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TikTok’s “Keyword Insights” Feature – A Research Tool for Digital Marketers


TikTok’s “Keyword Insights” Feature – A Research Tool for Digital Marketers

TikTok is constantly updating its creative center to incorporate tools and features that support the constructive use of the platform. With its latest offering, ‘Keyword Insights’, digital marketers and advertisers will be able to determine the top-performing keywords and phrases in TikTok ads. Not only does this assist them in refining their ads to target and reach their audiences more effectively, but it is also effortless.

Net Influencer brings you the details on the ‘Keyword Insights’ feature and how it operates as a valuable research tool for TikTok advertisers and Digital marketers, seeking greater success in their ad campaigns.

What is ‘Keyword Insights’?

TikTok offers a collection of resources and tools within its Creative Center. These tools support a profitable and enriching experience for TikTok advertisers and marketers. The latest addition is a research tool called ‘Keyword Insights’. Aimed at digital marketers and advertisers; the feature provides information and data on high-performing and trending keywords and phrases in TikTok ads. 

TikTok conducted Beta testing on ‘Keyword Insights’ last year this time. This was the build-up to the launch of the feature, which occurred earlier this year. TikTok is also branching out into the search ads market, going toe-to-toe with Google and Microsoft. This expansion is undoubtedly an expansion of the ‘Keyword Insights’ feature.

What does this feature do?

‘Keyword Insights’ monitors the performance of words and phrases in TikTok ads and content. It supplies this data to advertisers on the platform. By identifying the leading keywords and phrases, advertisers can enhance ad copies, refine their content and engage with audiences and followers, with increased efficiency and success. The data generated via this feature also inspires digital marketers with their scripting, content descriptions, captions, and overlays. The overall outcome is greater success with ads and the ability to reach your target market with greater certainty.

How does ‘Keyword Insights’ work?

The user-friendly interface displays a list of the most commonly used phrases and keywords used in TikTok ads. At a glance, you can detect which words are trending, how often they have been used, the CTR of the respective adverts on average, and much more. 

Users can search through the listing and even filter it for the last 7, 30, or 120 days, to optimize their research. Tapping on the ‘Details’ segment located on the right-hand side of each phrase or keyword, reveals additional insights on the chosen example. These insights include details such as; how the keywords and phrases were used, and the commonly used format (text or voice overs in clips). The user can also view the impressions, clicks, and engagement rates of specific words and phrases. 

The data supports a detailed analysis of TikTok’s language, which tracks the words used on the platform. With the ability to view the adverts combined with the contextual use of the keywords and phrases, the advertiser can accomplish a full assessment and accurate interpretation of the performance and success of these ads. 

How does ‘Keyword Insight’ affect TikTok advertisers?

This new feature has already yielded some positive results in enhancing ads when tested by a variety of brands. But how exactly does it impact TikTok advertisers and digital marketers? 

  1. A Time-Saving Tool

‘Keywords Insights’ has proven to be a time-saving tool that conducts the research on your behalf and presents usable, easy-to-digest, and relevant information. There is no need for independent or additional research. And the time saved by not performing the unnecessary and complicated analysis can be redirected to authentically applying the data to your ads and content.

  1. Increased Audience Knowledge and Target

Using ‘Keyword Insights’, Digital marketers possess greater insight and no longer aim at false targets. This tool allows marketers to understand the audience, and improve their engagement by adopting the elements that perform well on the platform. While this tool provides direction, the onus is on the advertiser to find more inspired and original strategies for employing trending phrases and words. 

  1. Ad Relevance Supports Enhanced Engagement and Reach

TikTok advertisers will now be able to create more relevant ads ensuring increased success and impact of their campaigns. The engagement and reach will improve as a result.

Other TikTok Tools to Try at the Creative Center 

An array of TikTok’s Creative Center tools are available for additional support. Using these tools in tandem with ‘Keyword Insights’, will sharpen your ad campaign’s aim, enhance your strategy and drive sales and engagement on TikTok.

TikTok Top Products

This is a list of the high-performing products on TikTok. You can filter this listing by region, and product category for the last 7 days or 30 days of activity. 

Similar to ‘Keyword Insights’ you can access more information by clicking on ‘Details’ on the extreme right-hand side of each word or phrase. The comprehensive overview and data for the chosen product include information on CTR, CPA, Impressions chat, and much more. 

Advertisers can spot competitors or even find inspiration in successful campaigns with comparable products. Either way, the data is beneficial and can improve your campaign strategy.

TikTok Tops Ads

TikTok’s Top Ads monitors and lists the top-performing ads on the platform. This data inspires and generates new ideas for your ad campaigns. You can filter your search for the trending ads using ‘keywords’ found in the ads you are interested in. for example: “25% off” 

Like with Top products, you can further filter top ads according to region, industry, TikTok Campaign Objective, Reach, and engagement. Additional information can be accessed by selecting ‘About this ad’. 

This information includes: 

  • The creator of the ad
  • The Ad’s performance
  • The Ad caption keywords

TikTok Trend Discovery

Another research tool is Trend Discovery. TikTok designed this feature to discover the trending hashtags, songs, and videos in a specific region and industry. Essentially, this feature tracks everything that performs excellently on TikTok. This data keeps digital marketers’ ads on trend, and relevant. It also inspires new content. Users can filter their search to suit their niche using this invaluable data.


While ‘Keyword Insights’ delivers more information on your audience and better direction on how to reach them, it cannot achieve your digital marketing goals; on its own. You must combine the insights derived from using this tool with captivating content and an authentic approach. This functions to maximize your engagement and reach. 

In conjunction with the above, TikTok’s selection of Creative Center tools, which includes Top Products data, and Top Ads, are efficient, effective, and free tools for inspiration and planning. Given the resources and support the platform offers digital marketers, and content creators, TikTok is a well-kitted marketplace driven by improvement and innovation.

You can check out the new ‘Keyword Insights’ tool here.

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Karina Gandola was born and raised outside the city of Charleston, in the beautiful mountain state of West Virginia. Karina loves writing about the influencer marketing space and an area she is passionate about. She considers her faith and family to be most important to her. If she isn’t spending time with her friends and family, you can almost always find her around her sweet yellow Labrador retriever, Poshna.

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