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Top Food Influencers in Atlanta- Food Influencers, Instagrammers and Bloggers based in Atlanta

Discover both tremendously popular food influencers as well as up-and-coming bloggers in Atlanta’s dining scene. Get to know who the hottest names are, what types of content they offer, and pinpoint their brand positioning.
This article helps you easily identify which influencers to follow or tap, based on your objectives and business needs.

Top Food Influencers in Atlanta

Atlanta…the home of juicy barbecues, crispy fried chicken, creamy grits, and melt-in-your-mouth buttermilk biscuits. It’s best known as a haven for lovers of Southern-style cooking. Yet, as its communities become more diverse, its food scene has evolved. Today, Atlanta has so much more to offer local and international foodies alike, from good ole Georgian comfort food to unexpected Sichuan and Ethiopian delights, and food influencers in Atlanta are discovering its ever-expanding gastronomic borders. 

Top Food Influencers in Atlanta - Net Influencer

Top Food Influencers in Atlanta To Watch Out For


Atl_bucketlist, owned by Alyssa Fagien, closely chronicles the city’s dining scene and events. Alysa’s passion for photography is evident in her fun and colorful shots, which her 250k followers obviously adores. She supports local businesses such as Le Bon Nosh, which she recommends for their “seriously good coffee and pastries” and gives a thumbs up to Cooks and Soldiers, a Spanish restaurant specializing in Basque cuisine. You’re sure to hear about restaurant openings from atl_bucketlist, as well as promotions and community give-backs. 

taste of Atlanta

taste of atlanta showcases everything great about Atlanta food, from its restaurants and chefs to its beer and cocktails. For the account’s 71.4k followers, tasteofatlanta is a trusted source for a variety of foodie recos, from Shake Shacks‘ cheesy fries to Bocca Lupo’s Fettucine with Wild Mushrooms, Tuscan Kale Kimchi, and Butter. The Instagram account is not all about fun and food frenzy, though. It uses its platform to give back and foster community spirit by supporting fundraising projects like Second Helpings ATL. 


This Instagram account is a relaxed city romp from the Maple-soaked pancake flavor of Jeni’s Ice Creams to Oku Atlanta’s Sake Caviar Nigiri with soy-brushed cilantro aioli and caviar. eatingthroughatlanta just can’t have enough of all the sweet and savory treats that Atlanta can offer. The blog also entices followers to be bold about trying new (and sometimes exotic dishes). One of its posts, for example, features a succulent grilled octopus from Lamb Shack. eatingthroughatlanta shows her 64.9k followers that they can remain true to their roots even as they find pleasure in new global flavors.


atlantafortheyoung is a young professional’s guide to the culinary wonders of Atlanta. Its creator is stylish Atlantan Emily Dong. Her account features her treasured spots, such as the Ponce City Market and The Works ATL, with their wide selection of excellent local eats. Her food blog also features restaurant reviews, event announcements, and suggestions for things to do around the area. She’s not a fast-food snob, either, with Dunkin Donuts’ Medium Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew and Pumpkin Spice Signature Latte securing a spot on her feed. While Emily makes fantastic food recos, she also posts about sports and music events for her 60.6k followers and maintains a fashion/travel blog, 


What distinguishes georgiaonmydime from other food blogs is its focus on food AND ways to save while enjoying a grub. Its 45.1k followers know that georgiaonmydime can help them find the best happy hours and events and score great deals. It’s all about getting a lot of (delicious) bang for your back for this Atlanta influencer. For example, the blog announced that Pontoon Brewing in Sandy Springs will give away two tickets to a beer fest with a free custom glass and 6 (6oz) pours, on their 4th anniversary, which is just around the corner. Another one of its recent posts: Antiguo Lobo‘s incredible $3 tacos. 


altfoodie is an Instagram account that puts the spotlight on food with zoomed-in shots of mouth-watering steaks and all sorts of heavenly dishes. You’re also likely to spot event announcements on their feed, like Slutty Vegan ATL’s opening, featured in a short video clip showcasing the restaurant’s scrumptious Philly cheesesteaks. The blog, which now has 42.3k followers, covers many Georgian staples such as Heirloom Market BBQ‘s crispy fried chicken, encourages followers to try something as different as Momonoki‘s Pork Curry Katsu, and offers decadent suggestions to sweet tooths, too. A recent photo shows a fancy French toast in rich cream with fresh fruits from Haven Restaurant.


Atlantabestbites was created by Sarah Puett, who describes her personal blog as a restaurant and business promoter. She keeps her 34.7k followers informed with her well-crafted descriptions of food spots and their top dishes and beverages. One of her most recent posts features A Bite Of Pie‘s Rose and Heart Macarons, which gives her followers a perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea. Before that, she also posted about the mouthwatering choices at the Mojitos Cuban American Bistro, where you can savor authentic Cuban empanadas, Spicy Oxtail, mojitos. Sarah also features her food finds on her TikTok account. 


The Atlantan foodies Adam and Cole created altfoodiestiktok, which now has 28.7k followers. The blog showcases all their favorite dishes and food spots in Atlanta. The pair is really into novel sensory experiences that are almost always tied up with fabulous food and drinks, with their content showcasing new and exciting places, such as the Illuminarium Atlanta, an immersive attraction in the Atlanta Beltline that features a great bar and flavorful cuisine (according to the moment’s theme). They also evidently appreciate the finer things in life, with some of their posts featuring 5-star hotel dining. Adam and Cole also post their foodie adventures on their TikTok account.


Carolina and Christina Jimenez (Caro and Chris) are Latina sisters born and raised in Florida. They have a wide following of 24.7k on Instagram and 120k on their TikTok account. Their food reviews and recommendations blog, always hungry atl, shows how their love for travel has influenced them and their food choices. You can see them enjoying Japanese desserts at Beard Papa’s Peachtree Corners in one photo. Another post presents them at an international food market where the “hungry” duo indulged in Italian appetizers and wood-fired pizza at Forno Vero, French Savory and Sweet crepes at the Creme de la Creme, and other treats.


Lena Ahn created atlbestbites, which has reached a following of 26k. Today, atlbestbites is popular among those looking for great restaurant and food recommendations. Lena also accepts collaborations and partnerships. Recently, she dropped by the Tiki Tango Hideaway Oasis to have some delicious cocktails with some gal pals for “Galentine’s Night.” Most of her posts, though, are yummy-looking close-ups of dishes. One picture shows a beautiful light and creamy strawberry galette from the Little Tart Bakeshop. Another shot highlights the perfect twosome of chicken and waffles from the Punch Bowl Social.


Justina Jefferson is another food influencer in Atlanta who wanted to narrow down her food focus. Her blog, atl brunch spots, with 12.9k followers, specializes in brunch bests. Recently, she posted a TikTok video of her and a friend enjoying a brunch buffet at Copeland’s of New Orleans. The selection included waffles with warm syrup, sweet potato, and popcorn shrimp. Her blog also features splendid-looking pictures, such as Little Rey‘s Huevos Rancheros, Steak Al Carbon Taco, and Rio Red Margarita, as well as Char Korean Bar and Grill‘s Kimchi Fried Rice and Pork Belly. Justina also has a Tiktok account.


The 17.5k followers of atlantaeater frequent this food consultant blog for its hearty recommendations. If you want to be featured, all you need to do is dm them. 

The account features many of Atlanta’s “snuggle foods” like chicken and waffles, buffalo wings, pizzas, and grilled cheese sandwiches.  Other reliable Southern comfort goodies, include Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen‘s Fried Shrimp Combo (fried catfish, shrimp, and chicken tenders). At the same time, atlantaeater is also known for its unbiased reviews, and restaurants will definitely know should they miss the mark on any of their dishes. 


Thebubblytalk creator, Wendy G., encourages people to go beyond their safe zones and explore hidden gems beyond the beloved options of Southern cuisine. Many have taken up the challenge. Thebubblytalk’s following is now 15.1k-strong. Wendy G. is a fashionable foodie, which sets her apart from other food influencers in Atlanta. Her blog includes her other passions such as travel and lifestyle. Still, her account talks about food more than anything. She recently featured Karv Kitchen and their fresh and flavorful Mediterranean offerings. 


Stylish Florida native TiffanyHuang was always looking for new places to eat when she moved to Atlanta for college. Her blog tiffhuangry, which has 10.9k followers, is all about exploring new restos and mom-and-pop shops. Through her blog, she announced the opening of Saints+Council at Colony Square. The foodie hangout is a community favorite because of its chill vibes, craft cocktails, and food made from scratch. Tiff recommends their freshly shucked oysters paired with a delicious cocktail, but she doesn’t forget the regular crowd-pleasers, such as The Pirate’s Boil, with its scrumptious combo of Seafood Boil Cajun Garlic Butter and Strawberry Hennessy cocktail.

Food influencers in Atlanta are rapidly changing the foodscape of the city, pushing its gastronomic boundaries far beyond the regular downtown eateries and challenging Atlantans to explore more. At the same time, they are helping popularize traditional comfort foods so that local businesses can continue to be supported. Learn more about partnering with these food influencers to grow your business at our website

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