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Empowering All ORAA's Creator Network

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Empowering All: ORAA’s Creator Network

Discover the origins of ORAA Network and its creator-driven mission. Sabrina, a visionary talent manager, recognized a void in the community and embarked on a journey to bridge gaps. Learn how ORAA empowers creators, fosters collaboration, and navigates the evolving landscape, all under Sabrina’s guidance.

Discover the origins of ORAA Network and its creator-driven mission. Sabrina Jose, a visionary talent manager, recognized a void in the community and embarked on a journey to bridge gaps. Learn how ORAA empowers creators, fosters collaboration, and navigates the evolving landscape, all under Sabrina’s guidance.

Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind ORAA Network and what drove you to create a platform for the creator community to connect and grow their businesses?

Sabrina Jose, a self-made talent manager from New Jersey, identified a crucial void in the creator community. “I noticed that there was this huge missing piece of community,” Sabrina reveals. Through interactions with both industry newcomers and C-suite executives, she recognized the need for a platform that bridges gaps. “Someone who was new in the industry and someone who was a C-suite executive,” she notes.

Empowering All: ORAA's Creator Network

This realization prompted Sabrina to create ORAA Network, aiming to unite individuals across all levels of influencer marketing and the creator economy. “My goal is to foster connections that transcend boundaries,” Sabrina affirms. Her journey from network building to community creation underscores her commitment to empowering creators and driving collective growth.

Tell us a bit more about ORAA. What is it? What kind of services does it offer? Who is it for?

ORAA Network is aptly dubbed the “creator economy community.” It serves as a hub where professionals across the influencer and creator industries converge, facilitating learning, collaboration, and growth. The platform is designed to cater to a diverse audience, including talent managers, brand managers, small businesses, influencers, and those seeking to navigate and evolve within the creator economy.

“We offer various calls. We offer networking opportunities between peers,” Sabrina outlines the services provided. These opportunities encompass interactions with C-suite executives from larger companies and brand managers who share insights into industry pain points. 

ORAA’s mission revolves around fostering conversations and bridging gaps within the creator economy, facilitating a better understanding and more cohesive dialogue among its diverse stakeholders.

ORAA has experienced rapid growth since its launch, with an impressive number of members joining the platform. What do you attribute this success to, and how do you envision the platform evolving in the future?

ORAA Network’s rapid growth stems from Sabrina’s recognition of the power of connection. “I understand the power of word-of-mouth marketing,” Sabrina notes, emphasizing the platform’s ability to address industry pain points. The platform’s unique proposition sparked curiosity, attracting members eager for meaningful discussions beyond peer interactions.

Sabrina envisions ORAA becoming the premier professional resource for newcomers in the creator economy. “ORAA is the creator economy community,” she asserts as she aspires for ORAA to be a comprehensive, specialized hub catering to diverse needs while maintaining its distinct focus. Her goal is to create a one-stop shop that resonates with everyone, fulfilling both broad and specific requirements.

Building a community of influencers, independent managers, brands, and agencies is no small feat. What strategies did you employ to attract such a diverse and engaged user base to ORAA Network?

Building a diverse community at ORAA Network was accomplished through strategic planning, as Sabrina explains: “We’ve created these offers that can synergize with each other to touch on those multiple pain points in the same conversation.” This approach includes seminars led by industry experts, covering topics from etiquette and best practices to legal aspects.

“Our strategy focuses on cultivating conversations to include everyone and address each pain point,” Sabrina notes. This approach ensures that the platform caters to a wide range of stakeholders. Ultimately, the success lies in creating an inclusive environment that resonates with various industry segments.

The partnership with Creator Core is an exciting development for ORAA. Could you share more about this partnership and how it enhances the value and opportunities for your members?

The partnership with Creator Core has brought exciting opportunities to ORAA Network; as Sabrina enthusiastically explains, “Creator Corp has been amazing as ORAA emerged.” The resonance between the two platforms is evident, with both being initiated by talent managers. Sabrina emphasizes the shared concern about the language barrier between talent and brand managers.

“Creator Core has created this really amazing platform,” Sabrina elaborates. The platform addresses this issue by offering a two-in-one solution that caters to the needs of both talent managers and brand managers. For talent managers, it enhances efficiency, and for brand managers, it provides accessible information, reducing unnecessary back and forth.

“It’s created a perfect example of the type of resource that we want to have in ORAA,” Sabrina notes. The collaboration marks a starting point, with plans to integrate more resources that cater to the needs of all stakeholders, reaffirming ORAA’s commitment to inclusivity. “We’re not just catering to one person or another, but we’re catering to all,” Sabrina emphasizes. This partnership underscores the shared mission of bridging gaps within the industry and positioning ORAA as a hub for cohesive collaboration.

As the Founder of ORAA Network, what do you believe sets your platform apart from other networking and learning platforms in the creator economy space?

When asked about what sets ORAA Network apart from other platforms in the creator economy space, Sabrina highlights the platform’s unique approach: “Well, when you look at ORAA as a whole, if you take some time and you really dig into the meat and potatoes of what we have in ORAA, you’ll see that a lot of what we do is we look ahead, but we cater to the current.”

She goes on to explain that ORAA constantly monitors the ongoing conversations within the community. “From that, we can cater to what needs to happen later on and in the future. Well, at the same time, we can answer those questions, right,” Sabrina emphasizes. This proactive strategy enables ORAA to anticipate the needs of its members and provide relevant solutions without waiting for explicit requests.

The creator economy has witnessed substantial growth and transformation in recent years. How do you see ORAA contributing to this evolving landscape, and what role will it play in shaping the future of creator collaboration and monetization?

ORAA’s role in the creator economy is about proactive engagement; as Sabrina outlines, “I take an approach to try and foreshadow and understand the possibilities that the landscape can take at any given time.” By nurturing conversations between decision-makers and implementers, ORAA creates opportunities for collaborations that drive efficient execution. Sabrina adds, “We can execute them more cohesively and more efficiently.”

Sabrina sees ORAA as a catalyst for collaboration and enhanced monetization. She explains further, “I think that’s where we can really have people come together to collaborate and be able to monetize better off of that.” This role positions ORAA at the forefront of shaping the future of creator collaboration and effective monetization strategies in the dynamic creator economy.

The influencer marketing industry has faced its share of challenges, such as transparency and trust issues. How does ORAA Network address these challenges and provide a secure and authentic environment for creators and brands to connect?

Addressing challenges of transparency and trust in the influencer marketing industry, Sabrina outlines ORAA Network’s approach: “We tried to bridge the gap for creators and brands.” Centralizing resources and discussions under one roof plays a crucial role.

“We discuss things like job listings, resources to learn about rates and seminars with industry experts,” Sabrina explains. These conversations include topics like etiquette and best practices, even when they’re challenging. ORAA’s community members are intuitive and open-minded, facilitating discussions that lead to mutual understanding rather than conflict.

“They take the time to listen, observe, and soak everything in,” Sabrina notes. The platform fosters an environment where both creators and brands endeavor to understand each other’s perspectives. Sabrina emphasizes that this ethos is ingrained in the community’s fabric from the start, “Joining, you automatically know that this is the ethos that surrounds our community.”

The emphasis is on opening conversations and fostering understanding rather than competing. “It’s really to open up these conversations and to understand each other,” Sabrina concludes, highlighting ORAA’s commitment to creating a secure and authentic environment for genuine collaboration between creators and brands.

Community engagement is crucial for a platform like ORAA. How do you foster meaningful interactions and valuable connections between members to ensure a thriving ecosystem?

Creating a thriving ecosystem through community engagement is a priority for ORAA. Sabrina highlights the platform’s inclusivity as a foundation, “People feel welcome to ask their questions. No matter what it is.”

The open and non-exclusive nature of ORAA’s community fosters a space where all members can actively participate. “It’s not a space only for super expert-level professionals or just for entry-level,” Sabrina explains. Instead, it’s designed for everyone, enabling meaningful interactions regardless of experience level.

By opening up conversations that cater to a wide range of members, ORAA ensures valuable connections and meaningful interactions. The platform’s focus on inclusivity and diverse expertise creates a dynamic and thriving ecosystem.

With the rise of social media and content creation, more individuals are exploring careers as influencers and creators. How does ORAA support aspiring creators and help them transition into successful businesses?

ORAA provides robust support for aspiring creators seeking to transition into successful businesses. Sabrina underscores the accessibility and inclusivity of the platform by telling us, “It’s not just for those who are really seasoned in this space.” The resources, calls, and conversations hosted on ORAA offer tools and insights that benefit newcomers by expediting their learning curve and helping them avoid common mistakes.

Experienced talent managers, brand managers, C-suite executives, and entrepreneurs actively contribute to these conversations, openly sharing their experiences, missteps, and strategies. This collaborative environment allows newcomers to access valuable knowledge and evolve quickly in the creator economy. ORAA’s low-pressure setting ensures that newcomers can confidently learn and grow while the platform’s collective wisdom guides them toward their goals.

As we approach the rest of the year, what exciting developments and initiatives does ORAA have in store for its community members?

Sabrina shares a glimpse into the platform’s upcoming ventures. She states, “We’re assembling an impressive roster of influencers, brand managers, and experts who will lead engaging seminars and Q&A sessions—a real highlight for our community.”

Strategic partnerships are also in the works, as Sabrina explains, “We’re collaborating with prominent industry players to keep our members updated on tech advancements, trends, and legal guidelines.” This dedication to members’ growth underscores ORAA’s commitment.

Sabrina emphasizes, “By refining our offerings, we’re delving into industry nuances, discussing rates, emerging trends, and FTC guidelines. ORAA is leading these critical conversations.” The platform aims to address less-explored yet vital aspects of the industry.

The creator economy is constantly evolving, and trends can change rapidly. How does ORAA stay ahead of these trends and ensure that its features and offerings remain relevant and beneficial to its users?

Sabrina, drawing from her role as a talent manager alongside her leadership at ORAA, notes, “I personally manage talent, which keeps me connected to trends—critical in this industry where trends can make or break success.”

This unique perspective aids ORAA in staying proactive. Sabrina states, “I understand trends’ potential impact and help us anticipate and prepare, both within ORAA and beyond.” This approach ensures users remain well-prepared for shifts in the dynamic creator economy.

ORAA Network aims to be a place for creators to not only network but also learn and grow. How do you curate educational resources and experiences that cater to the diverse needs and interests of your members?

In Sabrina’s words, “We listen, understanding the wins, setbacks, and the ways our members navigate. Our approach to seminars and resources is completely organic, centered around those ‘aha moments’ that cut through the noise.”

She emphasizes, “Our focus is on knowledge-forward experiences that drive discussions, make members say ‘I never thought of that,’ or ‘No one’s talking about this.’ It’s these aha moments that inspire us to create engaging educational offerings.”

Inclusivity and diversity are essential in the creator economy. How does ORAA promote and support underrepresented voices within its community?

Sabrina emphasizes, “I’m Latina and a self-starter, which gives me a unique perspective. Good ideas come from anywhere.” She believes that being a go-getter, whether new or seasoned, opens new perspectives and refreshes the conversation.

In her view, inclusivity and diversity are natural in ORAA because members enter with a mindset of learning, teaching, and providing. Collaborating with diverse backgrounds and expertise allows for forward thinking and ensures expertise drives conversations.

ORAA’s journey so far has been remarkable. Can you share a specific success story or testimonial from one of your members that showcases the impact your platform has had on their career or business?

Sabrina recounts a member’s success story: A woman who felt she was entering the industry late and unsure of where to start joined ORAA. Through networking, asking questions, and gaining confidence, she signed her first client through an ORAA connection. The woman expressed gratitude for the platform, saying, “I not only know about this sector or that sector but a whole variety of things I wouldn’t have known.” This story highlights that informal experience and learning from the ground up can be powerful, regardless of one’s background or stature.

Looking into the future, what are your predictions for the creator economy, and how do you see ORAA Network contributing to its continued growth and success?

According to Sabrina, “I see the creator economy as an infant if I’m being honest… I think that it’s just getting its footing.” She believes that the growth of the economy will lead to “more businesses come about, more creators and honestly, even more in the AI space.” 

Sabrina sees ORAA as starting “from the ground floor” and becoming “a hub where you can see yourself starting, learning, and eventually helping others.” She emphasizes that being in this early stage gives them an advantage to build along with the industry’s growth.

The creator economy has experienced tremendous growth and attention in recent years. As the Founder of ORAA Network, what are your observations on the current state of the creator economy? Are there any emerging trends or challenges that you believe are shaping the landscape for creators and businesses in this industry?

Sabrina views the creator economy as non-linear and ripe for growth. She predicts a surge in affiliate marketing as businesses grasp customer and creator behaviors. Distinguishing creators from influencers, she anticipates a focus on community-building skills.

Sabrina envisions “a rise in impactful creators” and foresees influencers without strong communities facing decline. She embraces the evolving marketing landscape and eagerly anticipates the future, stating, “It’s always exciting to think what’s gonna come next.”

Tell us how people can join the platform. Is there any process that they need to follow?

To join the platform, visit ORAA Network’s website at There, you can select the desired tier and explore its offerings. After choosing, you can easily sign up and immediately become a part of the community.

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