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RealBigOmz On Storytelling And Leveraging Filter Challenges To Build An Online Presence


RealBigOmz On Storytelling And Leveraging Filter Challenges To Build An Online Presence

Creators like RealBigOmz understand the importance of consistency and choose to replace the dragging creative process of skits and acting with natural talent and the help of built-in filters, and on the spot improvs. 

Juggling a full-time career and student, this creator stumbled upon content creation on accident, then fell in love with it for the positive feedback received and being listened to by over 700,000 followers. 

Who is RealBigOmz?

RealBigOmz On Storytelling And Leveraging Filter Challenges To Build An Online Presence

A student in the morning and salesman in the afternoon, Omar  is a born hustler, a Canadian Tiktoker loved for turning different filter trends into funny short clips and telling out-of-box stories without the need for scripts. 

His originality and raw, unedited content make him stand out from other creators, and today, we sit down with him to learn more about his strategy of balancing content creation with a bust schedule, and, storytelling, and more. 

How Do You Balance Content Creation and What’s Your Creative Process?

RealBigOmz On Storytelling And Leveraging Filter Challenges To Build An Online Presence

can i ever find a game that likes me #fyp

♬ original sound – Omar

Omar tells us, “There is no creative process. I’ve always been listened to by the people around me for how I articulate myself, and now I have leveraged that for content creation. I simply hit record and spin whatever is on my mind.” 

With his storytelling techniques and leveraging funny filters RealBigOMZ managed to cut down the time cost of making viral content, adding his personal twist to things to videos and challenges, getting them to pop off. 

Between a busy schedule, family, and his social life, Omar works to make the creative process as effortless as possible.

Why Filters and Challenges? 


Replying to @Scorgielitonclub🇱🇧🇨🇦🇵🇸 part 2 #fyp #relateable #story #carguy #carsoftiktok #cars

♬ original sound – Omar

“Using a trendy filter or attempting a hot challenge is simply another way to make relatable content that doesn’t take up too much of your time. I’d love to do more storytelling, too, but I have to be honest in what I say. I’m not just going to spin a lie off the top of my head.” 

Storytelling content has its moments, but there’s a specific state of mind I need for it to flow, so I usually don’t force my stories and use filters and challenges to bridge the gaps.”

He explains, “It’s not just me hopping on a popular filter that makes people watch my content; it’s how good I can improvise. My followers know I’ll always ads a unique take on whatever fiter r challenge I’m attempting, making it better than it originally was with a freestyle line or two that I come up with on the spot.”

How Did You Get Good At Storytelling? 

“This is probably my most asked question, but the truth is that there is no strategy behind it besides being yourself and being loud.” 

He explains, “Storytelling for me is just me being loud on camera and trying to tailor to a wider audience by throwing in some jokes mid-context. 

I understand that not everyone can pick up a camera and communicate their idea thoroughly, but with practice and replicating excellent public speakers, developing the skills is easily manageable.” 

Tell Us About The Difficulties You’ve Faced As a Creator.

“I’d have to say criticism and hate due to being a smaller creator, and it often comes from people who indirectly know you.”

He tells us. “Every creator has to go through a vulnerable stage of receiving negative comments and public hate, and that’s why I try as much as possible to keep my personal life off social media.” 

But Doesn’t it Make Things More Authentic? 

Yes, but not during your developing stage, as it will have you rethinking too many things. When you reach your peak, it becomes hard to keep your personal life out of your online life because, all of a sudden, everyone becomes interested. 

He adds, “When I say keep your personal life out of things, I also mean don’t let the outcomes of social media have an effect on the way you go about your day; it has nothing to do with real life. If I found satisfaction and fulfillment through creating content, that’ll most likely take away from my efforts to study and work as hard as I do.” 

He also explains that making unedited videos, with no cut-offs or edits, is the highest form of authenticity, stating, “Authenticity is a major element in the success of my videos, and I believe I’m achieving it by butting out raw, unedited content that resonates with almost anyone.” 

Is There An Ultimate Objective In What You’re Doing? 

RealBigOmz On Storytelling And Leveraging Filter Challenges To Build An Online Presence

“To be fair, it all started for jokes and fun at the time, but through going this far in my content creation journey, my ultimate objective has become giving back to my followers” he replies.

Omar elaborates, “The people who watch my videos have made this possible and proved that there’s an audience for everyone. When I finally make content creation a profitable practice, finding ways to give back, whether positive energy or financial rewards, will be my next step.” 

What Advice Do You Have For Aspiring Creators?

Optimize Your Creative Process or Eliminate It

“When the content you create doesn’t feel like a work obligation, you’ll undoubtedly get more creative with things. So instead of a standard system to follow, work on yourself from both the communication and speed aspects of things. Find ways to make the so-called “creative process” just you being yourself.”

Be Consistent 

“This may seem basic, but keeping a consistent workflow will keep you unlocking new career heights while ensuring your audience and followers that you take them seriously. Repetition is the essence of marketing, and consistency is a crucial factor if you want to be relevant and favored by the algorithm. 

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Moe is freelance writer and content creator who enjoys interviewing influencers and learning about their journeys to success.

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