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Get Paid To Inspire Creativity: TikTok’s Hiring A Creator Manager For Their L.A. Office

TikTok is seeking to hire a Creator Manager for its Los Angeles office. The role focuses on managing and growing emerging creators at scale across North America.

Responsibilities include reviewing and onboarding eligible creators based on centralized criteria and business priorities. The Creator Manager will also host creators online and in person to share best practices, content strategies, product updates and foster connections.

Using data dashboards and automated reports, the position requires analyzing creator portfolio performance to build informed content strategies that educate creators on new features and tools. Collecting feedback from the creator pool to share across teams like Product, Research, Content Policy, and Marketing is expected.

The Creator Manager supports TikTok’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives by localizing playbooks and resources. They monitor sensitive issues facing managed creators and advocate for regional account needs. Identifying case studies from managed creators in North America to highlight in educational campaigns is involved.

Part of the role involves collaborating with cross-functional teams, such as Marketing and Public Policy, on related initiatives. Drafting proposals and strategies for initiatives supporting campaigns and innovation is also required.

Minimum qualifications include a Bachelor’s degree, 3+ years of experience focused on the creator/content ecosystem, strong cross-team collaboration skills, and exceptional creator management abilities.

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