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Popular Climate Change Influencers


Popular Climate Change Influencers

As the significance of the climate crisis shifts into a more prevalent issue that affects the global population on a daily basis, climate change influencers have managed to create a vibrant presence in order to solve these issues.

Popular Climate Change Influencers

Climate change influencers use a variety of platforms to educate, inspire, and protest multiple environmental issues, further engaging with their devoted followers. Data from ACCEPT explains that during 2019, the words ‘Climate Change’, ‘Climate Strike’, and ‘Greta’s Speech’ saw tremendous spikes of activity on the Google Trend tracker. In order to discover more about this particular niche of individuals, Netinfluencer explores the most popular climate change influencers on social media. 

Finn Harries

This climate change influencer first found internet fame alongside his twin brother on their joint YouTube channel Jack’s Gap. Now at 28 years old, Finn Harries is using the power of social media to educate his 1.2 million followers on the looming climate crisis. Harries has collaborated with an assortment of leading bodies, creating campaigns with BMW, attending the COP26 conference, and even creating a documentary alongside British nature broadcaster David Attenborough.

This influencer is also the co-founder of Earthrise, a digital creative agency that aims to support other influencers in communicating the urgency of the climate crisis. In addition, Harries is also studying architecture at Cambridge University to support his work in building a more sustainable infrastructure around the world. 

Xiye Bastida

At just 20 years old, Xiye Bastida is one of the most influential clean air activists in America. Bastida is best known for being one of the key organizers of the Fridays for Future protests in New York City.

This climate change influencer’s reach spans a global scale, seen by her moving speeches and TED talks that have been performed around the world. In 2021, she appeared on the cover of Vogue Mexico magazine, showing pride in her Mexican-Chilean heritage. Bastida uses her Instagram account to communicate important updates with her 52.4K followers as well as to share vital infographics that showcase important statistics and information about her activism.

Pattie Gonia

As the drag scene continues to grow in popularity, influencers such as Pattie Gonia use their art to express their concerns about climate change to her 470K followers. Her Instagram account focuses on different sources of activism such as queer safety and community building.

Pattie Gonia often posts pictures of herself in drag, whilst highlighting alarming statistics and pushing informational resources. This climate change influencer also discusses how many BIPOC people are suffering unnecessarily, particularly referring to the tragic case of Ahmaud Arbery. Pattie Gonia is the founder of The Outdoorist Oath, a platform that focuses on preserving the outdoors through educational resources. Here, a collection of influencers engage in debates and conversations about how the outdoors can benefit various generations to come. 

Isra Hirsi

On the surface, Isra Hirsi may seem like any other young woman. However, in 2020, at the age of just 17 she was listed in Fortune’s 40 under 40 list for her integral work as an environmental justice organizer. Hirsi worked to set up the US Youth Climate Strike which attracted over 100,000 young people to fight for better climate practices across the US.

This influencer uses Instagram to highlight her achievements and show off her personal milestones to her 96.5K followers. She also contributed to the YouTube Original Series The Outsiders, discussing important conversation topics such as what it means to be a black activist. As the daughter of prevalent congresswoman Ilhan Omar, Hirsi’s passion for her cause has enabled her to see great success. 

Genesis Butler

15-year-old Genesis Butler is a devoted climate change activist who is passionately speaking out about a range of injustices on her social media profile. Using a collection of infographics, reels, and statistics, Butler is able to educate her 69.2K followers with ease and maturity.

She is also the leader of the Youth Climate Save, an organization that boosts the voices and opinions of other young activists. This organization also posts a wide assortment of vegan recipes to promote less animal cruelty in our food industries. At just 10 years old, this climate change influencer conducted her first TED Talk, making her one of the youngest speakers to ever perform. 

Sophia Li

As a talented journalist and filmmaker, Sophia Li uses her skills to document and translate the true severity of the climate crisis to her 59.6K followers. Li is a contributor to Web 3, which is working in partnership with STEWARD to create a stronger environment using NFTs. This climate change influencer also uses her presence on social media to show off her sustainable fashion choices and share posts from other institutions in hopes to educate her audience further. In addition, Li also works alongside Meta as the host of Climate Talks, a podcast that highlights the fundamental aspects of sustainability from a variety of diverse perspectives. 

Immy Lucas

In response to the climate crisis, many people have decided to adopt a vegan lifestyle. Immy Lucas is the owner of Sustainably Vegan, a prosperous Instagram account with 121K followers. Lucas uses this bustling platform to show off her range of recipes and highlight how easy it can be to make traditional dishes from plant-based ingredients. She also produces content surrounding zero waste lifestyles and how they can be accessible for many people. This influencer also has a YouTube channel where they go into more detail about the nuances of veganism, minimalism, and their daily life for their 265K subscribers to enjoy. 

Manuela Baron

Manuela Baron, otherwise known as thegirlgonegreen, is an influencer who is devoted to sharing the benefits of low-impact conscious living. Baron resides in the Florida Keys and spends her days exploring the beauty of its natural landscapes. She uses her Instagram to document her travels as well as recommend a variety of sustainable products to her 32.9K followers. Plus, she also creates Instagram Guides that help her followers learn more about recycling waste and preserving the planet. Baron also works in partnership with OEKO-TEX, an inspiring foundation that aims to build more sustainable and healthy practices within the manufacturing industry. 

Bea Johnson

Regarded as the ‘Mother of the zero waste lifestyle, Bea Johnson offers a collection of simple techniques that enable her 262K followers to live more effective zero waste lifestyles. Whether it’s tips for growing your own vegetables or using more environmentally conscious products, Johnson has a zero waste solution for any household problem. In 2013, this climate change influencer released her first book, Zero Waste Home, a simple guide that aims to inspire readers to live simpler lives. Since then, Bea Johnson has been traveling around the world, performing countless motivational speeches and educating others on how limiting excessive consumption can save our world. 

James Whitlow Delano 

James Whitlow Delano is an acclaimed photographer who documents the ravenous effects of climate change throughout his immersive pictures. His Instagram is teeming with dystopian images of landfills and degrading landscapes, exemplifying how common practices are deeply harming the earth and its inhabitants. He has captured footage of penguins in Chile and forests in Japan for his 60.5K followers to examine. Over his 20-year career, Delano has also traveled across Asia to document how various populations are responsible for the changing landscape we are seeing across the world. James Whitlow Delano has also produced a range of 60-second videos that give viewers a snapshot of how natural crises are occurring around the globe. 

As the general population learns more about environmental science, climate change influencers are working alongside established bodies to ensure that their audience is receiving valid and relevant information at all times. To discover more about the impact influencers can have on a variety of different causes, visit our website

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