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Ty Gibson AKA Ty G - The Multi-Hyphenate Actor, Influencer, Comedian And Creator


Ty Gibson AKA Ty G – The Multi-Hyphenate Actor, Influencer, Comedian And Creator

Amidst the ever-growing world of the creator economy, where individuals become brands and their stories the currency, Ty Gibson, fondly known as Ty G, stands as a testament to the transformative power of authenticity and courage. Drawing from his rich tapestry of experiences as an actor, influencer, comedian, and a myriad of other roles he’s played in the vast realm of arts, Ty G’s journey is emblematic of the new-age creator narrative.

“I’ve worn many hats over the years: actor, entertainer, dancer, comedian,” Ty G begins, a reflective tone in his voice. “But my true allegiance has always been to the arts. That’s where my heart has found its rhythm.”

Behind his formidable presence across various platforms lies a story of humble beginnings, driven by innate creativity and a burning curiosity. The journey wasn’t set in stone for Ty G; it came as a nudge, perhaps even a divine suggestion. He recalls a pivotal moment, “It felt as though the universe, or God, hinted through a friend about this path. It presented an option – a choice I had to make.”

The decision wasn’t easy for Ty G, especially given his initial reserved nature. “As a kid, I was quieter, shyer,” he admits. This quietness wasn’t just a temperament, but also a self-imposed restraint. “I never allowed myself that liberty to be audacious, to truly express. Maybe the confidence wasn’t there.” However, he wasn’t completely alien to the world of arts—it flowed in his family, serving as a subtle backdrop to his formative years.

It’s often said that the first step is the hardest. For Ty G, that step was a monumental leap of faith. With self-doubts nipping at his heels, he chose to trust himself, to plunge into the world of arts and entertainment. “There were moments of hesitation, where I questioned my decision,” he shares candidly. But then, observing others in the field, learning from their journeys, and carving out his unique comedic and creative avenues, became his driving force.

In the creator economy, authenticity is king. And for Ty G, embracing his genuine self and channeling it into his work propelled his ascent. “Since taking that leap,” he reflects, “I’ve been on this incredible trajectory. It’s been over eight years now.” The awe in his voice is palpable when he contemplates his journey. “When you surrender to your passion and let it guide you, the results can be astonishing, often exceeding your wildest expectations.”

Ty Gibson AKA Ty G – The Multi-Hyphenate Actor, Influencer, Comedian And Creator

Finding Ty’s Voice

 “Moving to Greensborough in 2011 was a game-changer. The shift from my hometown Rockingham, North Carolina wasn’t just geographical—it had profound personal implications.” A significant part of this metamorphosis was his association with a church in Greensborough, a relationship he maintains to this day. The church wasn’t just a place of spiritual nourishment; it became an unexpected launchpad for Ty G’s self-confidence.


Back in the Womb of @Linnette💰💕 🤰🏽💃🏽✈️ y’all asked so, here we are 😂

♬ original sound – TyG 🤣✨

Growing up, Ty G’s introverted nature was evident. His mother, acutely aware of her son’s disposition, would often speak for him. “She’d preemptively tell people, ‘Oh, he’s not the kind to do that’ or ‘He won’t be comfortable with this,'” he recalls with a chuckle. There’s no bitterness in his voice, only a candid acknowledgment. “In many ways, she was right. But sometimes, I felt boxed in.”

The turning point? An Easter production by the church. “They were on the lookout for someone to play a lead role, and they approached me.” It was uncharted territory for Ty G, far from the shy image his mother painted. But he decided to give it a go. With determination simmering inside him, he made a silent resolution: to show his mom and, more importantly, himself that he could conquer this challenge. “I didn’t breathe a word to her about my involvement,” he reveals, a playful glint in his eye. “I wanted it to be a surprise.”

The performance became more than just a role—it was Ty G’s declaration of newfound confidence. “From that moment,” he asserts with palpable passion, “a seed of self-belief was sown. That experience made me think, ‘If I could do this, what’s stopping me from achieving more?'”

That “can-do” attitude soon spilled over into his content creation. The once-reserved Ty G approached his videos with a vigor and confidence previously unknown to him. “Each video was a reinforcement of my belief in my capabilities,” he admits. This self-assured approach not only resonated with his audience but also transformed his life in ways he hadn’t anticipated.

Ty’s First Viral Video

“The journey began in 2015 with the app ‘’, which many might recall later evolved into what we now know as TikTok in 2018,” Ty G reminisces. He was no stranger to the platform by then, frequently uploading content and hoping to catch the app’s elusive spotlight. “I’d often ponder, ‘Why am I not on the ‘feature’ page?’ Back then, ‘feature’ was akin to today’s ‘For You’ page. And landing on it? Well, it felt like you’d struck gold—or in my case, as if I’d just been handed a million dollars!”

Despite his aspirations for a wider audience, the anticipation had its moments of frustration. Ty G shares a candid memory, “I’d voice my impatience to my mother, exclaiming, ‘I want to be featured!’ Her soothing response was always the same: ‘When it’s your time, it will happen.'”

The universe, it seems, had its plans. One day, in what can only be described as kismet, Ty G stumbled upon a trending audio on the app—the song “My Puberty” by While. “Though the song wasn’t about Michael Jackson, I noticed people associating it with him,” he recalls. This association triggered a cascade of creativity for Ty G. “I remember thinking on my feet, pulling together an ensemble from my wardrobe—black slacks, dress shoes, a white button-up, and voila, I had my makeshift Michael Jackson outfit!”

With his costume in place, he performed a rendition as if he were the King of Pop himself. Little did he know that this spur-of-the-moment decision was about to catapult him into the limelight.

“The day after the upload was a whirlwind,” Ty G recounts with palpable excitement. “Finishing up school, I noticed an avalanche of notifications on my phone. My heart raced as I thought, ‘What have I done?’ Only to realize that my Michael Jackson portrayal had not only gone viral but had also landed on the coveted ‘feature’ page!”

The video’s reach was staggering. “Clocking in at around 47,000 likes might sound modest in today’s viral metrics, but for me, it was monumental. The realization of so many eyes on my content was overwhelming.”

That first taste of virality, as Ty G describes, was a heady mix of elation and disbelief. It wasn’t just about the numbers, but the validation of his creative spirit. “It was the moment I’d been waiting for,” he reflects, “a moment that underscored the power of authenticity, creativity, and, sometimes, just being in the right place at the right time.”

Building an Audience Across Platforms

“One guiding principle I’ve embraced is ‘work smarter, not harder’,” Ty G asserts. Instead of getting bogged down in creating bespoke content for every platform, he promotes the idea of strategic content sharing. “It’s a misconception that each platform demands an entirely unique piece. In reality, a single video can resonate differently across platforms, tapping into varying demographics,” he explains. The advantage? Maximizing reach without unnecessarily multiplying effort.

Elaborating on the nuances between platforms, Ty G offers a comparison between Instagram and TikTok. “With Instagram, it’s essential to be methodical about your posts. You can’t inundate your followers with a barrage of content the way you can on TikTok. For instance, while I might decide to publish multiple videos on TikTok in a day, I would be far more selective about my uploads on Instagram.”

TikTok’s free-wheeling, scroll-driven design encourages a higher frequency of posts, fostering spontaneity. Instagram, in contrast, benefits from a more curated approach. Recognizing these distinctions and adapting accordingly is pivotal. “It’s about reading the room—or in this case, the platform,” he quips.

A seasoned player in the game, Ty G is also quick to highlight the unpredictability of virality. “Sometimes, it’s about hitting the sweet spot in an algorithm, posting at a particular moment that might make your content surge.” While there’s no guaranteed formula for virality, being attuned to platform-specific rhythms can increase the odds.

His parting advice to emerging creators is simple yet profound: “Share your content widely and fearlessly. The digital landscape is vast, with numerous niches and pockets of audiences. By broadening your content’s horizons, you increase its chances of resonating with someone, somewhere.” 

With that said, Ty’s journey as a content creator has not been a constant upward path. “The most persistent ghost that haunted my journey was the ‘Comparison Syndrome’,” admits Ty G. This phenomenon, he describes, is the stifling feeling of measuring one’s success by juxtaposing it against others’. It’s a dangerous pitfall and one he wrestled with for years. “Seeing others thriving while feeling stagnant can be disheartening. But I had to engrain in myself that I am unique. I shouldn’t be in someone else’s lane because mine has its own purpose.”

Replicating what others did, hoping for similar success, proved to be another major misstep for Ty. “For a while, I found myself emulating the styles or content of others. But I realized that adopting someone else’s essence doesn’t equate to replicating their success. It was a revelation that turned my focus inward.”

Ty stresses the importance of authenticity. “Chasing a fleeting ‘viral moment’ can sometimes diverge from your essence. The hunger for instant fame can distort your content’s authenticity,” he warns. The world of social media can be intoxicating, with many being swept by its allure. Ty’s own perspective evolved over time. “I never saw myself as ‘famous’. I prefer ‘well-known’. I still grind, I still learn every day.”

Perhaps the most profound lesson Ty G has come to embrace is the sanctity of the process. The journey, with its trials and tribulations, is intrinsic to the content creator’s narrative. “Embrace every moment, the ups and downs. They are formative,” he advises. “Trust the process. It’s not always smooth sailing. Sometimes you’re navigating through stormy waters, sometimes through serene lakes. But every experience is a chapter in your story.”

From VidCon Enthusiast to Featured Creator

“I remember marking the date back in 2018, the year I first set foot at VidCon in Anaheim, California,” Ty recalls with a glint in his eyes. “Right after high school, the fervor to be amongst like-minded creators was overpowering. And honestly, my first trip was a bold step, one that even surprised my mom.”

The beauty of VidCon lay not just in the knowledge it imparted, but also the relationships it forged. Ty reminisces about the friends he met there, bonds that only strengthened over the years. “It’s like a reunion at every VidCon. We pick up right where we left off,” he beams.

The East Coast VidCon, however, held a special allure for Ty. “It was closer to home, and there was this tangible excitement about it being the inaugural event,” Ty explains. He recalls how he nearly missed his shot at applying for the “Featured Creator” slot due to a glitch on the website. But destiny, it seems, had other plans. “When I found out I had been selected, the rush of emotions was unparalleled,” he says, the excitement palpable in his voice. “It was as if years of dedication and perseverance had culminated into this one pivotal moment.”

Anticipating a plethora of new opportunities – from panel discussions to networking, Ty is eager to embrace everything that comes with the esteemed “Featured Creator” tag. The event, he believes, will not just be another milestone but a launchpad into newer dimensions of the content creation world.

With VidCon just around the corner, Ty’s enthusiasm is infectious. “I’m still wrapping my head around the fact that they saw potential in me, that they deemed my content worthy. It’s an affirmation, a validation of sorts, and I’m raring to go!” he exclaims.

As he prepares for his stint at VidCon, he gives us a sneak peek into his panels and what attendees can expect.

“The first panel titled ‘Funny Business’ delves deep into the very psyche of my content creation,” Ty begins with palpable excitement. “You see, my content tends to stray from the norm. It’s abnormal, zany, and that’s what sets me apart. While many may see things in black and white, I often paint it with a rainbow. This panel will unravel the thought process behind my content and the sources of my inspiration.”

His second panel promises to strike a chord with every creator in attendance. “It’s about balance,” he states. “Every creator grapples with managing their online persona while also maintaining their personal well-being. With the constant churn and demand for content, burnout is a real concern. This session is all about how I, and hopefully others, can find that equilibrium. It’s about what drives us even on days when motivation is scarce and how to recharge.”

Lastly, Ty is ecstatic about his participation in what he describes as “game show type” sessions. “It’s all about audience engagement!” he exclaims. “These sessions won’t just be a passive experience for attendees. They’ll be in the thick of the action, playing alongside us. It’s going to be exhilarating!”

Advice for Other Aspiring Creators at VidCon Baltimore

“Your voice is your greatest asset,” Ty emphasizes, “and I don’t mean that in the literal sense of shouting across the room. Every creator, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the game for years, needs to recognize their worth. Don’t belittle your own achievements by comparing them to someone else’s. The fact that you’re in that room, at VidCon, means you belong there.”

He recounts his own initial experiences, highlighting how he feels dwarfed by other creators. “I have this constant nagging feeling of not being ‘big’ enough in the industry, even though I have a substantial following. It took time, but I realized that I needed to value my place, my voice.”

He stresses the importance of approaching others and initiating conversation. “The irony is that the person you’re hesitant to approach might be feeling the exact same way about you. So, bridge that gap! Most are here to network and collaborate, and they’re just as eager to meet someone new. If you’re at a loss for words, simply refer to a piece of content they’ve made, or suggest a collaboration. Use that as a conversation starter.”

Ty is passionate about collaborations, emphasizing that platforms and audiences alike cherish seeing their favorite creators come together. “It’s a win-win. The algorithm favors such collaborations, and fans absolutely love it. It’s like merging two worlds they’re passionate about. Opportunities are everywhere if you give yourself the space and grace to recognize them. It might be daunting to approach someone or pitch an idea, but remember, closed mouths don’t get fed. Take that step, initiate that conversation. Because in that one step, you could be opening doors to countless opportunities.”

How the content creation industry has evolved alongside Ty over the years

“I was never fixated on brands initially,” began Gibson. In the early days, his motivation was purely the joy of creation. Whatever sparked in his mind, he desired to bring to the digital realm, free from the bindings of commercial obligations. “I wasn’t really giving thought to income streams or brand partnerships,” he confessed. Gibson’s unfiltered authenticity began resonating, catching the attention of brands. Suddenly, emails with offers started filling his inbox.

However, these initial overtures came at a time when he was largely steering his digital ship solo. “There was no manager, no agency guidance; it was just me navigating the nuances of the digital landscape.” Gibson acknowledged some early missteps, born out of inexperience and an unrefined understanding of his true value in the digital marketplace. “Now,” he asserted with confidence, “I’m better equipped to discern the opportunities, ensuring they align with my worth as a creator.”

But the creator’s journey is rife with challenges. Gibson emphasized the capricious nature of the platform algorithms. “It’s constantly shifting sands,” he said. No matter how consistent his effort and dedication are to producing content, the outcome, in terms of reach and engagement, is unpredictable. “I would find myself questioning my work when a piece wouldn’t perform as well as a previous one, even though I’d poured the same heart and soul into it. Later, I realized it wasn’t about the quality of my content but the whims of the algorithm,” he lamented.

His observation sheds light on a larger issue: the relationship between creators and brands. Brands, understandably, are driven by metrics. Viewership, likes, and reach are their currency. However, according to Gibson, this laser focus on numbers often overshadows the essence of content, leading to a potential disconnect. “Brands sometimes miss the forest for the trees,” he mused. “They can prioritize reach over the inherent quality and creativity of the content. It becomes less about the art and more about the analytics.”

This quantitative skew, Gibson opined, often does a disservice to both creators and consumers. In the rat race for numbers, the authentic essence—the very soul of a creator’s work—can get overlooked. “It’s the age-old debate of quality versus quantity,” he said with a hint of exasperation. “And I always believe that true beauty and value lie in the quality. That’s where the real essence of creation shines through, rather than just chasing the bottom dollar.”

When it comes to partnerships, Ty, like many creators, has some ground rules.

“Alignment is everything,” Ty explains. With a flood of deals constantly making their way to his inbox, he meticulously evaluates each opportunity against a fundamental criterion: authenticity. “It’s not just about the reach of my platform,” he explained. “It’s also about staying true to who I am and what my audience expects.”

Gibson cited an illustrative example. “If a vaping brand approaches me for a partnership, it’s an immediate mismatch. Not only is vaping incongruent with my personal lifestyle, but it also doesn’t resonate with the family-friendly and neutral aura I strive to maintain on my platform.” To Gibson, his digital space is sacrosanct, a curated environment that must remain free from any content that would jar or alienate his audience.

In the digital world, the adage, “All money is not good money,” holds profound significance. Gibson elaborated on this: “Regardless of the monetary allure of a deal, if it threatens to compromise the authenticity I’ve built over time, I will pass it up without hesitation.” For him, it’s a principle before profit ethos. “I prioritize my character and integrity over any potential financial gain.”

His approach to declining misaligned brand deals reflects his character. Instead of a curt refusal, he invests time in crafting a gracious and well-reasoned response. “It’s crucial to communicate with clarity and professionalism. Explaining my perspective helps brands understand the rationale behind my decision, fostering mutual respect,” Gibson articulated.

Moreover, when he does embark on a brand collaboration, Gibson champions a collaborative approach, valuing a mutual exchange of vision and creativity. “Brands typically have an idea or vision. I love it when they trust me to infuse my own creativity into that framework,” he explained. His enthusiasm was palpable as he spoke about the exhilaration of turning an initial concept into content that not only aligns with his brand but also pushes the creative envelope.

Looking towards the future

“One thing that’s impossible to ignore right now is the rise of AI,” Gibson began. The rapid proliferation of AI-driven content has left an indelible mark on digital platforms. While some creators have embraced this trend, using AI in their content strategy, for Gibson, it remains a facet of the digital world he’s observed more than participated in. He remarked, “It’s fascinating, and honestly a bit unsettling, to see how AI is being heralded as a potential replacement for human creativity. It’s not for me, but I respect those who incorporate it into their work.”

Beyond AI, Gibson touched on another notable trend: the e-commerce integration within social platforms. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram are continually evolving, offering creators more tools and avenues to monetize their content. The “shop” feature on these platforms is becoming increasingly prominent, reflecting a shift towards merging content creation with direct product sales.

He observed, “It’s incredible to see the seamless integration of shopping features within the content we produce. Platforms are striving to foster a genuine connection between creators and their audiences. It’s all about authenticity in delivery.”

Shifting towards his own plans, Ty is introspective. “The influence and reach of my work became evident not just through the sheer number of viewers and likes, but more so through the deeply personal feedback from my audience,” Gibson began. The sincere outpouring of gratitude from followers who were deeply affected by his content, some even claiming it changed or saved their lives, imbued his work with a newfound sense of purpose. “It’s awe-inspiring to understand that simply being genuine and embracing who I am has had such transformative effects on others,” he mused.

With a touch of humility, he continued, “It’s surreal. Who would’ve thought? Little old me making such profound connections.” Each expression of appreciation from his followers serves as a refreshing reminder of the responsibility and privilege that come with being in the public eye. For Gibson, it’s not about ego or accolades. Instead, it’s the realization that his authentic self resonates deeply with many.

He added, “Every morning I wake up grateful, overwhelmed by the realization that I’m living my dream. And while it’s wonderful being recognized and having a platform, it’s the genuine human connections, the real-life encounters with those who support my work, that truly ground me.”

In a world where influencers can sometimes be viewed as distant or detached, Gibson’s ethos is different. “I am not an automated content machine. I’m human, with feelings, thoughts, and emotions. I make it a point to remain accessible, approachable, and always authentically myself.”

Delving into the core of his journey, Ty expressed, “The journey so far has been nothing short of remarkable. But it feels like we’re only scratching the surface. While I’ve been silently working on numerous projects, I am thrilled about the opportunities unfolding before me.”

A notable passion for Ty is music. He reminisced about the viral trend he initiated in 2019, saying, “The ‘kick world’ trend I began was a turning point. What began as a dance became a song, and today, it’s a phenomenon people can’t stop talking about. It’s fascinating how it sparked my deep-rooted interest in music.”

However, Ty’s talents are not restricted to music. He proudly identifies as an actor and integrates his acting skills into the content he produces. “Acting is an intrinsic part of me. Every piece of content I create is infused with a touch of drama, storytelling, and performance. Elevating this to larger platforms is a dream I am tirelessly working towards,” he shared.

Reflecting on his achievements, Ty’s gratitude is evident. His vibrant smile and the gleam in his eyes speak volumes about his passion and commitment. “Every milestone, every opportunity feels like a blessing. Even though it feels like I’ve been at it for ages, in reality, the journey has only begun,” he stated, the enthusiasm palpable in his voice.

With unwavering humility, Ty concluded, “I am eternally thankful to everyone who believed in me. This journey isn’t just mine; it’s a collective effort. And as I progress, I remain grounded, always cheering for others, recognizing that we all have a unique light within us. Once we embrace it, the possibilities are boundless. The future is promising, and I’m here for the long haul.”

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