10 Most Popular Health and Wellness Podcasts

By: Net Influencer


Health and wellness podcasts have managed to educate and inspire us to make positive life choices.  To discover more about this engaging niche, Netinfluencer has compiled a list of the most popular health and wellness podcasts on the market.

Ten Percent Happier

After a panic attack on air, journalist Dan Harris started meditating. To his surprise, this simple coping mechanism caused him to produce the podcast Ten Percent Happier.


A highly respected voice in the medical community, Dr. Gupta is respected for his knowledge and insight.  He is also known for his ability to communicate complex medical concepts in a way that is easy to understand.

The Wellness Mama Podcast

Hosted by award-winning blogger Katie Wells, The Wellness Mama Podcast looks to unpack the mystery surrounding holistic health and teach others how to lead a more nutritious life.


Wells is a key advocate for real-food, a concept that focuses on food that has not been industrially processed.

Happy Place

Happy Place is hosted by Fearne Cotton, a prevalent TV personality who stepped away from the spotlight to focus more on her mental wellbeing.


Cotton’s platform gives her the space to interact with inspirational individuals, who give a clearer view of how mental illness can affect us all.

Body Stuff

In partnership with TED, Dr. Jen Gunter explores everything you need to know about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Body Stuff works to debunk a variety of medical myths and finds the real truth in some of their claims. 

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