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Ady For Lead Gen And Business TikTok With Car Dealer Raffi Mouchmouchian

Driven by a desire to become a world-renowned entertainer, Raffi Mouchmouchian kickstarted his creative career by helping businesses with marketing strategies that surpassed his personal goals to entertain and be heard. 

Raffi, better known as “The Car Dealer Guy,” has become an icon in the automobile and sales niche. With over 300,000 followers across various platforms, he has secured profitable brand deals and established a presence as one of the funniest guys in the industry.

Read along as we interview him to learn more about his content creation journey, how he managed to reach this level of success, and what’s next for him in the creative sphere.

Who Is Raffi Mouchmouchian Off Camera?

Ady For Lead Gen And Business TikTok With Car Dealer Raffi Mouchmouchian

“What’s funny about this question is that I always try to portray who I am as a person. Aside from my personal life, I am pretty much just myself on camera.”

“I believe I’m exactly who my audience expects me to be. They see it in my jokes and skits, passion for cars, and my knack for finding fun in everything.”

He adds with a laugh, “Sure, I’m not all about sales in real life, but I try to channel all my characteristics and personality traits into the ‘car salesman guy’ persona that everyone knows. It’s a way of introducing more of a personal brand.”

Are You A Real Salesman, or Is It a Character You Play?

Ady For Lead Gen And Business TikTok With Car Dealer Raffi Mouchmouchian

“Absolutely, I worked for a few years as a car salesman, and the desire to become a content creator came just in time, bringing to life this unique take on skits and short-form improv.”

He adds, “Creating these skits allowed me to explore my passion for sales by analyzing top-performing content, studying market trends, and learning about different sales personalities. This has benefited both my content creation and career success.”

What Is Your Ultimate Goal With Content Creation?

“I want to take it all and to reach the levels of professionals who inspire me in the industry, like Adam W or Anwar Jibawi. I certainly didn’t have this goal in mind starting out, but it is a passion I dug deeper into by following my curiosity and continually challenging myself. 

Wrapping up his answer, Raffi adds, “As I’ve progressed, I’ve realized the impact and joy this journey brings, not just to me but there is also much of my entertaining side my followers still haven’t seen.”

He also explains that he is well-connected and has built an inspiring circle of creatives around him to help him thrive and reach the goal of becoming a lifestyle and comedy creator.

What Inspired You To Start Content Creation?

“I started creating content because I saw it was possible by helping my girlfriend at the time build her online presence. When I was done with that and saw its success, I thought maybe I could do something like this for myself too.”

He explains, “I was working at the dealership at that time and improving my sales skills, so it all came together at the perfect time if you ask me.”

“However, the dealer I worked for at the time was also gaining free exposure from it for the longest time. I’d say we were getting at least 1-2 new leads every week just from videos.”

Does It Matter If You Did Promotion With Skits vs. Any Other Format?

“Absolutely, and it ties into trends and relatability, at least from witnessing performance improvements with those I’ve worked with before.”

“The videos I make are done from a POV standpoint, and I think that it increases the level of relatability, and the more in-depth the Point-of-view gets, the better videos tend to perform.”

How Do You Deal With Creative Block?

“Creative block is a natural thing for any creator or artist, and most times it’s a sign to improve and evaluate. If I ever hit that stuck phase, I look back at what performed well and try to add a unique spin to it.”

Raffi adds, “I also find inspiration from other creators in the niche. Most videos online are spinoffs of something original, so I take the opportunity to make top-performing videos even better by adding my unique spin on things.”

How Easy Is It to Monetize Your Content?

“I’m currently doing this full-time, supported entirely by content creation and brand deals. Although I feel somewhat limited in terms of the skits I can create and the audience I can target, I’ve still made it into a fun and rewarding career.”

The content I make can serve any company in the car space, from dealerships to insurance companies and car detailing services. But this is also one of the reasons I want to expand and turn it more into a personal brand online presence.

“Another significant financial benefit that stemmed from trying to make funny content in the right niche is the increased number of clients. I was averaging at least 4 new clients a month at a very early stage in my content creation career.”

“The commission from that helped me reach the stage where I can do content creation as a full-time career without the need for the support of brands and creative programs.”

What Do You Look For In Collaborations?

“Anything that I know resonates with my audience. I’d never want to be seen as the guy who’s just in it for the money; this also impacts my future collaborations.” 

Raffi adds, “I now have an ongoing brand collaboration with, a company specializing in vehicle report history and automotive insurance.”

What Would You Change If You Were to Start From Zero Again?

“Keeping my content more mass-appealing, as and being recognized for one specific thing can limit creative potential and require more work to branch out and claim another area of talent or skill.” 

“If I were to do this all over again, I’d use the same strategies and approaches, but also add more personal depth to branding.” 

In other words, he explains that the core offering and the entertainment value are more impactful when centered around an interesting character, rather than merely focusing on the character’s skills

What Are Some Of Your Short-term Goals For Content Creation?

Raffi tells us, “Linking back to my first point on what I’d change, the goal I’m working towards now is broadening the appeal of my content.”

Raffi explains that the required skills and ideas are there, and it’s just a matter of time until 

people start accepting the different formats of content from the “car salesman guy.”

“Short-term goals, on the other hand, include finding a good management team and working to open up new areas of professional opportunity. I have been approached by multiple talent management companies, and I’m now at the stage of considering my options and finding who serves me best.”

What Tips Of Advice Do You Have For Aspiring Creators?

Create What You Believe Will Sell

“Starting out, every creator will receive opinions from those around them that don’t necessarily benefit them or help them progress. You will receive hate and shade regardless.”

“Considering all feedback and opinions takes away from the individual vision and ultimate impact that a video may have, and it can also be daunting to carry on evolving in something that doesn’t mean much on a personal level.”

Wrapping up his answers, Raffi tells us, “I encourage all creators to be themselves, and create videos they would enjoy watching, as you can only compete in an industry you know.”

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Moe is freelance writer and content creator who enjoys interviewing influencers and learning about their journeys to success.

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