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Top 10 YouTube Influencer Marketing Agencies 2022


Top 10 YouTube Influencer Marketing Agencies 2024

If you’re thinking of leveraging their popularity for your business, one of the best ways to do so is by partnering with a YouTube Influencer agency that can match you with the best-fit YouTube stars. To facilitate your search, we’ve collated a list of the top YouTube marketing companies to consider.

Partnering with a YouTube Influencer agency that can match you with the best-fit YouTube stars is a great way of leveraging the popularity of your business. To facilitate your search, we’ve collated a list of the top YouTube marketing companies to consider.

Social media has become so prominent in our lives, with online personalities reaching far and deep into our microspaces that many companies continue to tap into their influential powers to boost business performance. Among the most sought-after social media influencers are YouTubers with access to the
YouTube platform’s 2.91 billion users.

Top 10 YouTube Influencer Marketing Agencies 2022
Top 10 YouTube Marketing Agencies

A YouTube influencer agency is a company that enables brands to promote their products and services through popular YouTubers. It determines the relevance of social media celebs to the businesses’ target demographic to make a suitable match. To help you find the one that’s cut out for you, we’ve come up with a list of the best YouTube influencer marketing agencies that should be on your radar.  

Top 10 YouTube Influencer Marketing Agencies 2022

1. Factor One Marketing

  • Best for: Small- and medium-sized businesses
  • Description: A YouTube influencer agency that focuses on internet marketing through Google Ads. It offers such services as content targeting, niche marketing, and YoutTube sequencing. 
  • Features: Retail Management Hero (RMH) system, which is a powerful retail software that builds on, Microsoft Dynamics RMS (Retail Management System), IT support, customized data studio reports
  • Pros: Can leverage the capabilities of Google as a qualified Google partner, with extensive experience in RMS-to-RMH conversions
  • Cons: They are specialists, not generalists (which may be disadvantageous for those seeking a multi-pronged digital marketing approach)

2. NeoReach

  • Best for: Marketing campaign coordinators and managers
  • Description: A top influencer marketing team that crafts unique campaigns on all major social media platforms
  • Features: Influencer marketing software covering 5 million influencers’ data and analytics, API integration, with AI-based fraud detection and reporting
  • Pros: offers full-service influencer marketing, are experts at creating in-person or influencer-specific activations,
  • Cons from online reviews: High cost of doing business with NeoReach compared to similar solutions in their category 

3. Voy Media

  • Best for: Entrepreneurs who would like to incorporate YouTube ads as a critical part of their marketing strategy
  • Description: A performance-based YouTube influencer agency that specializes in YouTube advertising
  • Features: Video design for ads, Full-service YouTube ads, complete creative studio, dedicated account manager and lead strategist, real-time analytics, 1-on-1 strategy consultations
  • Pros: working with a boutique agency allows dedicated attention; strategic focus on the world’s most active platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google; does high-volume creative testing; with native UGC (User-generated content); strong customer service
  • Cons from online reviews: Doesn’t have enabled messaging, so it may be slightly difficult to request quotes

4. Working Media Group

  • Best for: PPC marketers
  • Description: An independent, performance-driven marketing agency with expertise in media planning and buying, activation, and analytics
  • Features: Deep research and analytics bench, MG Smart Optimization®, Full-funnel attribution modeling
  • Pros: Adept at both B2B and B2C marketing solutions, can do social listening (sentiment monitoring and analysis), excel in programmatic ad buying and programmatic media buying
  • Cons from online reviews: n/a (no negative online feedback from clients)

5. Vireo Video

  • Best for: Digital marketers with a video-driven social media strategy
  • Description: A YouTube marketing agency that capitalizes on the power of YouTube to boost online presence and sales
  • Features: YouTube-certified consultants, YouTube marketing tools like video topic generator and video marketing canvas, VAMP (video-accelerated marketing process
  • Pros: will build a Video Strategy Blueprint for you, is data-backed, conducts pilot runs before launching full-on digital marketing campaigns
  • Cons: They’re focused on video strategies (which may be disadvantageous for those seeking a multi-pronged digital marketing approach) 


  • Best for: PPC marketers
  • Description: A boutique digital marketing services company that builds custom-tailored campaigns
  • Features: free website analysis, ORM (Online Rep Management) services, tailored marketing solutions, growth marketing for mobile apps
  • Pros: Is an authority in whitepaper lead generation and conversion, provides blog management services, proficient in multilingual SEO services, offers quadrant analysis
  • Cons from online reviews: n/a (no negative online reviews)

7. Techmagnate

  • Best for: SEO marketers with video-focused campaigns
  • Description: An award-winning SEO services company & digital marketing agency in India
  • Features: bespoke Penguin- and Panda-compliant SEO packages, 6-month-minimum contract duration, simple and clean HTML coding, stunning visuals, user-friendly interface
  • Pros: Expert in SEO services from Enterprise to Local SEO, 15 years as an SEO leader in India, offers app store optimization; is a Google Premier Partner (Google Certified Adwords and Analytics) since 2017
  • Cons from online reviews: n/a (no negative online feedback from clients)

8. Passion Digital

  • Best for: PPC marketers
  • Description: A full-service digital marketing agency based in Brixton, London that has a niched YouTube advertising strategy
  • Features: Google Tag Manager, JAMStack website builds, user-experience design, YouTube TrueView in-stream and in-display
  • Pros: Can work with cross-channel campaigns of different scales; offers research and insight capabilities; provides digital PR, are experts in communication strategies including informational branded newsletters, commercial messaging, and email marketing.
  • Cons from online reviews: Online feedback reveals the need to enhance post-sales customer services 

9. Simply Ads

  • Best for: PPC marketers
  • Description: A YouTube advertising company that targets your most-valued clients through YouTube video advertising, market research, campaign planning, animated video production, etc.
  • Features: customized YouTube advertising campaigns, tailor-fit support packages
  • Pros: Offers a range of video and digital marketing services, can deliver a measurable ROI for your business, is an agile business with a small core team, extremely affordable compared to the average big-agency outfit
  • Cons from online reviews: n/a (no negative online feedback from clients)

10. Digital Marketing Agency    

  • Best for: SEO and PPC Marketers
  • Description: An award-winning digital marketing agency that offers full-on services from SEO and PPC to web and mobile development
  • Features: 508 compliance design, Spanish SEO services 
  • Pros: Can work to scale, thinks out-of-the-box, excels in graphic design  
  • Cons from online reviews: Online feedback reveals the need to enhance post-sales customer services 

How To Work With YouTube Marketing Agencies 

Today’s technological advances make it a cinch for anyone to work with a YouTube influencer agency. Let’s jump right into how you can jumpstart the process. 

Top 10 YouTube Influencer Marketing Agencies 2022

1. Define your objectives.

It may be impossible to find what you want when you don’t know what it is. To determine your objectives, first assess where you’re at versus your long-term goals. Ascertain your weaknesses and strengths as a company and decide if you need to calibrate your strategies. Once you’ve determined these, you’ll be in a better position to bag the YouTube marketing agency that will enable you to meet your company’s business needs and objectives. 

2. Do your due diligence.

Substantial effort in researching the influencer companies you’re interested in will go a long way in making the right choice. This will also help you protect your company’s precious resources and also ensure that you aren’t wasting your time. To do this, you need to learn what to look for in a trustworthy YouTube marketing agency. In a further section in this article, we’ve listed down the critical factors you can consider when choosing the right YouTube influencer agency for your business.

3. Set a meeting.

Schedule a capabilities presentation with the companies you’re checking out. This can boost confidence about your choice of YouTube marketing agency. To save time, choose clarificatory questions instead of asking about information that you can easily secure beforehand. Personally engaging with the companies enables you to compare and select the one most deserving of your investment. This can also help you discover potential personality conflicts, which get in the way of smooth business relationships.

4. Sign away. 

Once you’ve decided, scrutinize the fine print before signing the contract. You may opt to go for the minimum duration, say for 6 months, before committing to a long-term agreement.

Critical Factors To Consider When Choosing a YouTube Influencer Agency 

Looking at all the top YouTube marketing agencies, you’ll be hard-pressed to find THE ONE that best suits your company and your needs. Here’s a brief rundown of what factors to look for when choosing an agency to partner with.

  • Active customer and influencer portfolio (who they’re engaging with and for how long)
  • Campaign examples (these will show you their specific style and methodology)
  • Awards (these are actual proofs of excellent work)
  • Years of experience 
  • Areas of expertise 
  • Pricing 
  • Location (you may want to have in-person meetings regarding delicate concerns)
  • Client-to-account-manager ratio (this helps you gauge how much time and attention you’ll receive)
  • KPIs (how they measure success) 

Pros and Cons of Working With YouTube Marketing Agencies

Including YouTube influencer agencies in your marketing strategy presents multiple advantages as well as disadvantages. For a broader perspective, we’d like to share some of the potential strengths and weaknesses of working with YouTube marketing agencies. 

Top 10 YouTube Influencer Marketing Agencies 2022

The Advantages:

  • You can leverage the creativity of fresher and perhaps more creative minds. 
  • You can benefit from the expertise honed by years of in-depth training. 
  • You don’t have to work as hard to stay updated on industry developments. 
  • You’ll have more time to devote to other projects or campaigns.
  • You’re more assured of professional results.

The Disadvantages

  • It will be more costly than using in-house personnel (albeit with better outcomes).
  • With the proliferation of influencer agencies, you can easily fall victim to marketing fluff and end up with poor results and wasted company resources.
  • You may need to compete with other clients for the time of highly competent and in-demand account managers. This is especially true with many of the most famous marketing companies.

The Wrap-up 

The advantages of partnering with a YouTube influencer agency clearly outweigh the disadvantages. So, expedite your due diligence process by checking out the list of YouTube marketing agencies we’ve shared with you. Once you’ve put in the necessary time and effort to ascertain their qualifications, you’ll be well on your way to finding one that’s perfect for you and your company. And your brand’s online success will definitely not be far behind.

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