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TikTok Fashion Month Everything You Need to Know About It


TikTok Fashion Month: Everything You Need to Know About It

TikTok is an incredibly elusive platform that has managed to create a new generation of prosperous and profitable influencers, who are able to sway consumer opinion with ease. In fact, 8 out of 10 consumers state that they have purchased a product after seeing it recommended by an influencer. The platform has now launched a new fashion series that aims to showcase the creativity and passion seen in a multitude of influencers on the app. Netinfluencer delves into the alluring world of TikTok Fashion Month and lists a collection of influencers involved. 

What Is TikTok Fashion Month?

Running until October 14th 2022, TikTok Fashion Month collates some of the finest fashion influencers on TikTok and gives them a chance to show off their latest styles. This season, the platform has launched the hashtag FashionForYou, helping audiences to celebrate a sense of self-expression and inclusivity. 

This year, TikTok is focusing on both fashion and beauty, highlighting how sustainability and diversity have affected these titanic industries. 

What Events Are Being Held?

In partnership with Vogue Magazine, the platform is placing a variety of influencers into the spotlight and emphasizing their most iconic looks. TikTok is also hosting a series of live streams, encouraging some of the most popular celebrities to open up their closet for the world to see. 

The platform has also built a range of Effect House filters such as the Fenty match Stix Snatch TikTok Effect, which effortlessly pairs users with their perfect contour and highlight shade from the product range. 

What Influencers Are Involved?

Antoni Bumba

Everything You Need to Know About TikTok Fashion Month

As an aspiring style icon, Antoni Bumba showcases her most fashionable looks to a growing audience of 924.5K followers. Whether she’s showing off some of her favorite designer vintage items or bringing an intoxicating sense of vitality to New York Fashion Week, Bumba manages to entertain her large audience with style and grace. This fashion influencer is also working on her latest show Reading the Stars.


my new show “Reading the Stars” premiers on August 23!! 😩✨💅🏿🫶🏿

♬ original sound – Antoni Bumba

Here, Bumba interviews a wide range of influencers to gain a deeper understanding of their work and sense of humor. Antoni is also active on Instagram, expressing her latest looks with an impressive 56.4K followers. 

Carla Perlmutter

Everything You Need to Know About TikTok Fashion Month

Known best for her vibrant looks, Carla Perlmutter takes the art of makeup to the next level. Perlmutter is also never afraid to show off a more nuanced outfit, creating an abundance of GRWM videos for her 840.4K followers to enjoy. Whether she’s styling a pair of red knee-high boots or a troll doll skirt, Perlmutter does it by expressing an undiluted sense of freedom and rebellion.


had a delicious meal! Hope u all r having a good saturday

♬ original sound – clara

On Instagram, this fashion influencer is able to highlight the best aspects of every outfit, posting a collection of high-quality photoshoots for an additional 111K followers. 

Dylan Mulvaney

Everything You Need to Know About TikTok Fashion Month

As a Trans woman looking to learn more about womanhood, Dylan Mulvaney uses her unique sense of style to express her joyous personality with her 7.9 million followers. Mulvaney was recently one of the lead hosts for the Kate Spade Fashion Week Show, interviewing various celebrities and influencers about their iconic outfit choices.

@dylanmulvaney Day 182- hosting for the @katespade fashion week show!!! #katespadepartner #trans #nyfw ♬ Luxury fashion (no vocals) – TimTaj

Mulvaney has also appeared in a variety of TV shows and theater productions, such as her role as Elder White in the Book of Mormon. In 2022, she was awarded the TikTok Trailblazer award for her series, ‘Days of Girlhood’, which showed the positive aspects of her transition. 

Jake Fleming

Everything You Need to Know About TikTok Fashion Month

Jake Fleming offers a variety of style tips and tricks to help his 586.4K followers gain the most out of their favorite outfits. He has helped his followers pick the outfits for their prom as well as expressed a range of essential fall accessories.

@itsjakeflemm Replying to @shantiiii04 prommmm #fy #fashion #style #ootd #prom #greenscreen ♬ original sound – Jake Fleming

Fleming has also created a humorous series that details what a person’s fashion sense says about them, helping others to find their perfect niche. He is also affiliated with the agency Select Model Global, allowing him to post some of his most pristine photoshoots on his Instagram, where he has 42.2K followers.

Lexson Millington

Everything You Need to Know About TikTok Fashion Month

As a keen advocate for 70’s-inspired sweater vests and quirky patterns, Lexson Millington encourages his 431.2K followers to experiment more with colors. In his latest trip to New York Fashion Week, Millington collaborated with a stunning array of other fashion influencers, producing a collection of amazing photoshoots in the process.

@lexsonator THRIFT CHALLENGE SERIES EPISODE 6-PART 1 WITH @LJ @Ivneet Sira @Lari AND @liam w #thriftchallenge #toronto #fashion ♬ original sound – Lexson Millington

He also offers comprehensive style tips such as how to layer clothing and how to spot attractive items in thrift stores. This fashion influencer has also partnered with popular brands such as Levi’s to promote their range of sustainably-dyed garments and accessories. 

Mei Pang

Everything You Need to Know About TikTok Fashion Month

Amassing an incredible 2.4 million followers, Mei Pang uses an assortment of different makeup supplies to create a series of outstanding looks. She is most known for painting intricate petals onto her face, producing a remarkable piece of art every time. Pang’s skills have offered her an array of opportunities such as her clothing line that was produced in collaboration with Blush.

@meicrosoft a different take on this trend! my full Chinese name was given to me by my grandparents whom I never met unfortunately so it means the world to me #namemeaning #flowermakeup #beauty ♬ sevgilim – Tuerke

She also uses her platform to show off her growing collection of tattoos, bringing her followers into the studio as well as showing how she covers them up in certain situations. When she’s not on TikTok, Mei Pang can be found on YouTube, where she expresses her regular makeup routines with her 229K subscribers. 


Everything You Need to Know About TikTok Fashion Month

As a self-proclaimed ‘Creative Renaissance Woman’, Pierrah uses TikTok to express her style choices and her love of fashion. This influencer is also passionate about promoting black designers and stylists, giving them a spotlight on her platform.

@pierrahh I got to see 3 shows by Black designers in one day✨#laquansmith #advisry #sammyb #nyfw ♬ BUZZKILL – Take Van

She also produces a lot of unboxing videos, sharing her latest purchases with her 67K followers in a deeply satisfying way. Pierrah has also been interviewed by NYLON Magazine, where she discussed popular Gen Z fashion trends and her own style inspirations. She also shares updates and important information on Twitter with an audience of 1039 followers. 

Griffin Maxwell Brooks

Everything You Need to Know About TikTok Fashion Month

Expressing an unmistakable sense of individuality, Griffin Maxwell Brooks is considered a style icon to their 1.1 million followers. By teaching their audience that fashion is subjective, Brooks is able to create a series of unusual styles such as butterfly-patterned jeans as well as flamed cowboy boots. They also sport a range of colorful hairstyles, adding to their range of off-beat style choices.

@griffinmaxwellbrooks low-effort/high-effort fashion, or LEHE, brought to you by #griffinmaxwellbrooks #losangeles #nyc ♬ original sound – GMB

On TikTok, they also interact with their followers on a regular basis, building a sense of engagement as well as an impressive 75.8 million likes. Brooks is also very popular on Instagram, sharing a plethora of unique looks with a growing fan base of 99.2K followers. 

TikTok Fashion Month promotes a wide range of diverse influencers, placing them within reach of a variety of new brand opportunities. To discover more about gaining successful brand deals as an influencer, visit our website

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