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Unashamed Podcast A Look At The World Of Christianity And Faith


Unashamed Podcast: A Look At the World Of Christianity And Faith

Podcasts are seeing tremendous levels of exposure and growth, quickly making them a suitable medium for content creators who are keen to boost their engagement rate. Data from January 2023 states that 78% of the US population is aware of podcasts. This is an immense increase from 2018 when only 64% of Americans were aware of the medium.

Thus, creators now have the chance to tap into a wealth of dynamic markets, leading them to a range of successful ventures. To examine this success further Netinfluencer will explore the Unashamed podcast and how it has managed to connect with avid Christians around the world. 

The Creators Behind the Podcast

Phil and Jase Robertson may be the main hosts of this incredibly successful podcast, but they are probably most known for their work on the hit TV show Duck Dynasty. When the show ended in 2017, the father and son duo decided to leave their hunting careers in the past and begin discussing the nuances of the Gospel. 

Phil Robertson, also regarded as The Duck Commander, spent his childhood in the great outdoors, helping him to become a keen fisherman and huntsman. Before turning these passions into a full-time career, Robertson was a teacher, boasting a Master’s Degree in Education from Louisiana Tech University. 

His son, Jase Robertson, follows strongly in his father’s footsteps and is also a successful duck hunter. By crafting a series of unique and expertly crafted duck calls, the pair have managed to turn this niche sport into an extremely profitable franchise. 

Their work on Unashamed allows them to discuss how they use their Christian faith to guide them through the intricacies of their work and personal lives. The hosts also enjoy discussing how God has helped them through the most difficult parts of filming, giving them the chance to unravel a collection of behind-the-scenes secrets. 

Unashamed Podcast: A Look At the World Of Christianity And Faith

Themes and Topics Covered

The Unashamed podcast offers a comprehensive overview of God’s work, allowing both Phil and Jase to explore the nuances of Christian culture with their plethora of devoted fans. Despite adhering to such heavy topics, the men also bring their unique sense of humor to every episode. For example, in episode 143, the hosts explore the grooming techniques they use for their impeccable beards and whether they were just a gimmick for Duck Dynasty. This episode also presents an extensive Q&A session, allowing fans to express their most burning questions about these enigmatic figures. 

As the hosts dive deeper into the intricacies of their faith, they continue to express the enticing and sometimes supernatural experiences they have had with their God. In episode 622, Jase describes a vision that had been following him for years, leading to a discussion about whether these events can be linked to God’s presence. Each episode is also accompanied by a Bible verse, giving it a sense of structure and helping to link each anecdote back to the key religious text. 

The Unashamed podcast is also an ideal platform for the hosts to share updates on their personal lives, as seen in episode 621 when Jase announces that he has become a grandfather once again. The hosts use this defining experience, as well as a collection of apt Bible verses to discuss both the fragility and vivaciousness of life. 

Unashamed Podcast: A Look At the World Of Christianity And Faith

Reach of the Unashamed Podcast

After amassing a wealth of success on TV, it is no surprise that the Unashamed podcast has made Phil and Jase Robertson leaders in their respective fields. Since starting in 2018, the podcast has managed to collate over 375 million views and gain around 4.5 million downloads per month. This has helped the show to stand out from others in the religion and spirituality podcast market, ensuring that it can continue to attract new audiences on a consistent basis. 

Together with their immense reach, the hosts also utilize a selection of active social media platforms to raise more awareness of their work. On Instagram, Jase Robertson often posts clips of the podcast’s latest episodes as well as personal photos alongside his family. This aids him in creating a deeper connection with his 638,000 followers and ensures that they are aware of the show’s upcoming discussions. Phil Robertson adheres to a similar content strategy, which allows him to interact with his 400,000 followers. 

Phil Robertson also boasts a successful YouTube channel with an impressive 811,000 subscribers. Here, he uploads every episode of the Unashamed podcast, giving his viewers the chance to see the hosts interact inside their quirky studio. He also shares clips from his show In the Woods with Phil, a program that encourages watchers to restore a sense of justice to the modern world. 

Unashamed Podcast: A Look At the World Of Christianity And Faith

The Format of the Podcast

Each episode of the Unashamed podcast follows a similar style and structure, lasting for around an hour and focusing on one small scripture within the Bible. The show also creates time for humorous and inspiring stories, exemplifying how these men use the stories displayed within this religious text to help them manage troublesome times. 

The later episodes of this podcast welcome Al Robertson and Zach Dasher, Phil’s son, and nephew respectively. These guests offer a unique perspective on the Robertson tribe and how their faith and love of duck hunting have continued to draw them closer. Al and Zach also use their knowledge of faith and Christianity to debate key questions within the religion such as the true meaning of baptism

In 2021, the team conducted their first live episode of the Unashamed podcast, appeasing a wealth of fans at the NRB in Texas. Throughout this episode, Phil and his two sons experiment with traditional duck calls and explore how the podcast has revolutionized their standard preaching practices. 

Unashamed Podcast: A Look At the World Of Christianity And Faith

Reception and Impact

The Unashamed podcast gives the hosts a chance to break free from their television roles and offer a more intimate look into their devotion to God. With over 600 episodes available, fans are able to explore these unique characters in detail, enabling them to be successful in their own right. The team has also released a collection of branded merchandise, aiding fans in supporting the podcast’s growth and adhering to the teachings expressed throughout the show. 

The hosts also rely on other family members to explore the depths of their faith and how it helps them to bond with one another. As such, the Duck Dynasty tribe can present a more three-dimensional persona, allowing them to secure more profitable ventures in the future. 


As faith-based podcasts continue to grow in popularity, the Unashamed podcast gives the stars of Duck Dynasty the opportunity to express themselves freely. Thus, the hosts now have the ability to produce an array of related media, ensuring that they can consistently engage with their loyal audiences. Unashamed can be found on a plethora of popular streaming platforms such as Spotify and Amazon Music

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