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AI Is Invading Reels! Meta’s Plan To Supercharge Video Ads


AI Is Invading Reels! Meta’s Plan To Supercharge Video Ads

At the NewFronts presentation on Thursday, Meta announced several new AI-powered features aimed at enhancing advertising on its Reels short-form video platform. The features unveiled integrate artificial intelligence into multiple aspects of the Reels advertising experience.

For brands, a new “Creator Recommendations” tool utilizes AI to provide personalized suggestions of influencers to collaborate with on Reels campaigns. Marketers can filter creators by audience attributes and send campaign briefs directly through Instagram’s Creator Marketplace.

Meta is rolling out Reminder ads. With these, advertisers can build excitement and anticipation. Plus, they can include direct links to your products or sales, making it easy for customers to take action.

AI capabilities are also being applied to help advertisers more efficiently adapt and reuse their existing creative assets across Meta’s various surfaces like Feed and Reels. The company stated it would enhance the Reels experience for both creators and consumers.

Additionally, Meta is testing a tool that allows brands to transform product catalog images into Reels-style video ads, bringing a more native ad experience to the platform. 

“We are very focused on creators at Instagram, because we believe that power is going to continue to shift from institutions to individuals across industries, from teams to players, from labels to musicians, from publications to journalists,” Instagram head Adam Mosseri said in a video appearance during the event.

Beyond Reels, artificial intelligence took center stage across multiple NewFronts presentations this year. Google teased an upcoming AI-powered ad targeting solution, while Snap debuted an AI tool for creating augmented reality ads called ML Face Effects. Samsung Ads also revealed new machine learning ad products.

While light on specifics, Meta’s presentation signaled the the tech giant’s intention to integrate generative AI across its advertising products and surfaces, with Reels as an early focus area.

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David Adler is an entrepreneur and freelance blog post writer who enjoys writing about business, entrepreneurship, travel and the influencer marketing space.

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