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What Does Bing Bong Mean On TikTok A Guide To Common Acronyms And Slang


What Does Bing Bong Mean On TikTok? A Guide To Common Acronyms And Slang 

Almost every single piece of social media and TikTok terminology came from an abbreviated phrase, but not this one. Bing Bong is actually a phrase that was born out of a hilarious TikTok video that took place in New York. 

Bing Bong can mean anything and nothing all at the same time and is mainly a trend that took off back in late 2021. 

On TikTok whenever something goes viral, the TikTok community takes whatever they like from each video and starts using it non-stop in captions and comments. 

One of the most recent examples of this is the two phrases “I’m the biggest bird” and “Protein Bor”, things that make creators think and question. Even we as avid users aren’t quite sure how different people will interpret each of these random phrases. 

What Does Bing Bong Mean On TikTok? A Guide To Common Acronyms And Slang 


When is Bing Bong used on TikTok? 

Bing Bong can be used in so many different ways, but it’s most commonly used in the comment section to confuse creators referencing the original video. 

Aside from comments, Bing Bong is also used a lot in video captions for chaotic videos that make absolutely no sense. 

What Does Bing Bong Mean On TikTok? A Guide To Common Acronyms And Slang 


These are the two main ways you may come across the phrase, and the only other way you may encounter Bing Bong is through TikTok sounds and music. In this case, creators would use the original sound to promote their content through the popularity of the original sound, as you may already know sounds are a huge factor in the virality of videos. 

Where did Bing Bong on TikTok come from?

The famous funny term was invented in Brooklyn – New York, where a street interview took place. In a random interview, the lead host Jack Bryne from the famous SideTalk channel found a hilarious old man who may be considered a “Street person” that gained popularity and fame from the infamous phrase. 

The man said “Bing Bong Ariana Grande where you at baby, come to Coney Island and take a spin on the cyclone” and in another viral interview by the same guy said “Bing Bong, if you see these dogs in your backyard, just know upstairs I’m going hard, bing bong” 

The internet absolutely loved this shambolic character, and the man went from homeless to better conditions just by continuously repeating that phrase here’s a clip of the most popular Bing Bong video: 

Although in 2023 the phrase “Bing Bong” is less popular and dying down since it was nothing but a trend, whenever it is brought up in conversation with other TikTok viewers, it triggers a reaction.


Ultimately, there is no better explanation for the term than it being a phrase to describe something that is chaotic and makes absolutely no sense. 

The phrase is associated with nonsense because the person who coined it made no sense at that moment in time, and therefore it inherits the chaos that the Coney island man introduced. 

If someone comments this on your video or content, you can reply by finishing the phrase or tailoring it to your own Bing Bong phrase. 

You can find more New York madness and hilarious content like the Bing Bong man on the Sidetalk channel – tune in and stay on trend. 

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