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Twitch Just Announced Which 10+ Streamers Are Bringing TwitchCon Europe To Life


Twitch Just Announced Which 10+ Streamers Are Bringing TwitchCon Europe To Life

Twitch has unveiled the featured creators attending TwitchCon Europe 2024 in Rotterdam. The two-day live-streaming event will take place on June 29 and 30 and will return to the Dutch city for the following three years. 

Notable streamers in attendance include Sweet_Anita, JackManifoldTV, daniellippens, Fems, levideweerd, Radderss, Saar, Samora, StreamwithLien, and Twoosie, among others.

TwitchCon is Twitch’s semi-annual in-person gathering, where tens of thousands of streamers, viewers, and communities meet for a weekend focused on creativity, entertainment, gaming, and exchanging experiences and knowledge. 

The featured streamers will partake in insightful workshops and activities such as Samora’s interactive trivia challenge, Sweet_Anita’s PixelGuesser game show, and a Baldur’s Gate 3 cast talk show with LEAH and MrGibbon.

Additionally, Twitch Rivals will host several tournaments throughout the weekend. Minecraft enthusiasts can participate in MC Championship LIVE, where builders from Noxcrew have designed various custom challenges. The finale pits prominent Minecraft streamers against each other for the 2024 Crown.

“I’m excited to have such an incredible line-up of talent join us at TwitchCon Europe,” Twitch CEO Dan Clancy told Games Press. “TwitchCon is made possible by our partners bringing communities together over shared interests and hobbies.”

“I am really looking forward to meeting streamers and viewers from all over the world at TwitchCon to share our passions… The fact that Twitch highlights you as a streamer at TwitchCon is very special to me and makes you feel seen and heard,” streamer Sarah ‘Saar’ Verhoeven stated.

The Rotterdam Ahoy will host TwitchCon Europe for the first time, and the event will return to this location in 2025 and 2026. Beyond Europe, TwitchCon will open content submissions for creators, artists, musicians, and performers to engage attendees in San Diego on September 20-22, 2024.

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