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Insights Into The World Of A Product Review Creator With Anya Bumag

“In the competitive landscape of social media, selling online isn’t just about having a product; it’s about having the right product, tells us Anya Bumag a professional product reviewer with a million-strong following across platforms, shares her secrets

Creating content for the advantages it offers, financial rewards, and a passion that stems from her artistic eye for photography, today we sit down with Anya Bumag, for in-depth insights into the world of affiliate marketing and product reviews.

Diverging from her hobbies of portrait, event, and fashion photography, Anya found herself diving into a world of production and content creation to craft a profitable profession that ties into her love for photography. 

From what it takes to succeed in the space, to what content formats perform best,

join us as we delve into the world of faceless affiliate content. 

Who is Anya Bumag?

Insights Into The World Of A Product Review Creator With Anya Bumag

“I’m the type of person who loves to travel and meet new people from all walks of life. I also really enjoy photography, especially candid photography, as well as trying out new activities to discover more of what I’m good at.”

“My journey into the world of content creation started with fashion photography, but I eventually found my way into home products, since there is more to talk about, and people are always impressed by new and innovative products.”

The Start Of Product Reviews For Anya

Anya tells us, “I started with the goal of making a living doing what I love most. I’ve wanted to pursue photography full-time for a while, but found the field to be quite saturated and challenging to turn into a reliable source of income.”

Anya elaborates on her passion explaining that her transition into the world of video content was a natural progression from her initial passion for photography. 

Observing the evolving trends in media consumption, she strategically pivoted her focus. She aligned with the increasing demand for engaging faceless videos and cool multipurpose products, inspired by the success of her peers.

How Do You Decide Upon Your Next Product?

Insights Into The World Of A Product Review Creator With Anya Bumag

Reviewing Based On Personal Interest:

Anya tells us, “I often go for what I personally find useful, so most of the products are genuine recommendations that I would purchase for my home.” 

“Some of my favorite and best-selling products are multifunctional home and organization gadgets.”

Reviewing Viral Products:

“Some products reach the public before reaching me, and oftentimes these items are very cool and worth trying out. When finding high-performing products on social media, the goal is often to take what worked and attempt to make it even better.”

Tell Us About The Creative Process

“The creative process follows a similar method of scripting, visualizing the scenes, and creating a suitably crafted voiceover. However, this is an optimized strategy that I didn’t employ at first.”

 “In the past, I used to completely wing it. In other words, I would think of approximately what to say, film it, and then improvise the voiceover during editing. But, the process would take a long time and prove tedious, as adding more scenes to the video after editing was often necessary. So I find that scripting really helps to save time and reduce stress.”

What Makes A Product Review Video Go Viral

“The initial and most important element is the product itself. Because you obviously cannot have an interesting product review video without a cool product.”

She explains that another important element of a video’s success is how the product is presented, telling us, “Videos, where the product is being put to use, tend to perform best.” 

“This may also play into the pace of a video, considering that product demonstrations include a lot of movement, making the overall video more captivating.”

Who Inspires You In This Very Niche Market?

“I think that everyone in the same industry influences one another. The best-performing videos are what set standards and decide the ideal, but it’s not like other creative niches where a skit or video can be born from pure imagination.”

What Are A Few Things You Learned The Hard Way Through Your Journey? 

“There is no specific hard thing that I learned along the process, but I learned a lot through trying to master the different elements that go into content creation.”

“Shifting from photography to content creation involves mastering various learning curves, from filming to editing, each requiring separate skills to create the perfect piece of content.”

Anya also explains that managing her creative tasks played a significant part in the overall content success. 

She tells us, “Finding a proper way to coordinate the flow of items and the schedule of creating and posting the videos is another contributing factor to the business’s success.” 

How Profitable Is Doing Product Reviews?

“It all depends on the product you’re promoting and what you’re getting out of it. Some of the products I review are on an affiliate promotional basis, while others are brand partnerships.”

She elaborates, “There’s not always a direct correlation between the video viewership and my affiliate income related to that product, it is important to post videos on a regular basis, which makes it a full-time job.”

“However, I really enjoy its creative aspects and the freedom it awards me in making all of the business decisions.”

Have You Ever Thought About Introducing Your Own Product?

“Yes, that certainly is a possibility and a work in progress, but it’s tricky in my industry because there are many bigger brands that dominate the space.”

“Much planning, programming, and work with software developers would need to go into the production of a product that completely stands out.”

She explains, “A hot in-demand product requires everything from a legal patent to design and production. By taking it step by step, I hope to introduce something that communicates and conveys my years of review experience.”

What Is Next For Anya Bumag?

“Creating long-form content,” she quickly answers. 

“At this point, I think I have things down to a simplified strategy, and I aim to venture out to create longer videos like a YouTube series of product reviews.”

“Working in the faceless aspect of content creation and translating it into a 5-minute video might be difficult, but I’m currently experimenting with finding the ideal communication methods.”

Anya explains that the main challenge now is converting short-form content into longer formats, which she hopes will be a significant leap in her career, and open up new doors of opportunity. 

Working With Talent Management vs. Independent 

“During the early days of my career, it was very hard to advocate for myself as a creator. From asking for the right compensation to building relationships in the industry.”

She adds, “While a certain level of popularity is needed to get a manager, it’s game-changing. Working with 500 Mgmt changed the way I do things, opened up new doors of opportunity, and also gave me a strong sense of confidence through feeling that there is more than one person on my side. They’re great at advocating for me. 

What Advice Do You Have for Aspiring Product Reviewers?

“I would really focus on reviewing items that are multifunctional and unusual, I think that many new creators assume that they could just start reviewing anything they find interesting.”

Wrapping up her point, Anya sums up her answer with  “My best advice is to find products that are enticing, that you would personally use, and present them to the world in a functional way. You should also keep in mind that achieving success may take months of consistent posting.”

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Moe is freelance writer and content creator who enjoys interviewing influencers and learning about their journeys to success.

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