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All About Morning Wire Podcast In-Depth Analysis of the Day's Top News and Current Events


All About Morning Wire Podcast: In-Depth Analysis of the Day’s Top News and Current Events

The morning Wire Podcast is a podcast that dives into everything to do with current events, pop culture, politics, and sports.  

The host of the show is John Bickley, who is an editor and chief of The Daily Wire and has been a part of multiple successful media shows in the past. His expertise alongside his co-host Georgia Howe allows him to be able to ask tough questions and get important information for the viewers/listeners.

In a time when getting real information and facts, from the media, is a problem, the podcast does a great job of getting all the facts for their viewers. 

Like many media there are undertones of political favoritism, it seems that this team does a great job at keeping their patrons up to date with all the current events in a professional and entertaining fashion.

Who are the hosts of The Morning Wire?

As stated before the hosts of the Morning Wire podcast are nonother than Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Wire John Bickley and Co-Host Georgia Howe. The pair do a great job of bouncing off one another and talking on various types of topics with guests. 

From the start, John has been interested in the field of journalism and writing. Majoring and receiving a MA in English Literature from UNC-Chapel Hill. 

After finishing his Ph.D. in Humanities at FSU he spent many years teaching at the University level before going into creative journalism.  

He would later take on the role of editor-in-chief at the Daily Wire after being a writer and editor for the website since its initial launch under then Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro.

The co-host is Georgia Howe, who offers a particularly interesting dynamic and point of view for listeners. Being a converted liberal, Georgia’s outlook on political issues is a breath of fresh air and offers the viewer an alternate perspective on a multitude of issues. 

Howe also hosts another podcast on the Daily Wire network called Office Hours.

Topics and Themes of the Podcast 

The Morning Wire deliver the latest news stories in politics and culture to their audiences, allowing them to get their daily dose of current events in an easy to listen to audio format. You can even tune in while commuting to work!

As stated prior the topics on the show mostly deal with Political issues and tend to range from current events, sports, politics, and other pop culture 

The pair do a wonderful job of being diplomatic and entertaining while extracting the best information from guests with key talking points and wonderful direction of questions. The ability to be factual and open to various ideologies without losing the viewer with radical ideas is an art form that the duo has mastered. 

To better understand the dynamic of this team let’s take a look at some examples:

Federal Interest Rate Decision & LA School Worker Strike 

This is an episode that covers three key topics: the looming question of whether or not the Federal Reserve will increase the interest rates, farmers in the Netherlands get political representation in a new candidate, and the second largest school district in the U.S. goes on strike.

Xi Jinping Visits Russia & GSA’s Equity-Based Misconduct 

On this episode of the Morning Wire John and Georgia focus on the geopolitical concerns around China and Xi Jin Ping visiting Russia.

The reason behind Xi Jinping’s visiting Russia is to find a resolution and make a peace deal with Ukraine. The topic of conversation then goes into the legality of former President, Donald Trump’s, potential arrest, before ending on the subject of a federal agency that manages technology for various other agencies and has admitted to misconduct.

Trump Predicts Arrest & Putin Visits Ukraine 

In this episode, the hosts talk about the speculation surrounding the Trump arrest rumors circulating in the media. Trump was expected to be arrested this week due to his involvement with the NY District Attorney Probe. 

Then its touches base on the protest in France that was due in response to multiple changes in Pension funds. Before updating people on the latest visit to Ukraine made by Vladamir Putin.

The West Moves To Check China’s Global Threat | Sunday Extra

In this Sunday Extra episode of the Morning Wire, the hosts discuss the United States’ effort to counter Chinese military and political aggression. As well as covering how the Australian, U.K. and U.S. governments recently announced a new defensive vehicle in the form of nuclear submarines.

Lastly, the panel discusses how China is heightening its presence in the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America, at the same time as providing countries with the infrastructure to roll out a new digital economy.

Platforms for Listening and Reach

The Morning Wire is a podcast that is a part of the Daily Wire Entertainment company. It has an impressive 4.9-star rating, on Charable, with over 20k reviews, and is a top 20 pick on Spotify. Being primarily a conservative media source the company has a big reach with viewers in the millions and can be found on apps such as Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, and Spotify.


No matter what side of the fence you’re on, The Morning Wire podcast delivers a healthy dose of factual news related to current events with an emphasis on political happenings. 

So, if you’re someone who enjoys political commentary, news broadcasting, and keeping up to date with current events then the Morning Wire might be just the podcast for you. 

With shows airing every morning, and with each episode averaging 15 minutes,  you can always get your fix of the Morning Wire.

You can check out the Morning Wire Podcast on the following platforms:

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