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Creative Juice Founder And CEO Sima Gandhi Talks About Their Partnership With Spotify And Its Impact On Podcast Creators


Creative Juice Founder And CEO Sima Gandhi Talks About Their Partnership With Spotify And Its Impact On Podcast Creators

As both the creator economy and podcasting game continue to boom, Spotify partners with creator partner, Creative Juice, to bring creators of all sizes to Spotify. 

As both the creator economy and podcasting game continue to boom, Spotify partners with creator partner, Creative Juice, to bring creators of all sizes to Spotify. 

On March 28, Juice creators now have white glove service access to Spotify’s video podcasting program, including access to beta products, individualized support and guidance, and dedicated promotion on Spotify — all helping creators grow their audience and, ultimately, their monetization capacity.

Get to know more about this partnership as we sit down in an interview with Sima Gandhi. 

Who is Sima Gandhi?

Sima Gandhi is the CEO and Co-Founder of Creative Juice. Creative Juice is creator funding, banking, and automated business tools. Sima has built her career focused on bringing better financial services to underserved segments of the economy and today that focus is on creator businesses. She has been recognized as a thought leader by Wall Street Journal, LinkedIn, Forbes, Fast Company, Business Insider, and more. 

What inspired Creative Juice to Partner with Spotify?

Creative Juice understands that creators have different revenue streams and aren’t just using one platform. Their goal of helping creators grow and navigate through these different platforms inspired them to work with Spotify. 

Sima adds, “Sitting where we are as a banking platform, we can see across all those platforms. We want to help them [creators] make connections across platforms to help them grow. Spotify has been a great partner, and realizing that vision, we’re excited to do something together to support creators and help them create on different platforms.”

What’s the role of Creative Juice in this partnership?

Creative Juice creators at different stages of their business journey now have more access to build their audience with Spotify to further monetize. Creative Juice funding isn’t just a dollar amount. It’s a community and wealth of resources. The Spotify partnership is just one way Creative Juice provides resources to their community. To date, Creative Juice has invested millions to support creator careers. While Spotify gives creators the tools they need to build a following, Juice offers creators a one-stop-shop to grow their business from banking to funding, taxes and community.

“From our position, we’re the business banking platform, and we recognize creators as businesses, and they need to be able to grow, and we bring that business toolset,” Sima explains. 

The more platforms Creative Juice can partner with, the more beneficial it is for their creator community. The Spotify partnership is the first of many partnerships to come. 

What benefits does Spotify offer creators, and how does this partnership enhance those benefits?

Spotify helps promote Creative Juice creators on their platform, gives them access to beta products, and provides individualized support and guidance..  All of this helps creators grow their audience, and ultimately their monetization capacity. 

For Sima, the personal touch Spotify brings to the table can really make a difference. She says, “We’re excited that our creators are treated with that special touch by Spotify; to bring that human connection and help them grow.”

Are there any success stories created from this partnership?

Although the partnership is still young, Sima shares that they have already helped a couple of creators. But the main one, the one they’ve seen a lot of success with, was Oompaville. The partnership has been running in the backend for months and was just recently announced to the public. 

As quoted from Oompaville, “I used Juice Funds to build out an incredible production team, invest in design and merchandise. Not to mention, I started a podcast with the support of the Juice and Spotify partnership, and my podcast ranked in the top 50 comedy charts and broke into the top 12 overall, exceeding my expectations.”

Through the partnership, Oompaville ranked in the top 50 comedy charts and broke into the Top 12 Overall on Spotify. 

What are you expecting from this partnership? What are your goals?

For Creative Juice, the goal is to help creators break into new platforms and grow. They also want to break down the barriers of hesitation. Sima adds, “The number one [goal] is we really want to help creators grow on different platforms and monetize to their full potential.”

Second, Creative Juice wants to continue scaling and make the partnership more accessible for different creators. They also want to support creators on multiple different platforms. 

Sima comments, “Spotify has been an amazing partner, and I love how forward-thinking they are about supporting creators as businesses. We hope it’s a model for different ways in which we can work together with creators and platforms.”

What are the future plans for this partnership? How do you continue to show support to creators?

“From a mission perspective, we believe that there are a lot of companies that are focused on the top, big couple hundred creators who are making millions of dollars. We actually think that there are millions of creators that are making 5,000 to a couple of hundred thousand. And that is an incredibly rich ecosystem of creators who, today, do not have catered business tools to grow,” Sima explains. 

“And I know the top of their mind is like, it’s all about growth. But creators are leaving thousands of dollars on the table by not managing their creator business in a separate creator business bank account and taking advantage of the tax deductions that the tax code provides them as businesses.”

On March 15, Creative Juice also launched Juice Books enabling creators to track their income, pay their contractors and categorize their expenses. Plus Juice has a CPA concierge service creators can join for 1:1 tax help. Since 2021, Creative Juice has been committed to enabling tax ease for creators. This is the beginning of more tax launches throughout the year. Creative Juice aims to strip away the tension and time creators spend on managing the business side of their careers. They’ll offer more in the coming months, so anyone interested in using their services should stay tuned.

Everything Creative Juice has in store for its users is driven by the goal of bringing the community, business ownership, and knowledge to creators. “Because we want them to succeed on all these platforms. We want them to partner with platforms like Spotify. And in order to do that, they have to own that they are a business,” Sima states. 

Are there any other details you want to share about the partnership?

Creative Juice also has additional programs aimed at helping creators. For example, they have sessions with Paddy Galloway to help funded creators understand the ins and outs of YouTube and often bring in experts to cover industry hot topics, money management and more.

Sima shares, “Ultimately, we’re really excited to work with Spotify to scale this as much as possible so that every creator that’s on our platform can access resources that this initial cohort is accessing.”

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