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Top Food Influencers in San Diego- Food Influencers, Instagrammers and Bloggers based in San Diego

Food influencers in San Diego are big on finding the most incredible local San Diego eats. If you’re looking to market your San Diego culinary brand, food influencers in San Diego can be a great way to gain more exposure to an already food-obsessed audience looking for their next best San Diego meal. Keep reading for a helpful list that will give you a quick reference guide for the top food influencers in San Diego.

San Diego is known for its gorgeous sunshine, beautiful beaches, and laidback culture. However, San Diego is also known for its fantastic cuisine, especially when it comes to delicious seafood and fresh foodie delights, like acai bowls, sushi, and California egg benedicts. In addition, San Diego also has a large variety of eateries, from food trucks to five-star restaurants to family-owned eateries.

Top Food Influencers in San Diego - Net Influencer
San Diego, California

Whether you’re looking for culinary inspiration, your next amazing San Diego eats, or San Diego food influencers to help market your food business, knowing about the top San Diego food influencers is a must. Read on to learn about the top food influencers in San Diego that should be on your radar. 

Top Food Influencers in San Diego to Watch


Followers: 85,200 followers

We recommend checking out the San Diego foodies account for the latest and greatest in San Diego cuisine, where they report on the best, new San Diego eats. Their account features travel, dining, hotel, and activity guides for San Diego. On top of the many mouthwatering food photos, you can expect pictures of gorgeous Califonia sunsets, restaurants, and more. In addition, they sometimes post homemade recipes for trending recipes, like vegan chocolate chip cookie dough. The San Diego foodies account is part of the CA Foodies brand, which covers the latest food trends in California. 

San Diego Food Girl

Followers: 25,500 followers

San Diego Food Girl is your one-stop shop for San Diego food, travel guides, travel consultations, shopping, and more. The San Diego Food Girl linktree includes their well-reviewed podcast and many social media platforms. You can expect to see amazing photos of different spirits, mouthwatering breakfast foods, delicious desserts, and more on their account. The San Diego Food Girl is also a big supporter of local businesses and enjoys promoting and working with local San Diego eats.

SD Foodiegram

Followers: 12,400 followers

The San Diego Foodiegram is dedicated to sharing incredible food, beer, coffee, travel, and dog photos from the San Diego area. Elaine runs the San Diego Foodiegram and is also a writer who runs the blog: You can expect to see many photos of San Diego beverages, burgers, fast food, Korean food, and more. Additionally, Elaine recently completed a year-long project comparing and recording her thoughts on more than 25 hamburgers made from local San Diego restaurants. Throughout the year, she shared her thoughts with her audience and a detailed breakdown of her recommendations. 

Food Thoughts For All

Followers: 9,000 followers

Food Thoughts For All is a one-woman run account that records her travels throughout San Diego and her quest for the most fantastic food. She is a huge fan of fantastic chicken, thirst-quenching spirits, delightful desserts, and Asian cuisine. On her account, she regularly posts glamorous photos of her travels to other locations, such as Hawaii, and fun images of her experiences at different San Diego foodie events, like farmers’ markets and San Diego restaurant week. 

San Diego Foodie Guy

Followers: 4,300 followers

San Diego Foodie Guy is run by one veteran who is a massive fan of supporting local businesses. He even shares eat local hashtags in his Instagram bio. In addition, he shares new San Diego breakfast burritos every Friday and adorable photos of his young son enjoying delicious foods with him. The San Diego Foodie Guy is an excellent account to look into if you’re interested in promoting your breakfast burrito, local San Diego cuisine, or other gourmet eats, like tantalizing pizzas, cheesy dishes, tacos, and more. He has also hosted different foodie giveaways on his account previously. 


Followers: 2,700 followers

Eri_Delicious, or eating (V)ieri delicious things, is a southern California-based account created by a local nurse who wanted to support local eateries and the hospitality industry during the pandemic. She is a huge advocate for ROAR, Restaurants Organizing, Advocating, and Reorganizing, which is run by a number of hospitality leaders working to rebuild during the pandemic. You can expect stunning photos of many delicious desserts, snacks, drinks, and tempting entrees, like pizzas, tacos, noodles, and chicken wings on her account. 

The Hungry Jessica

Followers: 16,600 followers

Jess runs The Hungry Jessica and is a dedicated Instagram who uses her account to create a visual diary of San Diego’s best eats. Jess has a penchant for Korean food and has her favorite San Diego foods and Korean foods pinned at the top of her page. In addition, she posts magazine-worthy shots of delicious San Diego foods, especially amazing close-ups of San Diego foods as they’re served (often with sauces or icing being poured over the delicious food). She especially loves sharing cute Japanese and Asian cuisine, such as a rice panda bear being buried in sauce or emoji-shaped cookies that she made. Her corgi, Loki, is also featured on her account. 


Followers: 6,100 followers

Gastronemy is a personal blog that shares personal experiences with exceptional San Diego cuisine. She is a massive fan of Asian cuisine, yummy teas, cute desserts, and irresistible sandwiches. She occasionally shares photos of herself on her account, giving this account a more personal feel to it than other foodie accounts. She also posts occasional sponsored giveaways that are collaborations with San Diego restaurants. 

Explore with Abbey

Followers: 5,800 followers

Abbey is a girl who describes herself as “doing her best and living life.” She is a Christian, photographer, and foodie blogger who is especially interested in Mexican food, the perfect coffee, breakfast foods, and anything served between bread, such as incredible burgers and sandwiches. She is also an advocate for Feeding San Diego, which helps San Diego residents struggling with food insecurity. Abbey also occasionally talks about the importance of meal prepping and has worked with meal prep brands like Mighty Macro. 

San Diego Foodie Fan

Followers: 16,900 followers

Darryl runs the San Diego Foodie Fan and describes himself as having a healthy food obsession. His account features many of his favorite restaurants pinned to the top of his Instagram account. He also occasionally shares lovely photos of his family. Still, his account primarily shares mouthwatering shots of a huge variety of food, from sushi to hamburgers to out-of-this-world desserts. He also shares various San Diego food events, such as the San Diego Bay Wine + Food Festival. 

Gabe Halvor

Followers: 1,700 followers

Gabe G. is a photographer and foodie who uses his Instagram brand to share mouthwatering food photos. He is especially fond of incredible sandwiches, cheesy delights, unique alcoholic beverages, and finding the best takeout possible. His brand, Gabe Halvor Media, offers bright, tantalizing photos of food that are sure to delight the eye and entice the mind.

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