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All About Unruggable Podcast The New Era Of Crypto Investing And NFTs


All About Unruggable Podcast: The New Era Of Crypto Investing And NFTs 

With decentralized industries becoming bigger by the day, and the Web3 industry’s rapid-fire evolution, it’s necessary to find a source of information that’s not only trustworthy but entertaining as well. That’s why a lot of people are beginning to listen to the Unruggable Podcast. 

With some of the most notable names in the Web3 space, including fintech, blockchain technology, entertainment, the metaverse, and Ai technology. This podcast is a hidden gem that provides listeners with tons of information in order to succeed in the space.

If you’re looking for an audio experience that offers in-depth conversations, influential people, impactful stories, and many more amazing moments, then the Unruggable Podcast might be just what you’ve been looking for. All About Unruggable Podcast The New Era Of Crypto Investing And NFTs

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this podcast.

Who is the Host of The Unruggable Podcast?

Moishe is a musician and entrepreneur who started NFTuence and the Moishe Media company that produces the Unruggable Podcast. He is someone who has been in the space for a while and uses his expertise to educate, inform and help people in the Web3 industry. 

The Web3 companies he’s founded have served as a springboard for Moishe to really learn about the industry himself and he uses his knowledge and expertise to better navigate the podcast and get valuable information out of his guests regardless of the niche market they may be in.

Moishe has a good way of helping people better understand the space with his interviews. He navigates the podcast for the listener, in order for them to receive vital information on all the key topics within the interview. 

The primary focus of the podcast whether it be in art, music, or NFTs and Crypto seems to be to help people understand their true potential and allow them to make the transition into a decentralized lifestyle with tips from thought leaders in the industry.

 Topics and Themes of the Podcast 

Unruggable is a podcast that you can find on various platforms such as Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Podcast, and Google Podcasts. 

Speaking to a wide range of individuals that are professionals in Fintech, Blockchain, AI, Metaverse, art, music, marketing, and branding in order to share their success stories and give advice to listeners who want to succeed as well. 

The podcast style is presented in an interview format and it’s aimed at a wide range of listeners who are not only new to the space but people who have been around for a while and want to learn how to be more successful or even stay up to date with new trends in the industry.

The podcast’s interview style is easy to listen to and allows listeners to hear inspirational moments and realizations from people who are actively taking part in developing the industry.

Below are some recent examples:


This episode focuses on Rikognition, an artist that’s breaking into the mainstream after being in the web3 industry on a small scale. He shares information on both his past and present art and career while giving appreciation to his network and his success as an independent artist. 

Talking about past work, Rikognition also mentions the new projects he is working on, including giving a sneak peek of the unreleased Neighborhoodheadz Project.

The podcast starts out with a brief introduction of our featured artist, followed by a detailed background of his upbringing and past work and inspirations.

DJ Seip: Self-Made or Never Praised! – UNRUGGABLE EP.8

In the latest episode of the Unruggable podcast, the host Moishe is joined by DJ Seip.

During the episode, DJ Seip touches on how he made it in the music industry. He goes into detail on the decisions he has made throughout his career, and how he’s decided to bridge the gap between the music industry and web3 by integrating NFTs into his marketing strategy. 

Seip further goes on to discuss the importance of decentralized media, networking, personal branding, and why being able to use blockchain technology paired with non-fungible tokens can be advantageous for artists wanting to cut out the middleman.  

You can check out this thought-provoking episode below.

Platforms for Listening and Reach

The Unruggable podcast is fairly new to the scene, but that doesn’t mean that it should be ignored as it really is a hidden gem in the industry of Web3. 

With a 5-star rating on Apple podcasts, one reviewer commented:

“Great insights and content. He drops some good alpha so listen closely”

The hosts seem to ask all the right questions and their ability to get information on all topics and highlight important discussions is great if you’re interested in learning more about the Web3 industry. 

You can listen to them for free. via Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. The podcast is also available in video format on Youtube


To sum things up, the Unruggable podcast is definitely worth checking out. Moishe is a great interviewer who understands how to raise important questions and get the most value out of his guests.  

As a content creator and entrepreneur in the Web3 space, Moishe is the perfect host to cover complex subject matters such as NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and AI. 

The Unruggable podcast can serve as an interesting listen if you’re wanting to stay up to date on the latest trends, events, forecasts, and launches in Web3.

The podcast is fairly new and doesn’t seem to follow a strict posting schedule as of yet, but you can find Unruggable on the following platforms:

You can also watch Unruggable videos on Youtube on the following accounts:

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