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What Does What does IG Mean on TikTok A Guide to Common Acronyms and Slang


What Does What does IG Mean on TikTok? A Guide to Common Acronyms and Slang

Many acronyms and slang used on TikTok and other social platforms go much further than being incorporated into funny and entertaining content or chatting online. 

Some internet jargon makes it into our real-life conversations, such as “LOL” and “OMG.”

IG is another term commonly spoken in conversations, used in emails, and even presented professionally on resumes and job applications. 

The acronym is almost self-explanatory, and once you know what it means, you too, will start using it in your content, chats, and messages. 

The Meaning and Usage of “IG” on Tiktok 

IG is an acronym used all across the world, mainly on social media platforms and websites, and is globally agreed upon to mean Instagram. 

It can be used in everything from social media bio descriptions to conversations and comments, with its primary use being a link in a creator’s bio to their Instagram account. 

The acronym is an updated version of saying the standard “Insta” or “The Gram” and is an internet slang that is starting to be used even in real-life conversations. 

Even when found on Instagram, IG still means the same thing. It is an acronym everyone will understand and does not mean more than one thing. 

In captions, “IG” can be used in the following ways: 

  • “IG is too much for me; I’m more of a TikTok person.” 
  • “Follow my IG, link in Bio.”
  • “Ya’ll be spending too much time in IG; get to working.” 
  • “POV: you ask someone for their IG instead of their number.” 

The Origin of IG 

IG is an acronym that derives from splitting the word Instagram into two main components, Insta and Gram, as they can also refer to Instagram when used separately. 

The acronym on TikTok isn’t limited to a specific generation or cultural background and is understood by anyone who is an avid Social Media user. 

While anyone would understand it online, it is only common to hear it verbally spoken among Gen Z, and it will soon reach other generations when understanding its meaning. 

Aside from online conversions and real-life dialog, you can expect to hear IG used as an acronym in music, movies, and pop-culture articles. 

How to Use “IG” in Content Creation

In content creation, there are endless ways to incorporate the acronym, and the following examples perfectly elaborate on its many uses, using it in different contexts to give you a better idea. 

In a video generating over 3 million likes, the creator recommends various IG filters for followers and viewers while providing examples and captioning the video “Fresh IG filters you need to try.” 


#answer to @niki_anns insta – yoitsbaylen

♬ original sound – BAYYY

Another creator made a video responding to a comment asking her “How to find her IG account,” and generated over 417k likes. Baylen.dupree is a Tourette’s awareness creator, and her unique response is one the most engaging part of TikTok, as people loved her reaction. 

In a 6-second video, creator Jailyneojeda share the situation her partner put her in when asking for her IG password while incorporating the scenario into a trending sound on TikTok. The video generated over 600k likes and 3200 comments, making it the perfect example of using IG to communicate a POV or situation. 

Finally, the most common way of using “ig,” which was not provided in the examples is when creators include their IG account in the captions, such as simply writing “ig: account name” with no other context. 


Ultimately IG on Tiktok means Instagram and is understood worldwide to mean the same thing regardless of the language or context. 

The acronym is a byproduct of many nicknames Instagram was given, and is straightforward and easy to incorporate into your content, 

Aside from content creation, IG is beginning to be used professionally on business cards and in serious conversations, making it an acronym that’ll be around as long as Instagram is still prevalent. 

While the most common way of using IG is to suggest or give out your Instagram account, you can use it in many different ways based on what you want to communicate. 

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