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From Gaming Juggernaut to Media Empire: FaZe’s Ambitious $11M Transformation

GameSquare Holdings, Inc. announced the formation of FaZe Media, a new creator-led internet media company. Following its recent acquisition of FaZe Clan on March 8, 2024, GameSquare combines FaZe Clan’s creator talent roster and non-esports assets into FaZe Media. The company has secured $11 million in new investment capital from Matt Kalish, who joined the FaZe Media board.

FaZe Media emerges under the leadership of CEO FaZe Banks, one of the original founders of the FaZe Clan. The company aims to capitalize on the FaZe brand’s value as an internet media juggernaut. By returning creative control to its founding leaders, FaZe Media plans to refresh its creator talent roster and develop compelling content featuring internet personalities.

The company stated it seeks to expand licensing and sponsorship opportunities for the FaZe brand across various categories. Additionally, FaZe Media intends to deliver products, merchandise, in-person events, online events, and more under the FaZe brand.

According to the announcement, FaZe Clan’s relaunch on April 27, 2024, generated unprecedented engagement across social media platforms. It became the #1 trending topic on Twitter in the U.S. and experienced the strongest search interest on YouTube since May 2020 and Google since May 2019. The internet and gaming community’s captivation with FaZe Banks’ return and relaunch efforts contributed to an estimated 350 million social media impressions.

Justin Kenna, CEO of GameSquare, stated in the announcement that the company has focused on “returning FaZe’s founders to reboot their brand and reestablish its authenticity” since acquiring FaZe Clan. The $11 million in new capital and Kalish’s addition to the board aim to position FaZe Media for better growth.

FaZe Media welcomes new members FaZe Max, FaZe Silky, FaZe Jason, and FaZe Lacy to join a refreshed roster of talent and creators. GameSquare retains ownership of the esports competition assets under FaZe Esports, while FaZe Media operates as a subsidiary focused on developing the creator-led internet media company.

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