other wellness topics such as finding time to relax and building a winner’s mentality. In addition to her social media platforms, Alice Liveing has also written three best-selling books, all of which offer clean eating recipes for her listeners to try at home. 

10 Most Popular Health and Wellness Podcasts

On Being

Krista Tipett uses her podcast, On Being, to take the meaning of life to the next level. This podcast releases a new episode every Thursday, offering a psychoanalytical perspective on some of the world’s most profound questions. With guests such as poet Ocean Vuong and therapist Slyvia Boorstein, Tipett pulls upon their worldly knowledge to discuss the complexities of language and our dependence on nurture. The On Being Project was launched in 2014 as a way to bring artists and thought leaders together and allow them to share their views on morality and politics. This project was so successful it allowed Tippet to receive the National Humanities Medal in the same year. 

10 Most Popular Health and Wellness Podcasts

The mindbodygreen Podcast

The CEO of mindbodygreen, Jason Wachob launched this podcast to expand our understanding of well-being and help others engage in open conversations about their health. The mindbodygreen Podcast covers a plethora of health and wellness topics such as how we can tackle the rising epidemic of burnout and the secrets of hacking your metabolism. This podcast also links well with the mindbodygreen platform, providing expert advice in a digestible format. Wachob is also the author of Wellth: How to Build a Life, Not a Resume, which was first published in 2016. 

10 Most Popular Health and Wellness Podcasts

Daily Doctor’s Kitchen

Charismatic doctor, Rupy Aujal, truly understands the power that food can have over our larger health. Equipped with an assortment of healthy cooking tips as well as a range of medical advice, Daily Doctor’s Kitchen opens up a world of culinary possibilities for its audience. Although each episode is less than 10-minutes long, this podcast is able to express scientific principles in a quick and easy fashion. Whether it’s understanding the consequences of emotional trauma or learning to slow down the signs of aging, Dr. Aujal leaves no stone unturned. He has also released a collection of cookbooks to help his audience to prepare meals that strengthen their immune systems. 

10 Most Popular Health and Wellness Podcasts

Maintenance Phase

Aubrey Gordon and Michael Hobbes are the hosts of Maintenance Phase, a podcast that offers a critical eye on a variety of nutritional advice. The pair often travel back in time to discuss self-help books such as French Women Don’t Get Fat and How To Take 20 Pounds Off Your Man and highlight their impact on modern fad diets. The podcast also analyzes how weight loss is depicted in the news, exploring how calorie menus can have a derogatory effect on our mental wellbeing. Gordon and Hobbes are also active on Instagram, sharing key updates from the podcast with their 99.5K followers. 

10 Most Popular Health and Wellness Podcasts

Almost 30

Discussing leadership, empathy, and womanhood, Krista Williams and Lindsey Simick created the Almost 30 podcast to build an open and honest space for all of their listeners to enjoy. These hosts collaborate with a range of lifestyle pioneers such as Ash Johns and John Wineland to uncover the nuances of ancestry and masculinity. Almost 30 first launched in September 2016 as a self-development podcast. Six years later, the platform has grown tremendously and has allowed these women to build their own community called Almost 30 Nation. Williams and Simick also offer a range of online courses to help their listeners to better apply the knowledge they gain from each episode. 

10 Most Popular Health and Wellness Podcasts

Health and wellness podcasts are a key element of this medium as they help to transform an audience member’s opinion and keep them engaged for long periods of time. If you want to learn how to boost engagement on your podcast, visit our website

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10 Most Popular Health and Wellness Podcasts