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All of the Updates From Learning on YouTube


All of the Updates From Learning on YouTube

YouTube is well recognized for its vast amounts of content, with users consuming over a billion hours worth of content every day. With such incredible reach and opportunity, it is no wonder that the platform is also used for educational purposes. YouTube recently announced a range of new features that aim to support educational content on the platform. As such, Netinfluencer will discuss all of the latest updates from Learning on YouTube. 

What Is Learning on YouTube?

YouTube is very passionate about its educational content, hosting an entire platform dedicated to informative videos and channels. Learning on YouTube is a hub for both teachers and students, showcasing the fundamental elements that make up our world. For example, the platform hosts a wide range of lectures and seminars from The Royal Institution, which viewers can access for free. 

As part of the YouTube Impact 2021 survey, data suggests that 93% of audience members use the platform to gather more information and knowledge about a certain subject. This statistic elucidates how YouTube is working to push more informative content to its mass audience. 

All of the Updates From Learning on YouTube


Learning on YouTube’s Latest Features

Player for Education

One of the recent releases from Learning on YouTube is Player for Education. In a similar vein to YouTube Kids, this feature allows educational content to be viewed without any ads or external links. The platform hopes that this will limit distractions and harmful content from entering a classroom or other learning environment. 

To extend the reach of this feature, YouTube has partnered with a selection of prestigious institutions such as EDpuzzle, Purdue University, and Purdue Global. The platform hopes that by partnering with other edtech corporations, it will be able to reach students all across the US.

Player for Education is also compatible with Google Classroom, improving the overall quality of the online learning experience.

Creator Courses

In order to better support educational channels on YouTube, Learning on YouTube has announced the launch of Courses. Creators can now promote their online courses through YouTube, allowing viewers to purchase the content directly from the platform. This feature aims to make learning more interactive, building a stronger connection between an influencer and their audience.

Once a viewer has purchased this course, they will be able to view the content in the background and without any ads. Currently, this feature is still in beta but can be used in the United States and South Korea. 

All of the Updates From Learning on YouTube



To encourage a better understanding of the content, an influencer can also post quizzes to their audience. These short knowledge tests will be presented on a creator’s community tab, making it easy for their subscribers to see and interact with.

Quizzes are still in beta but YouTube hopes to roll the feature out to all users in the next couple of months. It should be noted that creators must have at least 500 subscribers in order to access and post on their community tab. 

Learning on YouTube AMA Series 

As a way to better promote these new features, YouTube’s Chief Business Officer, Robert Kyncl, has created an Ask Me Anything (AMA) series. This series can be found on the YouTube Creators channel and aims to help influencers produce high-quality educational content on YouTube.

Kyncl answers questions from the general public, helping them to understand more about what qualifies as an educational video on the platform and how to ensure that all of your content is monetized and advertiser-friendly. 

How Can These Features Benefit Influencers on YouTube

Regardless of whether they produce educational content, these new features can help a plethora of influencers boost their engagement. The Courses feature can help creators increase their income, particularly by giving them an additional revenue stream. Moreover, this feature can help YouTube become more competitive against already established e-learning sites such as Udemy and Skillshare. Thus, your viewers can access your course all within the confines of a well-trusted and popular app. 

To align with Google’s CSR initiatives, YouTube is now offering an abundance of content that is related to the Ukrainian national curriculum. As such, children aged 13-17 can access resources related to Ukrainian Literature and Language Studies, Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry. This is useful for influencers who want to raise more awareness of certain social causes as they can help the people of Ukraine with their Learning on YouTube content. 

Although the Quizzes may not seem very useful to a wide range of influencers, they could be used to gather more information about the needs and wants of your audience base. Plus, Quizzes can also be used in a more amicable way, creating fun games that your viewers can enjoy. In addition, the small subscriber count needed to access the community tab means that even nano influencers can begin creating educational resources on the platform. 

All of the Updates From Learning on YouTube


The updates from Learning on YouTube indicate the platform’s desire to reach new audiences across the globe. Although many influencers on YouTube are best known for their entertaining content, these features can allow them to tap into different markets and share their existing knowledge with a collection of audiences. To learn more about entering new markets as an influencer, visit our website

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