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How to Use YouTube BrandConnect for Influencer Marketing


How to Use YouTube BrandConnect for Influencer Marketing

Data from 2022 suggests that over 2.6 billion people worldwide use YouTube at least once a month. This has helped the platform to create a bustling hub of engaged audience members as well as a plethora of high-stature influencers. YouTube is constantly searching for ways to promote some of its finest talents to the world’s leading brands. To discover more about this concept, Netinfluencer will discuss the key facets of YouTube BrandConnect.

What Is YouTube BrandConnect?

YouTube BrandConnect was originally known as Famebit, a monetization service that was first launched in 2013. In 2020, the platform was rebranded as YouTube BrandConnect and has since allowed brands to interact with a wide range of prosperous influencers.

The platform also allows influencers to earn revenue through advertiser content and promises that they will have an abundance of creative freedom. As such, both the business and the influencer are able to reap a variety of monetary benefits. 

Currently, the service only accepts influencers who have received an exclusive invite that is sent to their relevant business account. 

How to Use YouTube BrandConnect for Influencer Marketing


Is the Program Successful?

This service has enabled a plethora of brands to see an increase in both their sales and engagement, helping to create a very affluent advertising platform. YouTube BrandConnect informs us that 70% of viewers say that they have purchased a product from a brand after seeing it on YouTube.

The platform also expresses YouTube organic branded content is able to create a significant impact across the entire funnel. This has created a 100% lift in top-of-mind awareness as well as a 35% increase in purchase intent. 

YouTube Advertising also states that viewers say that YouTube is the #1 video platform that offers content that is personalized to them. In turn, these statistics denote the platform’s popularity with the common consumer and the wealth of influence it has over a viewer’s buying habits. 

How to Use YouTube BrandConnect for Influencer Marketing


Features of BrandConnect


YouTube BrandConnect promises an assortment of audience-first matchmaking, meaning that your target audience will receive content that is best suited to them. This is formed through the use of key search terms that are then cross-referenced with some of the keywords used by their favorite creators. As a result, your target customer will receive targeted and well-received ads on some of their most watched videos. 


This platform also offers remarketing lists, which allow brands to form a more niche and engaged audience using data from their other advertisements. The YouTube team will then take these high-ranking ads and use them in other forms to ensure that you are constantly making use of your marketing content. This feature also offers a continuous accumulation of materials that can help keep your more devoted customers aware of new releases from your brand. 


As part of its larger campaigns, YouTube BrandConnect also offers a range of promotional add-ons, to help brands become more competitive within their respective market. Tools such as Shopping Shelf give businesses the chance to showcase their best-selling products all within the confines of one platform. Plus, the app promo tool can aid businesses in earning more organic traffic to their relevant websites and apps. This means that influencers can not only promote your brand but can also use their platforms to promote your products and intellectual properties. 


Because of YouTube’s affiliation with Google, brands also have access to a range of measurement and analytics tools. These include Brand Interest Lift, Influencer Lift, and Organic View-Through Conversion rates. Furthermore, these features can be used to track your influencer marketing campaign as a whole to ensure that you are gaining the best possible ROI and are hitting key goals throughout the process. 

How to Use YouTube BrandConnect for Influencer Marketing


What Are the Eligibility Requirements?

If you are an influencer looking to be a part of YouTube BrandConnect, you must first confirm you are eligible for the program.

  • Must be aged 18 or over.
  • Users must be accepted into the YouTube Partner Program.
  • Influencers should be based in the US, UK, or Canada.
  • Your channel must have no active Community Guideline strikes.

How To Join YouTube BrandConnect

  1. Sign in to your personal YouTube Studio account and open your monetization tab.
  2. If your channel is applicable, you can sign up directly to YouTube BrandConnect.
  3. Read and understand the conditions stated in the contract. Once this step is completed, click ‘Accept’
  4. Your application will now be submitted. You will receive an email when there is a suitable brand opportunity for you and your content. 

Benefits of Joining YouTube BrandConnect

YouTube BrandConnect may be restricted to invite-only, but selected creators are able to gain a wealth of benefits. The platform also offers a fairly easy business model which means that influencers do not have to constantly be searching for new brand opportunities. Instead, YouTube brings them directly to the influencer, making it a very simple process.

In addition, this platform allows established YouTubers to continue making the same content and still have the chance to work with successful brands. As such, influencers do not have to diversify or change their existing content strategy in order to see success with YouTube BrandConnect. Moreover, brands will also reap the benefits of this as they will be much more aware of their influencer’s content and know what results to expect in a wider campaign. 

This service also allows influencers to build a substantial portfolio of brand deals with ease. Due to the fact that the creator will have an assortment of creative freedoms, influencers will be able to collect a large amount of evidence for their work. Thus, this portfolio can be shown to other brands to help secure more partnerships in the future. 


YouTube BrandConnect is able to bring influencers and brands closer together, adding more strength to the influencer marketing industry. This service also helps influencers to add a collection of marketing skills to their arsenal, aiding them in their future endeavors. To learn more about achieving a higher ROI in your next influencer marketing campaign, visit our website

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