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Top Food Influencers in Belfast- Food Influencers, Instagrammers and Bloggers based in Belfast

The city of Belfast is as popular for its food as it is for being the birthplace of the Titanic. These popular local influencers in Belfast help us navigate the culinary chaos.

Belfast, the capital city of Northern Ireland is one that has been famous for a lot of things over the years. It was nicknamed Linenopolis near the end of the 19th century for its position as the world’s linen capital. It was the birthplace of probably the most famous ship ever built; the RMS Titanic. And last but not least, it is a local hotspot of some of the best Irish cuisine ever. 

Belfast has a plethora of excellent restaurants. And to help you avoid the paralysis of choice when it comes to where to enjoy the best culinary delights, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top food influencers in Belfast. These influencers will take you on a journey of food through the city, and you’ll be glad you came.

Top Food Influencers in Belfast - Net Influencer
Belfast, Ireland

Top Food Influencers in Belfast To Watch Out For

With the City open to sharing its culinary secrets with the world, a lot of food influencers have emerged on the Belfast culinary scene. With mouth-watering photographs, how-to videos to assist you in preparing delicious delicacies at home, and honest evaluations to assist you in deciding where to eat next. It’s become critical that you follow these Belfast influencers as they tell the world about Linenopolis one meal at a time.


is a food influencer page run by Conor. Conor is a Belfast-based blogger who uses his blog to express his interests in food, travel, and family. He treats his audience to a host of delectable and tasty-looking dishes. He also shares how-to videos to help his over 34 thousand followers prepare different kinds of meals at home. This page will not only leave your mouth watering, but it would also make you want to catch the next flight to Belfast if you aren’t already there. A recently appointed brand ambassador for Eurospar Ni, Conor the belfastfoodblogger is a top food influencer to watch.


Jim Moore runs the Belfast food page onlyslaggin. A certified foodie, John is not just an influencer but a chef too. Boasting over 35 thousand followers, John takes his followers through the processes and methods he uses when creating his dishes. If you love meat, steak, and colorful meals then you have to pay onlyslaggin a visit. From the content available on his page, John is definitely the kind of man you want running the grill during family events. 


Do you think undercover security agents are cool? Try undercover chefs. Belfast_undercover_chef is a food-based page run by an ex-chef who loves to cook, eat out and share their love for food. This food influencer page has over 13 thousand followers and is a brand ambassador to Dromona, a food manufacturing company. Filled with meat, pepper, cheese, and so many other ingredients, the meals on this page are an obvious treat for the eyes.  Looking for a page that makes your mouth water and inspires you to step into the kitchen? This is definitely it. 


If you are new to Belfast and would love a city-wide tour of its restaurants and food houses then you have to check out belfastfoodtour. Run by Caroline Wilson, the page gives its audience a tour of not just the best places to eat in Belfast,  but also some of the best places to get ingredients as well. Caroline has a thing for photography and scenery which a lot of times finds its way into her work as she attempts to take us through Lineopolis. With almost 9 thousand followers, Caroline is your tour guide into the Belfast food scene.


Dishyouwerehere is an insta food blog run by Marty, a food and travel enthusiast. Marty is a member of the LGBTQ community and is unapologetic about it. His posts ooze confidence and he gives you that notion of someone who knows his onions, literally. Dishyouwerehere has over 39.2 thousand followers, which makes it one of the biggest food influencers in Belfast. Marty has a huge sense of humor and allows it to flow into his posts as well. So not only do you get fantastic pictures, reviews, and how-to videos, you also get to laugh while devouring his awesome content.


With over 11 thousand followers belfastfoodjunkie is a fast-growing Belfast Food influencer. From fries to pizza, chicken, potatoes, and meat, there’s so much going on on this food junkie’s page and honestly, we can’t get enough. The page is handled by Tristian Brennan, an Irishman who really wants to drive a Range Rover. Tristan gives a lot of insight into some of the best places to eat in Belfast. With a plethora of dishes and pictures to accompany them, following this page would make you a food junkie. 


Catherine is the handler of belfastfoodfinds and we have noticed that she has a thing for pastries and fries. That is not to say that they do not feature anything else on the page. Belfastfoodfinds is an all-rounder, where you get information on so many Belfast specials. With food that entices and pictures that captivate, this instablog with a little over 5 thousand followers is bound to get you enthralled in the Lineopolis’ cuisine. 


As the name implies Belfastfoodgirl is about Katherine’s adventure with food in Belfast. While the page has only a little over 2000 followers the quality of Katherine’s content cannot be doubted. With drool-worthy pictures of meals she cooks herself, Katherine is a chef to be reckoned with. This page is brimming with color, creativity, and food made with lots of love.  We found it hard to look away!


Belfastfoodstories is a page about two foodies sharing their eating adventures. This is our favorite thing about this page. With Belfastfoodstories, there’s an untold story behind every meal and these two foodies are dedicated to telling their stories and encouraging everybody else to do the same. Aside from the colorful dishes on display, the storytelling is a catch that has earned them a small community of 1.5k followers. We think you’d love this. You should hop on this train and share your food stories too!

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