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Playsee Creating Connection To Your Local Community Via AILEX, Your AI Location Expert


Playsee: Creating Connection To Your Local Community Via AILEX, Your AI Location Expert

Ever feel more disconnected from your real life when you’re on social media? This is a common feeling and can create a disconnect and lack of belonging to your local community. Playsee, a social media app highlighting local connections, developed AI location expert AILEX to connect users to the best local restaurants, community events, activities, and more, using technology to bring people together locally. Keep reading for insights from T.C Terry Hu, Product Manager at Playsee, on Playsee’s unique features, vision, and how AILEX contributes to the local community and economy.

Playsee, a social media app highlighting local connections, recently launched AILEX, an AI chatbot and local expert. 

AILEX helps people discover nearby locations, such as restaurants, and things to do locally based on their needs. Playsee users are provided with more personalized, local lifestyle recommendations and tips based on AILEX’s local knowledge and the power of AI, creating a unique combination of accessible lifestyle recommendations. 

Playsee was founded in 2020 and launched in the United States in 2021. T.C Terry Hu, AI Product Manager at Playsee, shares his insights into AILEX and Playsee’s unique features and impact on the social media landscape. 

Playsee: Creating Connection To Your Local Community Via AILEX, Your AI Location Expert

What Makes Playsee Stand Out in the Social Media Landscape?

Terry shares, “A lot of the content we see on the general large social media landscape is overly curated, or maybe the things that we see are trending and a bit far away from our real life. They might be hard to relate to. At Playsee, we prioritize more relatable content that’s close by, relatable, and accessible.”

With AILEX’s launch in December 2023, Playsee has expanded on its mission to “bring accessibility to anything local.” 

In addition to AILEX’s personalized content, the Playsee community comprises like-minded locals who share their passions, connect, and exchange insights into the local community. For example, community members may share the most underrated local food trucks or thriving sports teams that play together on the streets, which may not be widely known about otherwise.

Examples of some of Playsee’s current communities include: 

  • NYC Urban Gardeners United
  • Best Speakeasies in Culver City
  • Family-Friendly Activities in SF

These communities share similar passions and a local connection, allowing them to swap the best insider information about local happenings. 

Users can share experiences on the app through video and text posts, and specific communities can help users find the type of social events that suit their needs and interests best. 

Terry says, “Playsee’s uniqueness is in its ability to provide local and accessible suggestions and content that people can relate to. It’s a place where people can connect and develop that local connection and sense of belonging.”

Playsee: Creating Connection To Your Local Community Via AILEX, Your AI Location Expert

AILEX: Your AI Location Expert

AILEX stands for AI location expert and acts as a friendly local guide that can help you find community, the best eats, ideas for date nights, and much more. 

Terry explains, “In terms of personalization, AILEX takes time to understand what you are looking for. It’s also there for you to support your emotional and physical needs. If you’re hungry, if you’re tired, you can’t find places to go. Unlike other AI tools out there, AILEX is a companion that gives you a local feel and connection.” 

AILEX is so attuned to a user’s needs that it will not just show you what you think you want, but will also show you things you want but didn’t consciously know you’d like. 

As you chat with AILEX, it begins to understand your needs and wants and what you don’t like more and more. For example, if you don’t like a certain type of food or have specific needs to consider before finding a restaurant, such as finding local restaurants that offer gluten-free menu items. 

Terry says, “It adds a really fun and engaging element. Instead of browsing endlessly or going through different forums and endless pages, AILEX serves you content that you are looking for and also things that you can consider that are close by.”

Regarding data privacy, Playsee (and AILEX) have the utmost respect for privacy and adhere to data policies to keep your data private while providing the service. 

Future Upgrades to AILEX

Currently, the Playsee team is working on upgrading AILEX to enhance the user experience further so that it’s even more personalized and can learn from user chat even better. 

Terry says, “AILEX will be able to have a stronger kind of understanding of what people and users need, but I think that’s all I can share so far.”

Be on the lookout for new updates to AILEX over the coming months as the Playsee team continues to evolve its technology. 

Playsee: Creating Connection To Your Local Community Via AILEX, Your AI Location Expert

How Does AILEX Contribute to the Local Community and Economy? 

The Playsee team prioritizes local businesses. Instead of searching for popular restaurants or spots, the Playsee app and AILEX highlight local businesses at the forefront of their recommendations. 

In this way, it’s a great app to use for shopping locally, as you can find great spots through community and AI recommendations while keeping things accessible and convenient to your location. 

How Will Playsee Impact the Influencer Marketing and Creator Economy? 

Terry says, “At Playsee, we don’t believe in the traditional idea of an influencer. We believe in the content and voice of the people, so everyone has a voice on Playsee. Everyone can share what their life is about, and the things that they’re proud of — the things that they connect to.” 

Instead of focusing on traditional influencers with large followings, Playsee highlights the everyday user’s local experience and what they are proud of in their community, spreading this to others and creating new, local experiences and a sense of belonging, which many feel is lacking in this digital era. 

Playsee: Creating Connection To Your Local Community Via AILEX, Your AI Location Expert

The Playsee Vision

The long-term vision is to bring access to local experiences by making it easier for everyone to connect and access great community hot spots. 

Overall, the goal is to help enhance the sense of belonging and connect to others locally using social media. Often, people feel disconnected from their lives and local communities when using social media, but Playsee’s goal is to bring that local connection back to the forefront. 

Beyond your local community, Playsee and AILEX can be helpful resources when you travel to find the best nearby recommendations, food, and activities rather than sticking to tourist traps. Using AILEX, you can receive more personalized recommendations for your trip without needing to do extensive research online. 

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