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9 Out of 10 U.S. Kids Under 12 Prefer To Consume Content On Youtube Instead Of TikTok


9 Out of 10 U.S. Kids Under 12 Prefer To Consume Content On Youtube Instead Of TikTok

Going into the 2020’s there was no denying the amount of people switching from written content to video. With many people seeing the value in producing video content as a way to make money and others just finding the content easier to consume there was no avoiding the amount of success there was to be had in social media video content. This is when TikTok came to the forefront and began successfully onboarding tons of new users. Since then it’s been a bit of a battle for the top spot on platforms for learning and educational content for kids, but ultimately the king has been crowned and it’s none other than Youtube.

The new generation of children that love to watch educational online content prefers to use youtube as a platform. In the PARK, Precise Advertise Report Kids, report for Q@ 2023, it has been shown through data that 86% of children under the age of 12 prefer to watch and learn from content via Youtube.

9 Out of 10 U.S. Kids Under 12 Prefer To Consume Content On Youtube Instead Of TikTok

Let’s jump in and take a look!

Who Conducted the Survey?

The complete picture of video consumption for US kids aged 2-12  was conducted by Precise TV and Giraffe Insight.

Being the first and current leader in Kids safe COPPA certified advertising for YouTube by the means of contextual intelligence to deliver brand-safe video  campaigns that are both relevant and privacy compliant, that can help reach younger audiences and families. 

With that being said they ensure that they have the leading solutions for the market and best-in-class return on your ad spend when working with them. The team can measure the real impact of offline sales along with online advertising with the help of mixed media modeling, sales lift, and data forecasting.

The company has invested around 8 years in perfecting and building the precise TV Contextual Intelligencer Platform that is powered by advanced machine learning, NLP (Natural Language Processing), and data from the Precise Advertising Report-Kids.

As for their counterpart, Giraffe Insight is a leading research agency and specializes in audiences in categories such as families, youth, and kids. The team helps brands worldwide to better understand and reach their target demographic by engaging their audiences and providing insights that help companies develop the correct strategies for their product. The company is known for its ability to conduct privatized and bespoke research for each client to meet a company’s individual needs and conducts award-winning proprietary studies for industry knowledge moving forward.

One insight that was launched was, ‘Kids and the Screen: Changing the Channel’, which provides a complete picture of children’s video consumption for both linear and online. This study was the first of its kind ever conducted and for that reason, is why Giraffe Insight is regarded as one of the most forward-thinking companies globally for advertiser knowledge.

Survey Methodology

The survey was conducted over the course of one year spanning from 2021-2022. The data, once it was collected, was then categorized into separate profiles depending on the industries of the various companies.

When assisting Precise TV advertising partners to better understand the U.S. family market, teaming up with Giraffe Insight was quintessential to the process.

The methodology followed the process of giving 2000 kids and their parents, an online survey.  This allowed for a bigger insight into how a family thinks and functions as a whole rather than individually.

Key Takeaways

More often than not people nowadays would be quick to assume that YouTube is an old platform that older generations use to consume their entertainment. People are often led to believe this because TikTok emerged as a new and promising media platform that would take the reins from the competition in social media when it came to video content consumption. 

The interesting thing about that is, it’s not panning out that way. Many kids and parents are turning to YouTube as a means of education and entertainment, which is massive for the company. 

According to the data acquired from the Kids  US Precise Advertiser report, 86% of the children in the study that were 12 and under had recently used YouTube in their day-to-day life. With that in mind, it’s interesting when compared to the data that just 38% of children claim to have used TikTok, which seems to imply that the application platform is growing slowly within this demographic.

TikTok has also surpassed Video on Demand and gaming with VOD hitting 63% and gaming with 50%. The evidence makes a clear picture that the platform is failing in certain areas which is the reason for the struggle to retain its client base in this target demographic. This becomes a bit more concerning for the company when you add in the fact that many controversies surrounding the app are increasingly more and more public making it a prime target for boycotts and de-platforming as a whole.

With that being said there is still 43% of children say they prefer Youtube’s platforms or applications as a means of social media, whereas TikTok, on the other hand, only received 21% chil;dren selected the app as their preference. Though the data heavily implies that Youtube is twice as popular as TikTok it will be interesting to see how each app develops and evolves in the future to appeal to more people and acquire more % of each demographic.

This doesn’t mean the app is dead mostly impart that YouTube and TikTok aren’t the only competition in social media, Facebook had only received a 19% usage percentage in the study and Instagram popped in with only 10%. Granted the Meta company could combine those and make it look as if the ecosystem is larger but for the time being the study suggests on an individual basis the platforms they are doing well. One can see that with Snapchat only getting a 4%, so there is plenty of time and room for the platform to grow.  

With YouTube being their only real competitor it’s interesting to see how the company will go about its evolution especially when you take into account that many parents are the roadblock between the Chinese company and this demographic. 49% of parents said they would prefer their kids not to use the application because it concerns them, with only 34% of parents saying the same about Youtube.

In the report, it’s clear that Youtube continues to dominate the video application and platform landscape regarding the kids demographic. 9 out of 10 children surveyed revealed that they consume Youtube content regularly.  With 66% of the children stating that the consumption of data occurs on television. Respondents to the survey also recorded that they receive advertisements more than twice as often as they do via broadcast television, which highlights the effectiveness of the platform’s ability to capture children’s attention.

It goes without saying that this study does a fantastic job of emphasizing the significant role of co-viewing households, having found that 44% of families engage in daily viewing of video content consumption together. This implies that parents and children move on to make purchasing decisions together that are directly based on the content they watch. 

Some of the top channels that are being viewed are channels such as Cocomelon, Blippi, and 5-minute Crafts, which implies that there is a strong influence from these channels on the family’s shared viewing experience.

What Does This Mean for Brands?

When approaching the holiday planning season, it’s important for advertisers to understand exactly how each individual market is developing and evolving. The most important is in the demographic of children because it’s one of the largest purchasing markets in the space, that’s why it’s important for advertisers to understand the behaviors and preferences of young consumers.

The Precise Advertiser Report: Kids (PARK) has given the necessary insight for companies to make the right decisions when marketing to young consumers. By giving an understanding of the impact of co-viewing habits of families, video platforms, and brand preferences when it comes to kids’ decisions. 

With Youtube’s dominance in the market, in part to the rise of Youtube shorts, TikTok’s influence on the young generation, and the popularity of particular brands, advertisers can now make strategies that leverage trends and make engaging content that is more impactful for their campaigns that result in a better shopp[ing holiday experience for their target audience.

Link to the Report

The “The Precise Advertiser Report: Kids (PARK) by Precise TV and Giraffe Insight can be found on their website, along with other intriguing breakdowns, research reports, and articles that share insight into approaching social media trends, data, platform-specific information, and best practices.

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