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YouTube's 4-Part Formula For Making Shorts Ads People Actually Want To Watch And Share


YouTube’s 4-Part Formula For Making Shorts Ads People Actually Want To Watch And Share

YouTube Shorts, the platform’s short-form video feature, has rapidly gained prominence, amassing 2 billion logged-in monthly users and 70 billion daily views since its introduction in September 2020, Google announced

The tech giant cites a recent survey by Material found that screened respondents in the US reported using YouTube Shorts more frequently than other short-form video providers.

As viewership on connected TVs surges, with a 100% increase globally from January to September 2023, YouTube has introduced Shorts ads to these screens. The platform is now unveiling new ways for brands to maximize their Shorts ad campaigns.

The new YouTube Select Shorts lineups allow advertisers to ensure their ads appear alongside top content in specific categories like sports, entertainment, beauty, food, gaming, and automotive. The company plans to roll out this feature in the coming weeks in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Korea, and India. 

Google refers to research by MediaScience, which indicates that YouTube Select Shorts ads are viewed 90% longer than ads on competing social platforms.

YouTube has also developed creative best practices for effective Shorts ads, dubbed the “ABCDs.” 

According to the announcement, top-performing YouTube Shorts ads frequently deviate from the platform’s traditional ads. They exhibit the following characteristics:

  • They seamlessly integrate into the viewer’s Shorts feed, emulating creator-produced content’s authentic and relatable nature.
  • Casual ads resonate well, with everyday individuals directly addressing the viewer, fostering a personal connection.
  • The short-form nature of Shorts demands an upbeat and entertaining approach. Crafting ads that cultivate a communal, share-worthy experience can yield even better results.

The new guide provides advice on crafting compelling Shorts ads based on marketing objectives, from awareness to consideration to action, leveraging YouTube’s AI-powered campaigns.

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