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Peter Schiff Podcast


Peter Schiff Podcast

The Peter Schiff Podcast is a financial news and economic data evaluation podcast by the famous economist Peter Schiff. 

Schiff started this podcast in 2014 and today the show has recorded a long run of 871 episodes, making it one of the oldest podcasts.

They release a new episode once every 2-4 days. The episode discusses and analyzes the top financial, banking, and commerce news of the week.

On the basis of the economic decisions taken by the Feds, Shciff then shares some of his forecasts on important sectors of the economy.

Peter is a great orator and with his deep knowledge and insightful approach, his podcast attracts a lot of investors and speculators. 

The Creator Behind the Podcast 

Peter Schiff describes himself as “an economist, financial broker/dealer, author, frequent guest on national news, and host of the Peter Schiff Show Podcast.”

He was born to Irvin Sciff, who was one of the front line activists in the US tax protester movement. To know more about this movement click here.

And it was Irvin who introduced Peter to the “Austrian School of Economic Thought”.  

In 1990 he started as a stockbroker for Lehman Brothers, and after some years of experience he acquired an inactive brokerage company and became the director of his own firm. 

He renamed the firm to “Euro Pacific Capital” and expanded its operations in a lot of countries. 

In 2011 he founded a reserve bank under the name of his firm the “Euro Pacific Bank” “with the goal of making banking Safe, Digital, and Global.”

He has long remained a financial advisor sharing his opinions on many reputed news services like Bloomberg, Fox News, and CNBC.

Schiff promotes many books, some of which are “The Federal Mafia” and “The Kingdom Of Moltz – A Tale Of Inflation And Where It Comes From” which are originally written by his father. 

He also runs an asset management and a hedge fund company known as “Euro Pacific Asset Management” and “Schiff Gold” respectively. Check out more details here

In 2014 he started his own podcast channel “Schiff Radio”. Originally the shows were aired only on his channel and YouTube. 

Below is the link to his first radio broadcast: 

Ep 1: The Peter Schiff Show Podcast (9/6/2014) 

Later he expanded his shows to other podcast channels.

In his talks on and off radio, he openly criticizes a lot of United States government policies and economic ties, predicting that the US dollar will crash in a few years. 

His podcasts receive a lot of audiences who are charmed by his confident and authoritative prophecies and forecasts. 

Below are some of his words:

The United States is like the Titanic and I am here with the lifeboat trying to get people to leave the ship…. I see a real financial crisis coming for the United States.” (source)

“Bitcoin is tulip mania 2.0—not gold 2.0” (source)

Reach and Influence

The Peter Schiff Podcast has a global reach owing to the wide popularity of the host.

On YouTube, the Peter Schiff account @peterschiff where all the podcasts are launched has 521 K subscribers.

Till date the channel has 110,833,658 views.

The show has 4.7/5 stars on Apple Podcast and has more than 7000 ratings on rephonic.

It ranks #44 for “Investing” and #128 for “Business” podcasts on Apple Podcasts in the United States. 

The show is also ranked in the first 200 for finance podcasts in other countries as well. 

Peter himself is a celebrity-like figure followed by thousands on his social media handles and elsewhere. 

His twitter account has 917K followers. His Instagram has 112K followers and his official TikTok handle @peterschiffofficial has 470.5K likes.

Based on this analysis we estimate that the Peter Schiff Podcast receives at least a hundred thousand views each time an episode goes out across Apple, Google, Youtube, Spotify, and Redcircle podcast networks.

The Format of the Podcast

The Peter Schiff Podcast features the latest finance news and analysis highlighting the current position of the US economy and predicting remedial steps.

The show starts with Peter promoting his premium services (which are offered on Schiff radio for 5 dollars a month) and sponsors. 

He then quickly shares the recent top briefs from the financial ups and downs, and points to the important changes in federal policies. 

After this, he analyzes each news story in detail, commenting on the reasons for their occurrence and their impact on the market.

In his latest broadcast, titled “Neither Biden nor Powell Understands the State of the Union”, Peter heavily criticized Biden’s “State of the Union” and “Social Security” measures.

His show is mostly dominated by piqued words and judgemental verdicts. For instance, in the above linked show he states: “Biden promises to save your pennies while stealing your dollars.” 

Throughout the podcast, Peter compares US finance strategies with that of other countries, mostly downsizing the homeland’s administration policies.  

Lastly he suggests rectifying measures from an investor’s perspective and also from the government perspective. 

The podcast lasts for 45 minutes to one hour on an average.

Peter has a lot of expertise in the finance and commerce vertical and knows perfectly what to say and how to elicit listeners’ emotions.  

And his radical comments are the USP for the show. 

Reception and Impact

The Peter Schiff Podcast is very well received by audiences with thousands of listeners tuning in for the podcast’s episodes. 

The show is appreciated for an unbiased coverage of financial happenings, reporting the latest news and the most relevant market analysis both in the U.S. and global markets.

Read the below review, written by a finance author:

“Telling it like it is.

I studied economics in college and wrote for several financial publications back in the 1980s. Peter is the only commentator I know of who consistently takes the latest data and interprets it for what is, rather than applying all sorts of spin and bias. Math is math and the numbers don’t lie (as long as liars aren’t publishing the numbers). Thanks for all you do Peter.” – Kailua Geoff – (source)

The podcast is criticized too for hyper criticism against the Fed and also for making unjust prophecies. 

Listeners also do not like the advertisements in between the dialogue and the show’s reduced content.

Check the comment below:

“Old news. Cheesy ads, especially from a “1%er”. How about asking for $5 a month to listen to casts the same day and then basically cutting uploads by, what…fifty percent or more? Nice!” – P Hestet (source)

Final Words

The Peter Schiff Podcast is one of the very few reliable finance related podcasts and is a great hit.

Millions of listeners tune into it worldwide and is definitely a must try.

However, do not base your financial activities just on what you hear in the show. Do some of your own research from other information sources as well before taking any final action. 

You can stream the shows on Apple, Google, Youtube, Spotify, and Redcircle podcast networks along with many other services.

The podcast can be downloaded as well from the Redcircle website. 

For other political and news podcasts like the Megyn Kelly Podcast and other radio shows check us out here.

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