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Voiceless Lifestyle & Fashion Content With Reuben Larkin 

Some of the most inspiring influencer stories come from those who passionately carve out their own niches. 

Today, we interview Reuben Larkin, a British creator who has inspired thousands with his unique sense of fashion, taking him from quaint vintage shops to the glamorous runways of major fashion capitals.

Read along to learn more about the career of a passionate creator who has transformed his eclectic taste into a successful personal brand.

Who Is Reuben Larkin?

Voiceless Lifestyle & Fashion Content With Reuben Larkin 

Reuben, a London local, model, and influencer, has carved a niche for himself in the world of major brand deals with luxury household names. Driven by his passion for classy attire and a unique vision, Reuben has turned his creative flair into a successful career, partnering with some of the most prestigious brands in the industry.

When asked about the side of Reuben that we don’t see on camera, he answered, “I’m just a spontaneous creator who puts out whatever he thinks that his audience would find engaging.”

He adds, “I really like vintage suits and old-school fashion in general, and I think it is an acquired taste for fashion that I developed at a young age.”

Reuben explains, “I grew up frequenting charity shops, where vintage fashion was the most accessible option. Over time, I developed a fondness for the aesthetic, which has played a significant role in shaping my career today.”

What Type Of Niche Does Your Content Fall Into

“I never thought of things that way; it’s more of a personal brand and reflection of who I am. My taste, style, and way of communication all make up the full image you see on social media today,” he explains.

“It’s like creating a niche for yourself by persistently communicating an idea that only you can envision. Initially, people might not see the vision, but over time, it grows on them. Eventually, they begin to appreciate and conform to what only you originally saw as cool.”

What Led You to Start Creating Content?

Voiceless Lifestyle & Fashion Content With Reuben Larkin 

“I started creating content back in 2021 as a way to be seen online for modeling opportunities, and I think it was the perfect time to launch a creator career, as it seems that reach during that period exceeded any other time.”

He adds, “My content creation career initially took off on TikTok, but it soon became clear that my audience preferred Instagram. September 2021 is when everything took off, leading to profitable collaborations and establishing a fashionable reputation.”

Is Content Creation A Full-time Profession, or Are There Other Creative Endeavors?

Reuben explains, ‘Yes, content creation is my main source of income at the moment, but I also engage in modeling and acting occasionally.’

He further elaborates that all these creative endeavors are interconnected, with content creation acting as the catalyst for his success. This combination of personality talent and taste allows him to convey a unique passion for fashion, distinguishing him from other creators online.”

Balancing a mix of his modeling content and incorporating elements of acting into his skits, Reuben has managed to appeal to a select group of fashion enthusiasts without conforming to new fashion, social media trends, or challenges.

What Does the Creative Process Look Like For You?

Voiceless Lifestyle & Fashion Content With Reuben Larkin 

“You can either say that there is no creative process or that the entire lifestyle itself is a creative process because it’s like building a career that relies on your everyday choices of fashion and places to visit.”

He tells us, “I simply hit record whenever I feel like it’s a good setting and outfit, and content is created. This makes it much easier for me as a creator and comes off as more authentic for my audience.”

He adds, “All of my videos are made spontaneously and based on what I’m wearing that day. The only strategically planned part of it is the backlog of content I have for days where I don’t feel like creating.”

What Is The Highest Of Highs You Wish To Achieve?

“Ideally, I’d like to pursue more acting opportunities and eventually make my way to the big screen, with the goal of being featured in a major Hollywood film.”

Reuben adds, “I started doing this with the aim of becoming an actor and recognized internet personality whilst everything was going online during the pandemic, and my goal remains the same.”

Reuben explains that despite building a sizable audience of over 300,000 followers that opened up endless doors of opportunity, his creative career is still in its very early stages.

What Do Brand Deals Look Like For You?

“It’s mainly fashion brands that work with me. I’m currently in Milan working on a promotional project as we speak.”

“But, it’s a highly profitable niche for those who master the art of perfecting their social media image and prioritize quality over quantity,” he adds.

He continues, “Some of my favorite brand collaborations include Gucci and Loro Piana, and I’ve also done smaller collaborations and have some exciting new ones coming up.”

Talent Management Vs. Independent

“I’m currently working with a UK agency called Cadence, which has indeed brought my way some good collaborative opportunities, but I also landed some of my biggest deals independently.”

“Gucci, which represents one of my most significant brand deals, was a partnership I secured independently. While having talent management is beneficial and allows me to concentrate on my creative pursuits, it is not the be-all or end-all of a successful creative career.

“Getting ahead in this industry isn’t just about who’s managing you; stepping up and getting involved on your own can make a big difference too.”

Were There Any Obstacles You Encountered Along Your Creative Journey?

“The journey was quite smooth, to be honest with you. There was a point where I was stuck at 60k, but that’s part of the process, the algorithm takes its fair share of persistence.”

“Most times it’s not the content you’re creating that isn’t working, rather it’s just the platform taking its time to find the right audience.”

What Tips Do You Have For Creators In The Fashion Niche?

Find Your Own Niche and Differentiate Yourself

“What I learned from my journey in content creation is that you need to firmly believe in what you’re creating before others can.”

“You’re going to get tired of creating something that is not original and it reflects negatively on your brand image, so the best way to go about it is to come up with something that nobody else is doing.”

Reuben explains that by doing what he loves most and staying authentic in his content, he was able to project his personal style and taste onto others, ultimately creating a profitable niche with little to no competition. 

Take Every Opportunity That Comes Your Way

“You never know where a particular opportunity might lead, or who might be there to notice and appreciate your work. It’s essential to remain open-minded and possess the determination to exceed expectations in every project.”

“Strive to go above and beyond for every brand you collaborate with, as each experience could be a stepping stone to greater achievements.”

Immerse Yourself In the Right Environment

“I take the initiative by trying to always be in sync with the latest fashion events and shows, despite the invites inevitably rolling in from brands.” He explains, “It’s important to find your audience and opportunities by being present and involved in events and community spaces.

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