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Top 25 Daddy Bloggers To Follow In 2023


25 Must-Follow Daddy Bloggers in 2023

Being a father is demanding, and having a supportive community that understands the joys and trials of fatherhood is always beneficial.

Daddy bloggers provide just that, offering a space where dads can share their experiences and connect with others on a similar journey.

Gone are the days when raising children was considered a “mom thing.” In recent years, more and more fathers have taken an active role in raising children, which has led to a rise in daddy bloggers.

Daddy bloggers are fathers who use their blogs and social media channels to share their parenting experiences, suggestions, and guidance.

These bloggers have gained a large following because they offer a unique perspective on caring for children and provide insights into fatherhood that are relatable and informative.

Also, for many years, mostly moms wrote parenting blogs, and dads’ voices were largely absent. And daddy bloggers offer a fresh perspective, sharing their side of the story.

These blogs offer a platform for fathers to discuss the joys and challenges of raising children and offer advice on everything from potty training to temper tantrums. 

As blogs continue to be popular for information seekers, daddy bloggers have become an essential part of the parenting blogging community, and their influence is growing. 

Some of the most successful daddy bloggers have over 1 million followers on their social media channels. 

Criteria for Selection of the Daddy Bloggers

When selecting daddy bloggers, we considered content quality, engagement, and personal brand criteria. 

We also looked for bloggers committed to diversity, inclusion, and social justice.

We needed to select bloggers who create high-quality, engaging content while promoting a sense of community and inclusivity.

So, without further ado, we present to you our top 25 list of the best daddy bloggers of 2023.

Top 25 Daddy Bloggers 

1. Sergei Urban – @Thedadlab

Sergei Urban, also known as TheDadLab, is the proud father of two adorable boys, Max and Alex.

Sergei started sharing experiments and educational activities that he did with his kids on Instagram, and before he knew it, his followers began to grow rapidly.

Now, he has an impressive 1 million followers

Although he is not a teacher or scientist, he shares his fatherhood journey, kids’ science experiments, and crafts ideas on his IG account.

In his bio, Sergei makes it clear that he’s just a dad, sharing his experiences and ideas to inspire others.

So, if you’re looking for fun and educational activities with your kids, check out TheDadLab.

2. Jonathan Joly – @Jonathanjoly 

Jonathan Joly is the popular YouTube star and family man behind the very popular channel SACCONEJOLYs.

With over 555k subscribers, Jonathan vlogs about his family life, sharing candid moments relatable to many parents.

He is also a successful daddy blogger on Instagram, with 1.1M followers who love to keep up with his family adventures. 

Jonathan is a storyteller and filmmaker at heart, and his passion for creating engaging content shines through in everything he does.

You can also catch him on TikTok and YouTube under his name, where he shares more of his creative work.

3. Mike – @Icemikeloveasia 

Mike is a single father from Texas who shares his journey of raising his two children with his 994k followers.

He’s a big hit in the parenting blogger niche, and almost every one of his video clips has an average of 50,000 likes (minimum).

Even a recent clip on his Instagram account of him combing his daughter’s hair was liked by 83.7k followers!

Through his experiences, he offers valuable insights into the joys and challenges of being a single parent.

With Mike, you are sure to find inspiration and guidance for your own parenting journey, especially when it comes to enjoying the simple moments in your family.

4. Travis Clark – @Traviswethekings

Travis Clark is a singer and songwriter based in Nashville, best known for being the lead vocalist of the popular rock band We The Kings.

But that’s not all – he’s also a devoted dad to four little ones. 

Travis’s Instagram account, with a whopping 326K followers, is a real fatherhood blog, filled with cute photos and videos of him having fun with his angels.

Travis’s Instagram is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for some wholesome family content. 

His bio sums up his life well: he’s a super dad, a super hubby, and a super singer.

Plus, he’s got new music out, so be sure to give it a listen on Spotify, also check out their Shopify page if you want to buy merchandise.

5. Scott Clifton – @Cliftoncam

Scott Clifton is a talented actor who has won a Daytime Emmy award for his exceptional performances in popular American soap operas like General Hospital, One Life to Live, and The Bold and the Beautiful. 

However, he’s not just an actor; he’s also a devoted husband, dad, and pet owner.

With over 189k followers, his Instagram feed provides a sneak-peek into his multifaceted life as he recounts his experiences as a father and a successful actor.

Scott’s Instagram bio is a testament to his humorous personality, where he calls himself a “reluctant cat-person,” and a “loyal defender of the Oxford Comma.” 

Visit his website to know more about his diverse career.

6. Tony Bellissimo – @Tonybellissimo

Tony Bellissimo is an award-winning actor and dancer who has made a name for himself in Hollywood with his work in the 2016 film La La Land.

Born on 17 April 1989 in Springville, New York, Tony is recognized for performing in hit movies like Step Up All In and Step Up Revolution.

He’s also a top dad blogger on social media, sharing heart-warming images of him and his young son in matching outfits and beaming with happiness. 

Tony was able to gain a whopping 55,000 followers on Instagram in a very short period of time. 

This happened because of his fan base as an actor and the extremely touching moments of fatherhood that he shares on his social media handles.

7. Gerard Fluellen – @Gerard.Fluellen

Gerard Fluellen is a proud father of three and a famous daddy blogger with a whopping 67.5K followers on Instagram.

He and his wife Alyssa have two lovely daughters and a boy, and he uses his platform to share his experiences and perspectives on parenting, family, and relationships.

But that’s not all – Gerard is also a YouTube content creator and personality, and his channel, The Fluellen Fam, has amassed a huge following of over 2.1 million subscribers.

Gerard’s family vlogs offer viewers a glimpse into their everyday lives and are a joy to watch.

Check out Gerard’s content and see what makes him such a hit with his fans!

8. Anthony – @Dad_vlog

Anthony is the man behind The Dad Vlog, a memoir that chronicles his experiences as a black millennial father and husband.

His Instagram account is a haven for dads looking for inspiration in parenting. 

With 105K followers, he shares every simple moment of his life with his family and celebrates the beauty of everyday living.

His biography speaks volumes about his attitude towards life and being a father, emphasising that he and his family seek joy in the little things and consider the simplicity of life as their legacy.

Take advantage of the opportunity to support his clothing brand by visiting @createdopehumans.

9. Aaron Thygesen – @Thedad.Father

Aaron Thygesen is a relatable dad and husband from Michigan who uses his Instagram account to share relatable dad content with his 358.3K followers.

His posts include hilarious dad jokes, clips of his toddlers, and valuable dad tips. 

Additionally, he advocates for dispelling dad stereotypes through his collaboration with DadBod apparel, which focuses on promoting active lifestyles for dads of all types.

Aaron Thygesen is the go-to dad blogger for all things relatable and fun.

Check out his bio for more information on how to connect with him and receive a discount on DadBod apparel.

10. Derik Beeston – @Derikbeeston

Derik Beeston is a man of many talents – he’s an entrepreneur, social media influencer, and YouTube personality who’s gained a massive following of 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube.

And that’s not all! Derik has also captured the hearts of over 263K Instagram followers by sharing pictures of his beautiful family.

He’s all about building his brand and reaching new heights, which is why he founded a3artistsagency – a platform that’s all about helping clients maximize their potential in the industry.

With over 40 years of combined experience, his agency has access to all the major players in the industry, and works tirelessly to help their clients succeed.

11. Jon Gustin – @thetireddad 

Jon Gustin is the ultimate dad who loves parenting and isn’t afraid to show it!

He goes by the handle “Tired Dad,” and he posts humorous videos of his family, including his son, daughter, and wife, that are sure to make you chuckle and perhaps tug at your heartstrings.

With 278K followers on Instagram, he has built a strong community of like-minded parents. 

Regardless of where you are in your parenting journey, Jon’s relatable, humorous, and heart-warming content is sure to resonate with you.

He even has his own apparel brand,, where you can snag some comfy and stylish clothes that show off your love for being a parent.

12. Dada Rocks – @dadarocks

DaDa Rocks! is not your typical dad blog. Adam Cohen, the man behind it, has created a community that is personable and engaging, and in a very short span of time since launching, the blogger has amassed 10.1 k followers on Instagram.

He started blogging because of his son’s rapid growth, which led to constantly outgrowing baby gear and clothing before anyone else.

Adam Cohen shares his experiences as a father, discusses marriage, reviews products for children, and even offers commentary on news and sports.

With a focus on practicality, DaDa Rocks! offers valuable advice for parents who want to make informed decisions on what products to purchase for their children.

You can also get great discounts on baby products with some occasional coupon codes and giveaways shared in the blog.

13. Doug – @Thetravellinggays 

Doug is a proud dad and one of the most popular daddy bloggers around. 

Together with his partner Sanj, a.k.a The Travelling Gays, they have been traveling the world for a decade, sharing their adventures and experiences on their amazing gay dad’s blog.

Doug isn’t just about having fun and laughing; he’s also not afraid to address challenging fatherhood topics, providing insightful ideas on creating deeper relationships with your children and being a better role model.

With his honest and heartfelt influencer posts, he creates a real connection with his audience it has grown to 280k as of now. 

Join Doug on his journey and get inspired by his parenting advice and travel stories.

14. Dad On Duty – @Christophekeyes

Dad On Duty (@Christophekeyes) is a popular daddy blogger who offers relatable and honest content on parenting from a dad’s perspective. 

With his witty and authentic approach to fatherhood, he has been helping dads around the world deal with sleep deprivation, toddler tantrums, and other parenting challenges.

With a dedicated following of 32.6K fans, Dad on Duty shares both the ups and downs of being a father, offering relatable stories and practical tips for navigating the challenges of parenthood.

His posts are often funny, light-hearted, yet always insightful and grounded in real-life experiences.

Fathers view dad On Duty as a trusted source of inspiration and guidance on their parenting journey.

15. Luke Leonard – @Daddynannydiaries

Meet Luke Leonard, aka @Daddynannydiaries – a dad blogger who’s been making waves in the daddy blogging world.

Luke shares his parenting experiences and daily family life through his social media accounts, giving readers a peek into his unique family dynamic with his two children, Ivy Rose and Logan Maxwell.

As a single dad, Luke started his journey by documenting his life on Instagram, where he now has a following of 25.3K

Luke’s account is a one-stop shop for relatable content, from parenting advice to updates about his kids.

Aside from sharing his personal experiences, Luke also touches on various fatherhood topics such as stay-at-home dads, work/life balance, and the positive effects of being involved in your child’s life as a father.

His vlogs show that he’s the modern, male Mary Poppins!

16. Brian Nagel – @Briannagel8 

Brian Nagel wears many hats as an actor and producer, but his Dad blog on Instagram is trending. 

With a whopping 45.5K followers, Brian is a proud father of two cute daughters and eagerly awaits their third child’s arrival.

His Instagram account showcases every aspect of their family life, from their daily routines to special moments and milestones.

His blog gives you a glimpse into the life of a father in the entertainment industry, balancing work and fatherhood.

17. Zach Fack – @Zachfack

Zach Fack is one of the most popular dad bloggers on Instagram with a staggering 122K followers. 

He shares the precious moments of his family – his wife Anna and their twins – both at home and on their travels.

As the proud owner of with his wife @arichey, Zach’s content covers both the fashion and parenting industries.

18. Colby Shipwash – @Doddblog

Colby Shipwash is a proud dad of five kids and husband to fellow blogger Staci Salazar. 

With 13.4K followers on his Instagram account, he has become one of the top daddy bloggers out there.

On his page, you’ll find a mix of travel, lifestyle, and family content, and insights into his life as a dad and husband.

In his Instagram bio, Colby Shipwash describes himself as the “#Dad” of five kids and the devoted husband of @our.familylifestyle. 

He is also a respected online influencer, and his blog covers everything from travel to lifestyle, making him an expert in these areas.

Be sure to check out his website at for even more content.

19. DJ Hapa – @Djhapa

DJ Hapa is not only a DJ education advocate with over 29,000 Instagram followers but also a proud dad who loves sharing cute pictures and videos of his three children on his account.

But that’s not all there is to DJ Hapa. He’s also an accomplished musician who describes his sound as “#FeelGoodSound” and has worked with top brands like Formula 1, Ducati, and Microsoft.

DJ Hapa has even shared the stage with big names like Michael Jackson, Earth Wind & Fire, and Bruno Mars.

He’s also the executive producer for the group Phil N Good, creating remixes and original tracks with live instruments.

Check out his website,, to learn more about his music and journey.

20. Andrew @Papaperspective

Andrew is a husband, father of two boys, sports enthusiast, and photography lover. 

His journey into fatherhood started when he got married on August 2nd, 2014.

After two years of marriage, they found out that they would have a baby boy, but they also learned that their son would be born with congenital heart disease.

Andrew shares his real-life experiences on his blog, Papa Perspective, to help others learn the tools to be better parents and partners.

He hopes to teach others about positive parenting, communication, and emotional awareness through his writing.

 21. Brian – @Briansworldd

Brian is a proud dad, a loving husband, and a former Navy Search & Rescue Swimmer. 

With 17.5K followers on Instagram, Brian is all about sharing his fatherhood journey with others.

Through his account, he invites you to be a part of his adventures with his family and to join his gang of good dads and husbands.

When he’s not spending quality time with his loved ones, you can find him playing paintball with his team, Phoenix Rising PB.

Brian’s also a coffee lover, and he highly recommends Freedom Coffee and Veteran Coffee for your caffeine fix. 

Follow Brian for a dose of family fun and inspiration.

22. Doop Mitchell @doopmitchell

Doop Mitchell is a doting husband to Hope Gabriela Mitchell and a devoted father to their son, Liam Haze Mitchell.

With over 11.3K followers, he shares heart-warming moments of his adventures as a family man.

Doop’s bio says it all – “BEST DAY EVER! EVERY DAY!” – And that’s the kind of positivity and energy that makes him stand out. 

His Instagram stories and media highlight how to cherish the simple things in life.

Follow him now and be part of the adventurous journey of his wonderful family.

23. Peter Holland – @Champagnegatsby 

Peter Holland is a top dad blogger who loves to share his parenting journey with his Instagram followers under the (weird) username Champagnegatsby.

Along with being a fantastic father, Peter is also a successful businessman with 21.5k followers on Instagram.

Peter’s Instagram account is all about his son, his friend, and his family.

His writing skills have earned him a high rank in the father-son category, especially on Instagram. 

Through his posts, he captures precious moments and shares them with his followers. 

Join Peter on his journey of fatherhood and get inspired by his experiences and insights.

24. Binh Tong – @banuntil

Binh Tong is a dad blogger who shares his travel and lifestyle content with his 14.7,000 Instagram followers under the username “banuntil”, capturing and sharing loving moments with his family.

As a devoted father to his little boy, he showcases his journey from being a loving husband to be an awesome dad. 

Binh’s Instagram bio is as humorous as it is descriptive, with mentions of his love for hot wings and his daily habit of answering loaded questions.

Check out his page for loads of entertaining and inspiring content on parenthood!

25. Landon Deru – @Landon_deru

Landon Deru is the husband of registered nurse Julie Deru and the proud father of five amazing kids. 

Together, the “Deru Crew” has amassed a following of 40K on Instagram and 219K on YouTube.

Based in Utah, their vlogs cover everything from budgeting and house organization to house renovations and potty training tips.

Landon, a doctoral student in exercise and nutrition, shares his family’s adventures and challenges through his family media, highlighting good food habits.

Although he may be last on our list, his content is certainly not the least. 

Check out his family’s latest updates and adventures on his Instagram account!

Final Thoughts

Daddy bloggers (once considered optional) have become indispensable to the parent blogger community.

Their unique perspectives on parenting and fatherhood have resonated with readers, and their influence is growing.

When selecting daddy bloggers to follow, it is essential to consider criteria such as content quality, engagement, personal brand, and diversity and inclusion.

We encourage you to follow and support them so that even you can benefit from their valuable content.

These blogs give valuable insights and advice on parenting and fatherhood while supporting a diverse and inclusive community.

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