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What Does Moots Mean On TikTok And Twitter


What Does Moots Mean On TikTok And Twitter? 

A Guide to Common Acronyms and Slang for digital creators and Influencers 

What Does Moots Mean On TikTok And Twitter? 

What does Moots mean?

If you have ever been on Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter, perhaps you have seen the word moots floating around. If you have no idea what this word could possibly mean, you’re not alone. 

Moots is an abbreviation or the phonetic respelloing for mutual followers or just mutuals. A common word in Internet slang, when you say moots, you are referring to your followers who you follow back, and who are usually active in responding, liking, or engaging with each other’s content. These followers are oftentimes considered to be your friends. 

Moots can also be used in the singular form; moot. 

Where did Moots come from?

A few years ago, it was common to call these mutual followers just mutuals, but the word has evolved since then. You will still see it is very common to use the phrase mutuals, however, it’s essential to know the evolution of the word.

There is a common hyonomum that may be confusing if you are using this slang term a lot, which is moot, as in, a moot point, or something that is no longer relevant to the subject.

In Australian slang, the word moot can often be used as vulgar slur for a woman’s gentatila, so it’s important to be using these words with the correct context.

According to, the word mutual follower first appeared on Twitter in 2007, which is is just year after the platform was founded in 2006. 

In 2010, the word mufo first appeared on Twitter as an acronym for mutual follower, but has since rarely been used.

Around 2017, the KPop fandom began using the word moots on Twitter and the word has since exploded across different fandoms and internet spaces ever since. 

How You Can Use Moots in Content Creation

If you want to use Moots in your content, you can take a look below at some examples of how the word has been used across social media platforms. 

Here’s a few examples of how moots is used on Twitter.

What Does Moots Mean On TikTok And Twitter? 
What Does Moots Mean On TikTok And Twitter? 

Starting threads or Twitter lives of other creators who are looking for active followers could be a good way to gain a small following or audience.  

The word is also used largely in fan accounts  (or stan accounts as they are commonly known). Creating an introduction about yourself and what your account will be like is a way to gain followers and see if you have common interests with potential new mutauls. 

What Does Moots Mean On TikTok And Twitter? 

The word doesn’t change much meaning if you switch to TikTok. You can oftentimes see the word used in comments sections, but there are full videos using the word to create content as  well. 

What Does Moots Mean On TikTok And Twitter? 
What Does Moots Mean On TikTok And Twitter? 

In this case, the users are asking other users to comment in order to make new followers. Oftentimes, the comments will be full of people willing to ‘follow for follow’ and make new mutuals.

Another similar word for moots is oomf; meaning one of my friends, or one of my followers. An example of how to correctly use the word oomf is shown below. 

What Does Moots Mean On TikTok And Twitter? 

As you can see, oomf here is standing in for the word ‘my friend’ or ‘my follower.’ Again, this is commonly used in stan or fan accounts online and is rarely used outside of social media.

Why You Should Know About Moots 

Even if you don’t use the word yourself in your personal content creation, it’s important to understand the word if you are going to be in the influencer and digital content creating space. Perhaps your followers or audience will be using it in your comments – you will want to understand what your audience is saying! 

As in influencer or a content creator, you should have an understanding of the vernacular and slang terms that are popular right now. You can try using moots in a personal setting and then see if the word fits into your vocabulary as a content creator. 

Remember, if the word doesn’t feel natural to use or feels out of place with your audience, don’t force it. One of the worst things you can do as a content creator for your brand is alienate yourself from your followers. If the context makes sense to use moots and the word fits into your personal brand, you should definitely try using these popular slang terms.

What words do you want to learn about next? Let us know down below.

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