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Top 12 Dota 2 YouTube Channels to Follow


12 Dota 2 Channels to Follow on YouTube

We put together a list of the top Dota 2 YouTube channels to follow to help you elevate your game. Find out why these YouTubers are the best source for DOTA 2 news, reviews, and content.

What is Dota 2 and why do people play it?

DOTA stands for “Defense of the Ancients,” a series of strategy video games created by modder Kyle “Eul” Sommer. The basics of the MODA (multiplayer online battle arena) game involved playable heroes with unique abilities. Their mission was to protect certain buildings while destroying the enemies’ base. Eventually, another modder named Steve “Guinsoo” Feak would develop DOTA into its main version today.

It became such a massive hit that Valve Corporation, the prominent video game developer, soon knocked on the doors of DOTA’s developers. This led to the official release of DOTA 2 on July 9, 2013, with more bells and whistles than the first version could offer.

At this point, DOTA 2 could now compete with the immensely popular League of Legends, offering a venue for players to unleash their fierce play. Despite its steep learning curve, DOTA is considered one of the greatest video games of all time with its rewarding tactical aspects, the production quality of graphics and sound effects, and its faithfulness to the original DOTA. 

Today, DOTA 2 is one of the biggest games on Steam, with an average of 7.6 million active users monthly. Its fans are drawn to this deep-strategy game because of its clear competitive format, sick mind games, and unique combo of casual and competitive tactics. 

12 top Dota 2 YouTube channels to follow

1. Dota Watafak (3.2M subs)

Top 12 Dota 2 YouTube Channels to Follow

Image Source: Dota Watafak (YouTube)

With millions of subscribers, Dota Watafak is among the best Dota 2 YouTube channels. Their content is mainly from Dota players who submit video clips, which comprise “WTF moments.”

Notwithstanding its high entertainment value, Dota Watafak offers insider tips, statistics, and suggestions on picks, bans, and counter-picks to ramp up your gameplay. If you want your clip featured in the channel, send it to this URL: This pro Dota 2 YouTube channel also runs occasional giveaways with prizes like Axies. The usual mechanics include retweeting posts or unearthing codes hidden in their videos.

2. Holy E (70K) 

Top 12 Dota 2 YouTube Channels to Follow

Image Source: Holy E (YouTube)

Although Holy E gives a disclaimer that he isn’t a pro gamer, he has 16 years of playing experience, starting with Dota 1 in Warcraft. This has given him a Dota mindset, which means plenty of actual hands-on building and technical maneuvering.

But he doesn’t take himself too seriously, even with the knowledge and skills he has acquired over time. So, in addition to practical how-tos and crafty Dota 2 YouTube gameplays, you’ll also find loads of hilarious videos which deliver great fun.

3. GameLeap Dota 2 Pro Guides (294K)

Top 12 Dota 2 YouTube Channels to Follow

Image Source: GameLeap Dota 2 Pro Guides (YouTube)

GameLeap Dota 2 Pro Guides is another Dota 2 YouTube channel on the rise. Its content can give the best Dota 2 YouTube channel  instructional guides a run for their money. They provide blow-by-blow directions through carefully designed video courses from many of the world’s best Dota players to help you level up your game. For instance, you can pick the genius mind of OG’s Ana, a top-tier carry who can deliver a fantastic gameplay commentary.

4. WehSing (284K)

Top 12 Dota 2 YouTube Channels to Follow

Image Source: WehSing (YouTube)

This Dota 2 YouTube channel is named after the professional Dota 2 player Wehsing Yuen who is sometimes called the “arrow god” for his faith in good multi-arrows. This experienced streamer with a successful career in variety gaming is highly adept at every hero he plays.

His expertise pours into the channel’s content which typically features SingSing Dota highlights (Singsing being WehSing’s other moniker), gameplay analyses, new custom games, and restreams of tournament broadcasts. The WehSing channel also compiles selections of your favorite Dota content creators in one video. Having been around for a while now, they will sometimes showcase nostalgic clips from 2012 to 2019, a throwback treat to fans of that “bygone time” in gaming. 

5. Dota 2 Tips (211K subs)

Top 12 Dota 2 YouTube Channels to Follow

Image Source: Dota 2 Tips (YouTube)

The pretty straightforward title of this channel speaks for its content. Dota 2 Tips is all about serving up the best tips, tricks, and bugs so that you can improve your Dota 2 YouTube gameplay. The strength of this channel is that its creators seem to be fearless about experimenting with moves and maneuvers to find out what works.

6. Purge (386K subs)

Top 12 Dota 2 YouTube Channels to Follow

Image Source: Purge (YouTube)

If you’re looking for the best Dota 2 YouTube channel instructional guides, you may want to check out Purge. Their Dota 2 YouTube tutorials offer relevant and effective tips and tricks for players passionate about improving their gameplays. And Purgeis quite the thorough one, making sure that his games feature all Dota 2 heroes (at least one hero in each play).

As the prolific purveyor of one of the most educational pro Dota 2 YouTube channels, Kevin “Purge” Godec’s commentaries are straight to the point and generous in their insights. The man himself is genuinely likable. You can easily pick up that he does intend for you to level up. Whether you’re a casual or pro player, you’ll find plenty of helpful hacks on the Purge Dota 2 YouTube channel.

7. NoobFromUA (1.02M subs)

Top 12 Dota 2 YouTube Channels to Follow

Image Source: NoobFromUA (YouTube)

NoobFromUA is a Dota 2 YouTube channel that mostly features extreme gaming videos and posts a lot of content on plays and tourneys. Even average players are not left out as they can get tons of the latest Dota 2 info to keep up with what’s going on among the pros. The edits of their highlights are among the best in the video gaming industry. 

8. Baumi (251K subs)

Top 12 Dota 2 YouTube Channels to Follow

Image Source: Baumi (YouTube)

This Dota 2 YouTube channel was created by Baumi, a video game commentator known for his creative builds. He gives gaming insights and reviews popular custom games, such as the latest hit, Dota 2 Mods – Ability Arena, from Sunsfan’s stream. He primarily plays Dota 2, although he’s never played professionally (though he has joined some amateur tourneys in the past).

So what does this say? Merely that his Dota 2 YouTube gameplay may be chiller than the rest of them. And the gaming community is kind of divided about him, too, with equal parts love and hate. But if you’re willing to overlook his clickbaity titles, he sure can offer a lot of wisdom in his full-length, strategy-enlightening videos.

9. hOlyhexOr (521K subs)

Top 12 Dota 2 YouTube Channels to Follow

Image Source: hOlyhexOr (YouTube)

This is the official Dota 2 YouTube of hOlyhexOr, a content creator who used to be a professional Dota 2 player. Today, he focuses on making pro Dota 2 movies. The channel offers a rich compilation of superbly edited videos of Dota 2 pro gamer highlights and high-level skill plays. It also features Dota 2 star players giving some of their most epic performances.

The channel also boasts specially curated playlists of genius animated movies from SFM creators (who use the Source Film Maker editing platform to create unique instead of ripped-off content). By the way, if you’re searching for a dream job connected to gaming, the channel is on the lookout for Dota 2 video editors

10. DotA Digest (289K subs)

Top 12 Dota 2 YouTube Channels to Follow

Image Source: DotA Digest (YouTube)

The Dota 2 YouTube channel of DotA Digest typically features tourney highlights, such as those of TI11 The International 2022 and Dota 2 Tournaments 2022. For instance, together with other pro Dota 2 YouTube channels, DotA Digest covered the heart-thumping DOTA 2 tiebreaker moments at the DPC 2022 Winter Tour Sea. For the 289k devoted subscribers of DotA Digest, nothing can be as intense (or as fun!) as official tournament gameplays, so this is what DotA Digest has committed to providing on a prolific basis. With DotA Digest, you’ll always be in the loop with the latest Dota 2 news.

11. NAVI Dota 2 (1.15M subs)

Top 12 Dota 2 YouTube Channels to Follow

Image Source: NAVI Dota 2 (YouTube)

NAVI Dota 2 is short for Natus Vincere Dota 2, a Ukrainian multigaming organization, one of the foremost clubs in Dota 2 video gaming. While other channels focus on coverage, they’re more bent on conquering championships. So naturally, a lot of the content on their Dota 2 channel will be about the Dota 2 YouTube gameplays of the NAVI Dota 2 players as they compete against other Dota 2 gamers in major international competitions.

And they’re pretty good at winning. If you want to learn from teams who actually rank, head on over to this channel. They also offer a lot of fun with their fail compilations and “Guess the song” challenges and giveaways. In addition, they also provide insightful advice on plays through their Bootcamp vids. 

12. DotaCinema (1.34M subs)

Top 12 Dota 2 YouTube Channels to Follow

Image Source: DotaCinema (YouTube)

The About page simply says that this Dota 2 YouTube channel is “your home for DOTA 2 videos.” Despite the plain description, this channel can pack quite a punch. It mixes up clips submitted to them by the online community and amazing house-created content. Their usual content includes:

  • Funny fails (minute-long clips or lengthier compilations)
  • A series of skill shots highlights
  • A comedic animation series called Dota 2 Reporter

In the latter, a chosen team is interviewed by the channel’s “news reporter,” who also discusses the blow-by-blow events of Dota 2 games.  

Wrap up 

Whether you’re looking to rank higher in Dota 2 or want to bring on your A-game, the list of top Dota 2 YouTube channels we’ve shared may help you achieve your goals. To keep updated with the latest gaming news and topics, stop by the NetInfluencer blog.

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