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Top Vegan Influencers To Follow For The Best Plant-Based Recipes


Top Vegan Influencers To Follow For The Best Plant-Based Recipes

Veganism may be more than just about food, but there is no denying that food certainly plays a very important role in it. Follow these top vegan influencers on Instagram for your daily dose of new (and old) vegan recipes.

There are vegan alternatives for pretty much every ingredient these days. But taking those ingredients and turning them into unique vegan recipes? That’s where the challenge lies. 

Whether you are looking for new vegan recipes or simply looking for a different twist on old ones, these top vegan influencers have got your covered. And they break the myth that vegan food is boring. Read on and indulge your taste buds!

Top Vegan Influencers To Follow For The Best Plant-Based Recipes


Top Vegan Influencers To Follow

Deliciously Ella (@deliciouslyella) 

Followers: 2.1 M

Founded by Ella Mills, this page helps you feel better with delicious plant-based food. You will find several unique vegan recipes on this page, ranging from pasta and your favorite mac and cheese to smoothies and cinnamon buns. Name your favorite food, and you’ll find a vegan recipe for it on this page! There is a list of ingredients with instructions for each recipe. 

Deliciously Ella also has a wellness app for holistic healthcare. The best part, though? They produce several plant-based snacks such as granola bars, chips, caramel cups, and chocolate among many others! 

Nisha Melvani (@cookingforpeanuts) 

Followers: 487k

A registered nutritionist, Nisha posts some of the best vegan recipes you will ever come across. They are easy to make, delicious, and gorgeous to look at. Seriously. She will teach you how to make dumplings, burgers, and even tofu steaks. She is also the author of a cookbook called “Practically Vegan” which contains more than a 100 recipes that you can enjoy on a budget! 

Other than recipes, she also talks about how you can load up on necessary vitamins and minerals on a vegan diet on her blog. Follow her page for some tips along with affordable and healthy vegan recipes

Catherine (@plantbasedrd) 

Followers: 492k

Catherine is a vegan dietician who is known for her yummy recipes that are super easy to cook. She also features several “no cook” lunches, so if you want to eat healthy without spending a lot of time cooking, this page is for you. My favorite thing about her page is that she serves some amazing evidence-based nutrition tips that are also sustainable!

Vegan Bowls (@veganbowls) 

Followers: 3.1 M

Want to learn how to make your favorite dishes vegan style? Vegan Bowls is the place for you! With several recipes by different chefs posted every day, this page teaches you how to make everything- including desserts! Whether you are looking for lunches or snacks, this page has it all. The bonus? You get to discover several new chefs to follow! You can also access exclusive recipes by shopping for their award winning cookbooks. Follow the page and fill your bowls with insta-worthy meals. 

Forks Over Knives (@forksoverknives) 

Followers: 1.5 M 

This page is more than just about recipes; it’s about living a healthy plant-based lifestyle. That means, apart from healthy recipes with a unique culinary twist, you will also find plenty of tips and advice on how to live life healthy as a vegan. There are also plenty of quotes and real-life stories about people whose life has taken a turn for the better with a plant-based diet. 

Featuring tips with infographics, this page is what every health-conscious vegan needs.

Best of Vegan (@bestofvegan) 

Followers: 2.1 M  

With pictures of mouth watering dishes (and desserts), this page makes being vegan look oh-so-delicious. They feature recipes by a variety of vegan chefs with a heavy focus on sweets. I mean, who could resist the strawberry vegan tart or the vegan chocolate caramel bars? The perfect soul food, if you ask me.

Danielle Brown (@healthygirlkitchen) 

Followers: 2.8 M

This vegan influencer, Danielle is here to help you live your healthiest (and tastiest) plant-based life. I must warn you, though. Her page will make you drool. Seriously, how can such colorful food be right in front of our face and yet still be so far away?

My favorite part about Danielle is that she posts videos of how to make each recipe, so you can actually see it in action. And she makes all kinds of food- breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, snacks, and smoothies! She also gives little tidbits about her life here and there, which add a very refreshing personal touch! 

Toni (@plantbasedonabudget) 

Followers: 508k

We all know that vegan ingredients can sometimes be a bit expensive, right? Toni serves vegan recipes on a budget, just for you! Made using simple ingredients, all her dishes are easy to make and will leave you and your bank account satisfied. She is also the author of a cookbook.

Other than recipes, she hosts giveaways, interviews other vegans, and talks about her own journey. You’ll find inspiration and ideas for food, all in one place! 

Nisha Vora (@rainbowplantlife) 

Followers: 680k 

Another vegan influencer, Nisha is a youtuber, blogger, and a cookbook author who is known for her flavor-packed vegan recipes. Her dishes are inspired by Indian cuisine and are sure to make your mouth water. She also gives several tips and tricks to make the food extra delicious, creamy, and thick. 

Top Vegan Influencers To Follow For The Best Plant-Based Recipes

Her voice overs in every single video give a glimpse into her life and her plant-based journey. It’s like having exclusive access to your favorite chef’s private kitchen! Follow her to add a little oomph to your vegan dishes.

Jessica (@jessicainthekitchen) 

Followers: 250k

Jessica is an another vegan influencer and the award-winning queen of vegan comfort food. All her recipes are simple, easy to make, and contain seasoned ingredients. Several of her dishes take just 10-15 minutes to prepare! She posts “how to” videos of the dishes, making it super easy for you to follow the instructions. 

Hate a particular dish? Try Jessica’s recipe. You are guaranteed to love it after that!

Carleigh Bodrug (@plantyou) 

Followers: 1.7 M

Have you ever taken stock of the amount of waste that you generate with every dish you cook? Such as the skins of fruits and vegetables and even those tiny extra pieces that you throw away. Carleigh aims to reduce food waste, so she creates dishes made from scrappy food waste! I’m talking “tomato powder made from tomato peels” and “zucchini fries made from those zucchinis neglected in the back of your fridge.” 

Amazing, right? There’s more where that came from. Follow Carleigh and turn your kitchen into a zero waste zone! As a bonus, you get to enjoy some amazing vegan snacks, too!

Greg (@gregsvegangourmet) 

Followers: 83.8k

Greg is a vegan influencer bursting the myth that “if you go vegan, you’ll have to give up on junk food” by making junk food that is entirely vegan! There are recipes for all sorts of snacks on his page, such as jalapeno popper roast, cheesy Italian meatball sub, pizza bombs, and even black salt caramel cookies. Perfect for an evening snack!

We have reached the end of our vegan food journey. Hope you enjoyed it and found some amazing vegan influencers, vegan dishes and snacks to add to your meal planning. Indulge your taste buds, share this article with your vegan friends, and let us know which dish was your favorite in the comments below.

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