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What Does RS Mean On TikTok A Guide To Common Acronyms And Slang


What Does RS Mean On TikTok? A Guide To Common Acronyms And Slang

The Meaning and Usage of “rs.”

“RS” or “real shit” is commonly used as another way of saying “for real” or “I’m not lying to you,” and it is more of a universal conversational phrase that evolved into becoming a TikTok acronym. 

Similar phrases to “real shit” include for real (fr), no cap, true story, and all true.  

Depending on the context, “rs” can also mean many other things, and here are all the possible meanings of “rs” on TikTok. 

Confirming and validating

In conversations and verbally communicated, “Real Shit” is used to confirm that one is serious and that whatever they’ve told you is accurate. Whereas in captions, “rs” is often only used to emphasize something.

Emphasizing legitimacy:

The acronym or phrase is used in captions to emphasize the statement and elaborate upon the original message. An example is posting a video with an unbelievable message and captioning it with “rs.”

To express empathy and relatability 

Whenever someone shares a realization, a relatable struggle, or a profound quote, users comment “rs” to indicate that they relate to what’s being said or are emotionally touched by the message. 

The acronym also has its own trend where creators post their wildest beliefs or sarcastic thought with serious music and add only “rs” as a caption. 

Origins of “rs.” 

Real shit is a street phrase that descends from hip-hop and African American culture and has been around for a while, used by millennials in a non-abbreviated manner. 

Hip-hop and rap are the most common genres to incorporate “rs” in their musical culture, as there are many songs called “Real shit.” 

Even some of the most relevant hip-hop songs incorporate rs slang in lyrics, like Drake’s song 1/100, opening with the line “Whole squad on that real shit. 

“RS” isn’t a phrase or acronym for every conversation, but using it adds a little twist to your statement and makes it sound casually reassuring. 

How to Use “rs” in Content Creation

You can incorporate “rs” into your content in several ways, from describing something insanely unbelievable to stressing your point in a video.  

Some of the best ways to incorporate “rs” is by hopping on the rs trend and sharing a sarcastic quote or statement, and posting it with dramatic music using an “rs” caption.

Additionally, you can casually comment “rs” on videos you like or agree with instead of just hitting the like button.

In comments, “rs” is used when a creator shares something emotionally evoking or “super deep” and indicates that their content made you realize something or emotionally touched you. 

Braydon uses “rs” in his caption to confirm what he posted in the video is true. It follows the statement, “I knew school wasn’t for me when I cheated on my test and still failed.” The video is simple, truthful, and generated over 844k likes. 

In another Tiktok by Braydon, he summarizes his statement that “A real friend is someone you can argue with and then be cool the next minute” with a “rs tho” caption. At this point, he’s just the king of “rs,” as the simple statement generated over 499k likes. 

Finally, on the more sarcastic side of things, Hoodiezay posts, “If he really wants you, he’d kidnap you,” followed by nothing but a “rs” caption. The silly quote is an excellent example of the “rs” trends and got Zay over 319k likes. 


It’s part of TikTok culture to use different slang and acronyms only TikTokers understand. Ride the wave like every other creator and utilize the jargon and trends to better your reach. 

You can add “rs” to almost anything to make it sound cooler and be relevant on TikTok, but it hits differently when captioned with no other context but what’s in the video or post. 

Add “rs” to mindblowing statements and stories that are hard to believe, and start experimenting with it now that you know its many meanings.

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