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Famous Birthdays Courts $100 Billion Creator Economy With Pro Version Launch


Famous Birthdays Courts $100 Billion Creator Economy With Pro Version Launch

Famous Birthdays, a website profiling celebrities and online content creators, has launched a paid product called Famous Birthdays Pro aimed at brands, talent agencies, and marketing professionals. The platform provides data and analytics on rising social media talent to help influencer marketing efforts.

Founder Evan Britton says the site’s rankings reflect raw user demand rather than subjective editorial decisions. This allows it to spotlight internet-famous people overlooked by traditional platforms. Britton believes Famous Birthdays boosts creator legitimacy by showcasing their audience size alongside mainstream stars.

With tens of millions of monthly visitors, Famous Birthdays has tapped into significant demand among internet users to learn more about their favorite digital creators and influencers. “People want to learn more about creators. They’re interested in them,” said Britton.

Initially, the site focused on traditional mainstream stars. But Britton soon spotted surging interest in a new class of digital talent as online video took off. “I saw in 2014 somebody with millions of Vine followers who wasn’t on Wikipedia yet,” he said. “Somebody with 500 Twitter followers was on Wikipedia for a movie line. I realized we could showcase internet-famous people who traditional platforms overlooked.”

This demonstrated a need for a reference site that more accurately reflected internet celebrity and online creators gaining huge audiences independently from the entertainment industry machine.

What sets Famous Birthdays’ rankings and verification process apart is that it’s “based on user demand and engagement” rather than subjective, top-down editorial decisions, explained Britton. He touted this data-based approach as a point of differentiation from both traditional media outlets and even platforms like Twitter and Instagram that now offer verification services.

“You know, you can’t pay to be on Famous Birthdays. [Our rankings are]  based on user demand and their engagement. So I think that our platform is kind of a verification layer for the creator economy,” said Britton.

By showcasing creators and online talent side-by-side with Hollywood stars and chart-topping musicians, Famous Birthday has aimed to boost their legitimacy. “Creators have always been excited to see themselves next to traditional celebrities because at the get go, they weren’t. They have the respect that they have now,” noted Britton.

He believes Famous Birthdays has played a meaningful role in helping creators gain that level of respect by spotlighting the sheer audience numbers they can command. “Our platform was kind of always an equalizer because it was just based on raw demand,” said Britton. “It wasn’t based on an editor or a platform. It was based on what our audience shows us.”

With creator-based media only growing as a cultural and economic force, platforms like Famous Birthdays that credibly track this rising talent stand to see their value and traffic continue to surge. As Britton summarized, “I think we’re just a key place to show the internet and the community because our rankings are public.”

Famous Birthdays Courts $100 Billion Creator Economy With Pro Version Launch

Introducing Famous Birthdays Pro

Capitalizing on its success catering to everyday internet users, Famous Birthdays has now launched a premium product called Famous Birthdays Pro aimed at industry professionals. This new offering provides specialized data tools and analytics for brands, agencies, and platforms operating in the influencer marketing sphere. With the launch, the company is expanding its scope beyond consumers to commercial clients in need of intelligence on emerging digital talent.

“We found three years ago a lot of brands and people atsocial networks and talent agencies and influencer marketers were using our site to learn about creators. So we wanted to build a pro platform that was more suited for them, for a desktop experience,” explained founder Evan Britton

While the original Famous Birthdays site was designed as a mobile-first reference for everyday consumers, Famous Birthdays Pro offers premium features like historical rank graphs, real-time reporting capabilities, and representation information. This caters to the needs of marketing professionals seeking data and analytics on up-and-coming creative talent.

According to Britton, a key advantage of Famous Birthdays Pro lies in the ability to identify rising creators at an early stage based on the site’s considerable user base. “Since we have so many users on the consumer side, we can spot trends very early. And that’s important for anybody who works in influencer marketing,” he said.

The platform also organizes influencer data by relevant keywords and categories to simplify searches. “We can search for who’s rising in DIY or beauty. So we can see that based on our copyrighted bios that we’ve written on them,” noted Britton. “It’s a way to discover creators at a different scale.”

For Britton, the launch of Famous Birthdays Pro represents an important expansion in the value the platform can provide, especially to those working most closely with digital talent. “That’s important because we can add a lot of value for industry professionals beyond what they can get on our mobile app or website,” he said.

Even as Famous Birthdays branches out with Pro, Britton maintains that enhancing the core consumer experience remains his top priority. “What always excites me most is helping the users, making the site fast, easy to use – more video, more images, more profiles,” he remarked.

Continuing to improve these features, he says, feeds into expanded offerings like Pro: “The more we help users, the more value we can add for them, because the more content and data we’ll have in terms of what’s happening.”

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