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What Does 'POV' Mean On TikTok A Guide To Common Acronyms And Slang


What Does POV Mean On TikTok? A Guide To Common Acronyms and Slang

What Does 'POV' Mean On TikTok? A Guide To Common Acronyms and Slang


What POV means on TikTok? 

This type of content is one of the most popular skits on TikTok these days, and it is never to start creating your own point of views now that you’re about to know the true meaning behind the acronym. 

POV stands for Point Of View and is commonly used as an introduction to a relevant scenario we’ve all experienced or can easily relate to.

Other kinds of videos on TikTok are videos like “POV: When you do this” OR “ POV: When you go there”. 

Initially, any video with point of view on its title is a queue for you to watch the content from the perspective of the specific situation. 

What Does POV Mean On TikTok? A Guide To Common Acronyms and Slang


Does it mean something negative? 

This, however, can also be used negatively in TikTok comments and other social media platforms. When “Haters” or people who dislike your content don’t really have much to say, they’d try to describe your situation with a point of view. 

Examples of using the acronym negatively include: 

POV: You’re broke and lonely 

POV: You just started working out 

POV: You just started investing 

Negative point of view comments are usually in the form of comparisons, used to portray a different scenario than what the creator has put out. 

For example, you can comment “POV you just started working out”, on a video of someone not doing specific exercises properly. 

What Does 'POV' Mean On TikTok? A Guide To Common Acronyms and Slang


How to use POV on TikTok? 

  • Sarcastically 
  • Negatively 
  • As a caption 
  • Describing a specific state

While there are so many different ways to incorporate this into your content, the best kind of POVs in our opinion are the ones that are used as a caption. 

When you caption a skit or story with point of view in front of the statement you’re trying to make, it helps viewers perceive your work from a different stance. 

However, these captions can also be another take on the original point of view. Someone may comment POV you shop at Dollarama on a video you captions “POV you visited the cheapest store in North America. Using this method is another way of saying the creator captioned the content incorrectly and that your POV would be more suitable as a caption. 

In this video, this is used to describe what it is like to be a teacher’s favorite student, as the teacher helps out a student on a test. 

In another example, this TikTok content creator uses point of view to tell the story of her divorced parents without speaking a word. 

Whether this generation is to minimal to type the full story or just like the fact that not everyone will understand their slang, we like how creative people are getting with acronyms and terms that just came to exist. 


#pov your mom is getting arrested and she knows your dad won’t be the best guardian for you but she re assures you #foryoupage

♬ mockingbird – favsoundds


Ultimately there is no limit to where or how you can use this abbreviation, but the previous examples are the perfect representations of how the acronym is commonly used. 

Mostly used on TikTok, the acronym is more of a Gen Z term than it is TikTok-specific. With its broad use in different contexts, almost anyone will understand this acronym nowadays. 

What Does POV Mean On TikTok? A Guide To Common Acronyms and Slang


Furthermore, it is a cool way to show the younger generation that you’re hip and in tune with everything new and trendy, but don’t be that old weirdo that uses the new term in the wrong context.

Now that you know what point of view means, we’d love to see you create your own scenarios and interact with different content.

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