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Prince Abdullah “But If I Do It” Guy On Creating Unscripted Humorous Content In Real-Time


Prince Abdullah “But If I Do It” Guy On Creating Unscripted Humorous Content In Real-Time

The best creative content ideas come spontaneously and require immediate execution; however, creating a talent-nurturing environment that allows constant improvement is essential to ensure this creative spark never dies down. 

Today, we interview Prince Abdullah, a Houston-based creator known for coming up with random, viral on-the-spot ideas, to learn more about his creative process. 

Who is Prince Abdullah Outside Of Social Media? 

As a full-time marketing manager, content creator, and MBA student, Abdullah has long believed content creation was his calling. 

He tells us, “I’ve been doing YouTube since sixth grade, and I’ve always been inspired by originality. Through doing this for the longest time, I’ve learned a lot of lessons the hard way, and today, I’m an open book for any questions followers and readers may have.” 

Why Content Creation? 

“A greater purpose drives me is my answer in short. It was never about making money or brand deals. I just always had the urge to give back to the community in one way or the other.”

Abdullah’s creative career and outstanding work ethic are driven by a philanthropic motive to make people’s lives around him better. He explains, “Whether it’s communicating a positive message, collaborating with non-profit organizations, or making people laugh, social media is my preferred channel of giving back.” 

Are All Your Videos Unscripted? 

When You’re Brown 

But if I did it 

Lady With Cremated Remains 


What would you do in this situation?!😨😭 #fyp #dead #CODAduets #viral

♬ original sound – Princeabdullaaa

“No, but I rarely made any video directly looking at a script. Despite not writing down the entire video before filming, I always have the initial idea at the back of my mind. 

Abdullah explains that random everyday encounters sometimes offer the perfect content setting, and you must be prepared to hop onto the opportunity when it presents itself.

He elaborates, “Even as we speak, I have a perfect idea for more than one skit video, I’m just waiting to run into something bizarre that aligns with them.  A good example is when I ran into two cats licking each other and made a “But If I Do It” video that went crazy.” 

He adds, “Now, if I run into a car on fire, I have the perfect quick video for it, but I’ll keep that for its moment.”

Real-Time Content Life Hacks 

Abdullah says the best practice is to live the creative process and not be too emotionally invested in your videos. 

“My friends and surrounding environment all have a good general idea of content creation and how to make skits that click. That plays one of the most crucial elements of creating viral content in real-time.” 

“Surrounding yourself with creators or like-minded people is a life hack that will save you time and effort in the long run,” he explains. 

A good example is when a friend and I found a nearby store called Delicious Latinas and filmed a quick video with a funny sketch my buddy came up with on the spot. 

He adds, “Working as a full-time marketer, and the nature of my job also helps me develop new ideas. The key is to tap into that creative state and pair it with people’s feedback.”

Additionally, Abdullah points out his YouTube long-form content, telling us that Vlogs and having a camera pointed at you at all times is excellent practice for getting comfortable making real-time content. 

What’s the ultimate objective of content creation?

“To do something more meaningful than just going viral and giving back to the youth creatively and inspiring them, whether in content creation or just brightening their day.”

Tips for aspiring creators?

Before giving us insights into how creators can make it big, Abdullah tells us that not everyone is cut out to create content. 

He elaborates, “If you’re just looking to go viral and gain clout, save yourself the time and effort.” Abdullah gives the example of difficulties that successful Youtubers and content creators have faced to reach where they are today, comparing the process with that of Logan Paul and KSI. 

He tells us that resilience is an essential element in the mix, stating, “KSI once said “Every time I get canceled, it just means vacation. 

The online comedy space is fairly new, and as we continue to learn and navigate it, we need to be comfortable bouncing back from our mistakes.” That taken into account, Abdullah tells us that all the following elements play an essential role in building a successful online career:

Purpose and Quality

You must move with purpose and a clear vision of what you want out of your invested efforts. To many, this may mean a few thousand views, while for others, it is associated more with the value they offer people. To stay grounded and find a balance, you need to let purpose lead the way. 

If It’s Passion, It’s Not a Waste Of Time

You will hear that what you’re doing is a waste of time, but this shouldn’t hinder your progress if you have a clear vision of where you want to go. 

Reach Out For Assistance 

Abdullah tells us that many fail to make this move early in their career and try to stay as independent as possible. He makes it clear that to scale, you need a supporting team that can help you knock down doors. “Whether that means hiring a manager or contacting local influencers you can collaborate with, you need to get yourself out there by all means.”

Don’t Let Others Define Your Success

“As content creators, we often compare our progress with creators in the same niche or TikTokers who started at the same time as us. However, to keep consistent at what you’re doing and not get overwhelmed, you must stay in your lane.” 

He adds, “If you start to envy the success of those making it more significant than you, and constantly feeling that you’re not getting the results you were striving for, then you’re doing it wrong. 


Abdullah is living creative proof that passion and living within the moment matter when navigating your online journey as an influencer. He preaches that in a time where everyone prioritizes quantity and persistence, individuality makes a significant difference. 

Prince Abdullah’s journey from a 6th grader doing YouTube to a viral sensation is a testament to the power of purpose, resilience, and a greater purpose beyond 

In a world where scripted narratives often dominate, Abdullah’s unscripted brilliance shines as a beacon of creativity, humor, and genuine human connection with followers.

Despite having a hectic life, passion and the environment he built around it keep Abdullah on a roll from one viral hit to the next, and he recommends you find that balance, too.

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Moe is freelance writer and content creator who enjoys interviewing influencers and learning about their journeys to success.

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