Top 25 Daddy Bloggers To Follow In 2023

Being a father is demanding, and having a supportive community that understands the joys and trials of fatherhood is always beneficial. Daddy bloggers provide just that, offering a space where dads can share their experiences and connect with others on a similar journey.

When selecting daddy bloggers, we considered content quality, engagement, and personal brand criteria. We also looked for bloggers committed to diversity, inclusion, and social justice.

Criteria for Selection of the Daddy Bloggers

Sergei Urban

Sergei started sharing experiments and educational activities that he did with his kids on Instagram, and before he knew it, his followers began to grow rapidly.

Jonathan Joly

With over 555k subscribers, Jonathan vlogs about his family life, sharing candid moments relatable to many parents.

Texas single dad Mike blogs about parenting his two kids to 994k followers. Most of his parenting blogger videos get 50,000 likes.


Travis Clark is a singer and songwriter based in Nashville, best known for being the lead vocalist of the popular rock band We The Kings. But that’s not all – he’s also a devoted dad to four little ones.


Scott Clifton

Scott Clifton is a talented actor who has won a Daytime Emmy award for his exceptional performances in popular American soap operas like General Hospital, One Life to Live, and The Bold and the Beautiful.

Tony Bellissimo

Tony Bellissimo, an award-winning actor and dancer, who rose to fame in La La Land. He's a popular parent blogger who posts adorable photos of him and his young son in identical clothing.

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