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Going Viral And Making It As An Influencer The Wyatt Eiden Story (1)


The Wyatt Eiden Story: Going Viral And Making It As An Influencer

Discover the journey of Wyatt Eiden, a Wisconsin native turned influencer who shares insights on engaging content, challenges faced, and future plans. From going viral on TikTok to evolving his content style, Wyatt emphasizes the importance of authenticity, hard work, and adapting to feedback. Explore the influencer landscape, emerging trends, and Wyatt’s vision for the future of his role as a content creator.

Discover the journey of Wyatt Eiden, a Wisconsin native turned influencer who shares insights on engaging content, challenges faced, and future plans. From going viral on TikTok to evolving his content style, Wyatt emphasizes the importance of authenticity, hard work, and adapting to feedback. Explore the influencer landscape, emerging trends, and Wyatt’s vision for the future of his role as a content creator.

Who is Wyatt Eiden?

Wyatt Eiden is a 23-year-old Wisconsin native and a recent graduate from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, with a degree in Chemistry. Before stepping into the role of an influencer, Wyatt worked a variety of odd jobs, including in factories and at music festivals.

Reflecting on his unique content style, Wyatt says, “The difference with my content is I try to engage the people that are in the video, but also the people that are watching the video.” He emphasizes that his content is interactive, encouraging viewers to engage with the challenges presented in his videos, creating a break from the usual passive consumption of social media. He notes, “I’m trying to make something that you can engage with. So it’s always a challenge.”

Taking audience engagement a step further, Wyatt creates videos where viewers can contribute directly, such as voting on creative tasks he sets. He shares, “I have people do something that’s a little subjective. So I give people a random set of items. I say, here, do something creative with this. And then I have the viewers directly vote on it.”

His Inspiration and Journey as a Content Creator 

As part of Generation Z, Wyatt experienced the digital revolution firsthand. “We were kind of the first ones to grow up with social media,” he reflects. This exposure led him to observe how others were transforming their social platforms into full-time jobs, sparking a sense of fascination within him.

Wyatt had always dreamed of making a living online. “I always wanted to do that. My dream is to just be online and find ways to make it work,” he admitted. But the actual turning point came in college. Just before the world was hit by the COVID pandemic, Wyatt decided to give the newly-popular TikTok a shot. “I just wanna start posting on TikTok. It had just come out or just become, you know, popular at the time,” he shares.

Not expecting much, Wyatt started posting a video a day. But things quickly escalated. His first viral video was an unusual, eye-catching one of him putting his phone into a box of mirrors. “The first video that went viral for me was a video of me putting my phone into a box of mirrors. I actually didn’t even film it that day. I had it on my camera roll from the longest time ago,” Wyatt says. The video went from 20,000 views in one day to 200,000 or 300,000 views later on. The video’s success made Wyatt realize he might just be able to make it as a content creator.

The turning point was both exciting and decisive for Wyatt. “That’s kind of what kept me going, is thinking about all these people are doing it. So why can’t I do it? And I just figured that the difference between them and me is, you know, I haven’t started, I haven’t put the work in. And so I’m gonna start that now,” he concludes.

What Sets Him Apart

According to Wyatt, what sets successful influencers apart is his understanding of the level of commitment required in the social media industry. “Social media isn’t as easy as, maybe per se, a nine to five. You don’t have regular hours. You can’t just work for eight hours a day and expect to make it to the top. It’s you got to be working hard,” he points out.

Wyatt stressed that social media is not simply a flexible, fun-filled job. To truly succeed, one needs to put in significant effort. “If you’re not really trying too hard, you won’t get out of it what you’re trying to get out of it,” he states, adding that one should continuously “reevaluate and reinvest” into their accounts.

His Content Creation Process

Inspiration for Wyatt’s content creation comes from everyday life and interactions, especially with his older brother. “We argue a lot, and I use a lot of my arguments to ask people on the street fun questions,” Wyatt admits. Everyday debates, like what color a watermelon is, have morphed into popular content segments.

Wyatt also draws ideas from his audience. “Recently, I’ve been trying to post more content aimed towards my viewers, giving me questions they want to see answered. It’s about getting the people that watch the content more involved with it.”

Other sources include old game shows, thrift stores, and suggestions from friends. He emphasizes, “It’s definitely not by myself. I rely on many different people to help me come up with content… I try to take inspiration from wherever I can find it.”

Biggest Challenges as a Content Creator

Wyatt shared the biggest challenge he encountered during his journey into the realm of content creation. “Figuring out what I wanted to post…it was kind of hard to figure out what I wanted to post every day,” Wyatt states. This struggle was particularly present in the initial phase of his journey, which began just before the 2020 pandemic.

His early approach was simply to share random videos from his camera roll, but this resulted in inconsistent traction with his audience. “I would post one video. It would get a lot of traction, and then I’d post a completely different video. And it wouldn’t get too much traction,” he adds.

His primary challenge was to find a specific type of content that he enjoyed creating, and that would also resonate with his audience. “So it was finding something that I like to do and that the audience like to view. I think that was the biggest challenge,” he concludes.

The Time He Faced Backlash

Wyatt acknowledges that criticism and backlash are unfortunately common in the realm of social media. He notes that for every video posted, there is a mix of positive and negative responses. Rather than taking this personally, he views this as a difference of opinion and encourages people to voice their thoughts, recognizing that disagreements are a normal part of the discourse.

In terms of specific instances of backlash, Wyatt shares that some followers have accused him of staging or fabricating his content. He finds these accusations frustrating, particularly when they disregard the effort he has put into creating a piece of content.

In response to these claims, Wyatt has adopted a proactive approach. Instead of simply recording and posting content, he occasionally hosts live sessions on the street, interacting with strangers and posing questions in real-time. This allows his audience to see the authenticity of his work and even participate by suggesting their own questions.

How the Influencer Landscape Evolved in Wyatt’s Eyes

Wyatt acknowledged a substantial shift, especially over the past decade. “One thing that’s never been easier than it is now is for an eight-year-old to see what a 17-year-old is doing…kids are now being inspired to be on social media when they’re eight,” he says. This convergence of age groups on a single platform has undeniably changed the face of content creation.

The expanded reach of social media has also led to the democratization of the influencer space, according to Wyatt. More people are now viewing social media as a viable platform for work or career growth. “Whether it’s actually being a content creator or whether it’s using it for marketing…you can now use social media as a means of marketing for yourself,” he adds.

The shift has been towards seeing all active social media users as content creators in their own right, each person using it in their unique ways. He concludes, “You see a lot of opportunities that have presented in the last 10 years in influencer marketing… it’s just each person doing a different thing with it.”

Maintaining Authenticity 

Maintaining authenticity while meeting the demands of sponsors and his audience is a delicate balance, Wyatt admits. Although he’s predominantly the face in front of the camera, he emphasized the importance of behind-the-scenes work and feedback from friends and followers. “I love taking feedback…and try to make the best videos that I can for everybody watching and for myself included,” he says.

What drives Wyatt’s content creation is a continuous desire to innovate. “I always try to evaluate [every feedback point] and try to incorporate it,” he explains. “I don’t want to keep doing the same thing over and over again…So it’s always just trying to change one thing about my video.”

The evolution of Wyatt’s video style is visible over time. He adds, “You can see that if you scroll through my videos – they change over time, whether it’s the same content, like even if I’m still doing trivia, the video style has changed significantly.” The key, according to him, is the willingness to “change and adapt and listen to the feedback.”

Dealing With the Pressure of Always Being “On”

Dealing with the pressure of always being ‘on’ and creating new content can be challenging. Wyatt shares, “It’s tough. I always felt the need to be online, posting and finding the next best thing to do. But it’s okay to not have to be involved on my phone, twenty four seven.” 

Wyatt emphasizes the importance of balance, “You can’t let that weigh you down all the time.” He finds solace in connections, stating, “Talking with friends who do similar things… Having someone that relates to what you’re going through, it’s been pretty helpful.”

Trends Emerging in the Space

Discussing emerging trends in influencer marketing, Wyatt acknowledged the dynamic nature of the industry. “It’s always changing,” he says, reflecting on the transition from the popularity of drop shipping to the current trend of one-off partnerships between influencers and companies.

Wyatt voiced his disappointment at the lack of contract deals, advocating for long-term collaborations as a win-win for creators and companies. He also noticed an increased integration of AI in the influencer space, calling it “exciting and scary at the same time.”

Interestingly, Wyatt shared that brands primarily focus on a creator’s follower count when seeking partnerships, a metric he deems not entirely indicative of a successful campaign. He hopes for a future shift towards more meaningful metrics like video views or engagement rates.

He also highlighted the evolution of social media platforms to accommodate the changing landscape of influencer marketing, pointing out the rise of short-form content sections across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat.

On Brand Collabs

Speaking about maintaining his personal brand and ensuring ethical alignment with potential partnerships, Wyatt revealed that he has reached a point where he can choose which partnerships to accept, making the task much easier.

During his early days as a content creator, Wyatt admitted that he was often tempted to accept any offered partnership as he sought to build a career online. However, the importance of authenticity and staying true to his ideals often guided his decisions. “It’s important to be authentic and be who I am,” Wyatt says, emphasizing that he would not want to work with entities that do not share his ideals.

In the context of potential gains from partnerships, Wyatt advises considering what might be lost by working with certain brands or companies, thus underlining the significance of strategic brand alignment.

As for representation, Wyatt clarifies that while he has worked with Walworth Marber’s agency, he isn’t exclusively represented by any single agency. Instead, he manages his partnerships and collaborations in-house with the help of friends.

Misconceptions About the Influencer Space

When asked about misconceptions people may have about being an influencer, Wyatt highlights one common misconception: the amount of work involved in creating content. Many people express admiration and a desire to pursue a similar path, but they often underestimate the effort required to produce videos.

Wyatt emphasized that his current success is the result of two to three years of consistent hard work and dedication, rather than an instant blow-up. While some individuals may experience viral fame overnight, most influencers go through a learning process to understand social media and develop their accounts.

He stressed the importance of recognizing that there is a lot more happening behind the scenes than what the audience sees. Influencers invest significant time and effort in strategizing, planning, filming, editing, and managing their accounts. Wyatt acknowledged that this behind-the-scenes work is common in any field and not exclusive to being an influencer.

Plans For The Future

Wyatt envisions his role as an influencer evolving in the future. He expressed a desire to transition into more lifestyle-focused content, sharing aspects of his day-to-day life and experiences. This shift aligns with his changing interests and allows him to explore different creative avenues.

Additionally, Wyatt is working on various business ventures that support his current endeavors. One project he mentioned is a business card company, specifically focusing on digital business cards utilizing NFC technology. He noticed a lack of options that met his preferences and decided to create his own brand called Custom.

Moreover, Wyatt has plans to venture into apparel design and creation. With a passion for arts, crafts, and sewing since his childhood, he aims to develop his own clothing line that reflects his personal style and enjoyment.

Wyatt’s Advice to Aspiring Content Creators and Influencers

Wyatt advises: “If you really have a goal in mind… Just put the work in. Rely on others. You don’t have to do it alone.” He underscores that “the pillars of social media” are about finding a niche, doing what you love, putting in hard work, and being consistent.

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