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Tj Power, the Co-Founder of Neurify and Content Creator, on Social Media’s Impact on the Mind


Tj Power, the Co-Founder of Neurify and Content Creator, on Social Media’s Impact on the Mind

Tj Power is a neuroscientist teaching you how to feel healthier and happier through his uplifting, educational social media content and lectures. He is an international speaker and Co-Founder of Neurify. He has trained over 10,000 people to improve mental health with his neuroscience-based formula, DOSE. Today, he shares the impact of social media on the mind, DOSE’s formula, and his future goals.

About Tj Power

Tj Power is the Co-Founder of Neurify, a content creator, and a neuroscientist

As a child, Tj Power played golf and wanted to pursue a career in this sport. He had sports psychology training to improve his golf game, which sparked his interest in psychology. During his teenage years, five family members passed away in a short five-year span, which deeply affected him. 

This experience led him to learn more about mental health, inspiring him to study psychology in college. Several years ago, he launched Neurify and began training companies and schools in Neurify’s neuroscience-based DOSE formula. 

Tj Power, the Co-Founder of Neurify and Content Creator, on Social Media’s Impact on the Mind

What is DOSE?

DOSE stands for Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins. 

Tj Power shares, “These are the four kinds of primary brain chemicals that are creating the experience we’re having in our mind, whether it’s about our drive and our focus and our motivation. Dopamine and oxytocin are like connection and confidence. Serotonin is our emotional state, and then endorphins are about how we manage stress and pressure and stuff like that in our life.”

He adds that the DOSE formula helps companies, schools, and individuals understand these brain chemicals and how to improve their mental health using this knowledge. Common topics include exercise, alcohol, food, social media, and your phone’s effect on your life and behaviors. 

Tj Power explains, “[The mission is] getting someone out of an anxious, overthinking, worrying headspace into a headspace where they feel calm and confident in themselves and driven to pursue whatever they’re seeking in their life.”

Tj Power, the Co-Founder of Neurify and Content Creator, on Social Media’s Impact on the Mind

Social Media’s Effect on the Mind

Tj Power shares that social media is like a two-edged sword. 

I think it’s cool that it enables a place to share and educate and learn and connect with people, so I think that’s great, but I definitely think it can have a big negative impact on our mental health as well. There are a few different components to this one – just the fact that social media really taps into this dopamine system. That’s why we addictively scroll it and why TikTok specifically has become so dominant because they’ve got the best dopamine system.”

Tj Power, the Co-Founder of Neurify and Content Creator, on Social Media’s Impact on the Mind

TikTok is exceptionally addictive because of its For You page and algorithm, which pinpoint a user’s exact interests, and the speed at which it delivers this content to you. 

Tj explains, “The challenge is whenever we have something in life that provides a lot of fast dopamine to our brain, it has the same effect as alcohol or drugs or porn or junk food. It causes these big crashes, and this can have a negative effect on our mental health.”

The other aspect of social media that is challenging for our minds and hard on our mental health is how it promotes comparison. 

“Comparison and constant observation of other people’s lives, I think, can create a lot of dissatisfaction for people. I know a lot of people message me struggling with things like loneliness, for example, and not feeling that connected to people and constantly scrolling Instagram stories all the time and seeing people having fun.”

Tj compares this experience to a kid sitting on the playground and not being allowed to play with the other children. As a result, the kid is left watching from the sidelines and feels lonely and inadequate. 

Tj Power, the Co-Founder of Neurify and Content Creator, on Social Media’s Impact on the Mind

What is Neurify?

Neurify is a company that teaches individuals, schools, and organizations to understand their mental health better and rebalance their brain chemistry. To accomplish this, Tj frequently travels around Europe to different schools and organizations to share this knowledge through lectures. 

He shares, “At the moment, we’re launching a range of new things. We have a community for individuals to join to learn and connect with one another and then a variety of different ways that individuals can learn this stuff on their phones with videos and things like that.”

Regarding marketing, Tj and his team have relied primarily on word of mouth and referral marketing, which has led to many new clients. 

Tj Power, the Co-Founder of Neurify and Content Creator, on Social Media’s Impact on the Mind

Stein Kolkman, the other Co-Founder of Neurify, runs a huge psychology page called psychologyposts_, which has a massive following of over 835.000, which helps with Neurify’s marketing. In addition, Tj posts on Instagram, Linkedin, and TikTok to market Neurify and the DOSE formula. 

Creating Mental Health Content

Tj shares that the best-performing mental health content is usually about overthinking and helping people get out of their heads. He finds that short-form videos on this topic are great for engagement. 

Another top-performing topic is content explaining how different brain chemicals work. A popular post on TikTok about brain chemicals recently went viral for Tj with over 1.8 million views. 

Tj shares, “That one was actually about DOSE, which is cool. It explains how to get your morning dose of brain chemicals and takes you through four activities that would be good, things like cold showers and connecting with people, nutritious breakfasts, and music in the shower.”

Tj Power, the Co-Founder of Neurify and Content Creator, on Social Media’s Impact on the Mind

Highlights & The Future 

One of Tj’s biggest highlights is training a large Swiss school in Geneva. He is currently working with young people there and flying out to Switzerland weekly. While he loves training companies and adults, he shares that training teenagers is especially rewarding because he can help them overcome anxiety now and enjoy their teenage years more. 

Tj would love to see more creators producing long-form content in the future. 

“I think short-form [content] is really good, and I see why the whole world is doing it. It’s easier to consume and more entertaining and stuff like that, but I want to see all these creators that have great ideas share long-form videos as well.”

As for his future goals, Tj is looking forward to expanding and going deep into men’s mental health over the next six months. He’s noticed a greater need and desire for mental health content for men online and hopes to expand into this role. 

“We are just expanding Neurify all the time. That’s probably my sole focus is getting Neurify into more companies and schools. Our team is expanding quite fast, and we’ve got people working our sales team and stuff like that. I think getting as many people as I can is my focus.”

He adds that the DOSE community app is free to join and launching very soon.

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