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How The Instagram Algorithm Works In 2023 - Analysis Of Adam Mosseri's Algorithm Disclosure


How The Instagram Algorithm Works In 2023 – Analysis Of Adam Mosseri’s Algorithm Disclosure

Instagram constantly updates its algorithm to provide users with more tailored experiences. 

And being one of the most popular social media apps it plays a central role in content discovery and publishing online.

Recently, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri revealed the algorithm’s inner workings, providing insightful information for users and content creators. 

He posted a video explaining how ranking in Stories, Feeds, Explore and Reels work.

Let us take a look at what exactly he revealed.

For the full video click here

What did Adam Mosseri talk about?

In his revelation, Adam Mosseri highlighted the three most important things on which Instagram’s algorithms rely: 


The algorithm takes into account the accounts that users communicate with most frequently. 

If you frequently like, comment, and interact with particular accounts, the algorithm will prioritize their posts in your feed.


Another important consideration is the nature of the content that users interact with. 

If you like beauty articles, for instance, the algorithm will keep delivering you more of the same.


Regarding user interest, a post’s timing is a significant factor. 

The algorithm analyzes user scrolling behavior and post-sharing times to determine which posts to highlight.

Multiple Algorithms, One Purpose

Instagram’s algorithm is not a single program but a complex system of interrelated algorithms, classifiers, and processes. 

Instagram’s goal is to keep users as engaged and happy as possible by giving each user relevant and interesting content. 

Each algorithm concentrates on a particular application facet, such as the posts in the feed, the stories, the reels, and the Explore page. 

Important Insights 

Ranking Stories

The Instagram Stories algorithm gives the most weight to the content shared by accounts you engage with the most. 

While timeliness is less important for stories, sharing interesting stories regularly with interactive features like polls, question stickers, and quizzes can increase your exposure and entice audience participation.

Ranking Feed

The feed algorithm aims to show you the most interesting and relevant information. 

Time spent on a post, number of likes, comments, saves, and profile taps are all considered. 

Posts are ranked in part based on their engagement, how many people like them, and how closely they adhere to Instagram’s community guidelines for images and videos.

Ranking Reels

The Instagram Reels algorithm works the same way as the feed algorithm to show users the content they will find interesting.

According to Adam Mosseri, you can reach more people and improve your chances of being seen by making entertaining, inspiring, or experimental Reels and by using creative tools and avoiding low-resolution or recycled content.


The Explore page’s algorithm aims to show users relevant content based on their preferences. 

The popularity and quality of content are determined by factors such as the number of likes, bookmarks, and shares. 

You can optimize your content to have a better chance of being featured on the Explore page by sharing engaging posts and using strong captions, relevant keywords, and specific hashtags.


Shadowbanned from Instagram is the new trending hashtag. 

According to Adam Mosseri, “shadowbanning” means that an account does not get as much reach as it ought to get. 

Many people currently believe that Instagram limits reach to coax users into paying for advertising. 

Mosseri has dispelled this as a total myth. 

Instagram’s algorithm doesn’t go after individual accounts. Instead, it’s set off by behavior that might inadvertently raise red flags. 

Instagram may choose to limit exposure to or remove content under these circumstances. 

As a result of spamming

Spamming, especially on Instagram is a term that refers to behaviors such as engaging in an excessive amount of liking, commenting, or following and unfollowing of accounts in a short period. 

If you engage in behavior that Instagram considers to be spam, you run the risk of having the content associated with your account restricted or shadowbanned. 

Violating the community guidelines

Instagram has a set of guidelines that users must abide by to maintain a civilized and secure community. 

If you break the rules by posting inappropriate content or doing things that are against these rules, your account might not be as visible.

You should know these possible triggers if you want to avoid getting shadowbanned. 

Click here to learn all about Instagram’s community guidelines. 

Also, evaluate your recent activities if you’re worried about a possible shadow ban on your account. 

Determine where there may be problems and make the necessary changes to ensure you’re in line with Instagram’s guidelines. 

Mosseri concludes that the goal of the platform is to create a fun and welcoming environment for everyone and that following the rules is the best way to continue to be successful and appeal to the audience.

Tips on how to grow your audience

Messori explains that while familiarity with the Instagram algorithm is crucial, there are other methods you can use to expand your fan base:

Below are some of the tips shared by him.


Try out different types of content, writing styles, and subject matter to see what your readers respond to. 

Every Instagram user’s feed and suggestions will look different from anyone else’s because everyone has unique interests. 

The best way to learn what makes your audience tick and how to improve your content strategy is to try new things and see what sticks. 

Check Your Insights

Messori puts a lot of emphasis on taking help from Instagram Insights. 

Insights can help you understand audience demographics, post reach, and engagement metrics. 

This information can help you determine what to write about and how to change your strategy to serve your audience better. 

It helps find out what content or niche works better for you and what does not. 

Even if one of your posts goes viral, there’s no guarantee that the other will. Don’t let this keep you up at night. 

Try to see the bigger picture rather than fixating on a single post.

Once you have this information, you will be able to create content that is relevant to your Instagram handle. 


To reach a wider audience, team up with other creators or brands. 

Collaborations on Instagram and mutual promotion of each other’s posts can boost exposure and attract a new audience. 

Accordion to Adam, the public enjoys witnessing the results of creative partnerships. 

Check Account Status

Make it a habit to check the status of your account regularly to avoid any unpleasant surprises. 

Sometimes, due to Instagram’s algorithm and policies, your account may be shadowbanned or have a lower reach than intended. 

Adam shares that if your Instagram engagement and reach metrics suddenly drop, it may be time to double-check that you’re in compliance with Instagram’s policies and make any necessary tweaks to your content strategy.

Original Content

Messori concludes that on Instagram, authenticity is of paramount importance. 

Focus on producing original, distinctive content that reflects your brand or identity. 

This will attract followers who are receptive to your style and message. 

The distinction between aggregators and creators is becoming increasingly apparent to the audience. 

While creators focus on creating original content, aggregators attempt to automate or repurpose other content, which may or may not be original. 

It is evident that the audience desires more original content, which is why one should prioritize being a creator. 


Messori’s video is a great tool for content creators to improve their rankings and subscription numbers on Instagram.

Be sure to align your account and content with the tips and tricks shared to better engage with your audience.

This way, you can avoid being banned from the network.

Check out the script of Messori’s video here

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