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What Does User Not Found Mean on Instagram


Understanding the Meaning of “User Not Found” on Instagram

A Guide to Common Acronyms and Internet Slang for digital creators, influencers, and social media users.

The Meaning of User Not Found

Have you ever been using Instagram and found yourself unable to find a certain account? Perhaps you are searching for a business, an old friend, or even a verified account. Many Instagram users and digital content creators have come across this common problem. 

When you are searching for this specific account, instead of the profile, Instagram may display a ‘User Not Found’ message across your screen. 

What Does User Not Found Mean on Instagram?

So what does this message mean? 

Well, a few things could have happened.

  1. You Could Be Blocked

If you are sent an account and you are unable to open the profile, it is possible that the user blocked you. 

If a user blocks you, you are unable to see their account, posts, or stories. You may also be able to still view the profile, but it will show no posts, or that the account is private. 

Instagram purposefully doesn’t tell you if you have been blocked as a safety feature. This also allows users to block individuals more freely without fearing the other user will be notified.

However, just because you are unable to find an account, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have been blocked.

  1. The Account May Be Disabled

An Instagram account can be disabled for many different reasons. The user could have disabled the account themselves, or Instagram may disable various accounts if they have been accused of spam, harassment, or for violating Instagram’s terms of services. Oftentimes, this is only temporary, and the account may be up again soon. 

Below, you can learn how you can temporarily deactivate your account, according to Instagram’s rules.

Many people choose to temporarily deactivate their account to take a break from social media, or if they are changing brands and don’t want their account to be visible. You are required to temporarily disable your account before you officially delete your account. 

Most bans last 48 hours. If you are unsure if the account is temporarily banned or permanently banned, you can check up on the account after a few days. 

  1. The User May Be Permanently Banned 

After temporarily disabling the account, Instagram may choose to permanently ban or suspend an account. This could happen after multiple violations to the terms and services. 

  1. The User May Have Changed Their Username

Instagram may show the User Not Found message if an account has switched usernames. This may make it difficult to find the new account again.

Viewing Instagram On Desktop 

If you are viewing a profile from a desktop, this message may appear instead. 

This makes it a little more difficult to figure out if you have been blocked, or if the account is simply disabled. 

The Origin of User Not Found

On every social media platform, your account may be hidden from view from other users. Many social media platforms try not to make it obvious you have been blocked. On Facebook, for example, you won’t be able to find a profile, tag the user, and you won’t see them appear on their friends list. 

On Twitter, however, when you go to the profile, you will be shown immediately that you are blocked. 

What Does User Not Found Mean on Instagram?

What Happens Next? 

Steps After Receiving User Not Found Message

It’s important to understand what User Not Found on Instagram means, especially so you don’t jump to conclusions and assume the worst. 

As a content creator spending a lot of time on the app, you will likely encounter this problem, especially as you grow a following. 

Remember, there are plenty of reasons you may see the User Not Found message. If you are still unsure about why you cannot find an account, you can have a friend check and see if they can view the profile. You can also do this by opening a private tab.

If you have been blocked, try not to reach out to that user – it’s important to respect their decision. 

With Instagram’s new Block All Accounts feature, if you create a new account that is linked to your email or phone number of your main account, a user can block all accounts you have created. This means even if you have a second or third account, this will be blocked as well.

You can read all about more Instagram and other social media terms on NetInfluencer. Let us know what you’d like to see next down below.

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