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Neema Naz, The Gary Vee Impressionist: On Balancing Full-Time Stand-Up Comedy And Content Creation

Most people will recognize Neema for his perfect Gary Vee impressions as they played a major part in helping the creator get his name out there, but his comedic career goes way further than just famous impressions. 

Neema has built his entire career to be focused on everything entertaining as he finds joy and accomplishment in making people laugh and leaving behind a memorable impression. 

Neema Naz, The Gary Vee Impressionist: On Balancing Full-Time Stand-Up Comedy And Content Creation

Read along as we sit with Neema to interview him and learn more about his career as a Canadian stand-up comedian, strategies for his success, and how he pulled it off to become one of the most recognized Toronto comedians. 

Who is Neema Naz? 

Neema Naz is a Canadian stand-up comedian, actor, and content creator. Neema began his content career in 2014, and it wasn’t until 2022 that he started touring nationally.

The comedian and content creator is also known for collaborating with some of the biggest names in stand-up comedy, including Russell Peters and Maz Jobrani. 

The likes and reposts of Gary Vaynerchuk, David Goggins, Diplo, Gordon Ramsay, Kevin Hart, and Andrew Schulz reinforced his online presence, allowing the comedian to excel within a competitive and saturated market. 

Neema is known all over Canada for his lighthearted, funny skits and impressions of famous figures. Interviewing Neem allows us to provide you with detailed insights into how it all happened and why he’s exceptionally good at what he does. 

Why content creation, and when did it all start? 

Neema’s career is born out of his passion for what he does, and when asking him why and how he did it, Neema responds, “I dropped out of university in 2014 to pursue my passion in Comedy and Acting full time. 

Neema adds, “I wanted to live a fulfilling life doing something I love at a high level of performance. I knew that this  is what would bring me true joy.” 

The whole-hearted blind belief that comedy is his destiny is the ultimate motivator throughout the creator’s career, enabling him to tap into unexpected but well-deserved opportunities. 

The balance of being an Influencer and Comedian

To Neema, it’s all one; he doesn’t see each as a separate career, and his influencer career is more like a success vehicle for the ultimate stand-up comedy career. 

When asking Neema how he balances it all, he says, “I don’t see myself as an influencer but rather as someone with influence.”

He elaborates, “By being myself every day on social media and documenting who I am on a comedic level, I feel like I’m hitting two birds with one stone.” 

“I don’t feel like I have to balance anything, I believe that one platform fuels the other, and everything I do is geared toward becoming the most successful comedian in this world.” 

The Creative Process

Neema’s creative process for stand-up comedy and online content follows relatively the same approach, as they are more of something he lives daily rather than time-blocked off.

Neema says,” At any moment in my day-to-day life, if I think of or encounter something funny, I immediately write it down in my notes folder on my phone under either Neema Naz Stand Up Material or Neema Naz Video Ideas.”

Neema writes down every idea that pops into his mind and emphasizes that no idea is a bad idea, as all the scattered thoughts may fit into random parts of sketches or skits at the right time. 

Aside from the real-time lived creative process, Neema dedicated parts of his day to piecing together all the random ideas he wrote, as it is part of his daily routine to keep on track. 

The daily content Routine 

The discipline and persistence to reach his fullest potential as a comedian helps Neeema to stand out in an oversaturated niche, and here’s what his creative routine entails:

Neema’s creative routine plays a dominant part in the overall creative process allowing him to put together the bigger picture.

Dedicating a specific timeframe to create quality content no matter what is what keeps the stand-up and social media career actively improving. 

When asking Neema about any other process aside from constantly writing down spontaneous thoughts, he answers: “I have a daily morning routine of spending at least 60 minutes writing stand-up jokes in my booklet and another 60 minutes sketch writing on my computer.” 

Recognizing what’s quality and executing what you believe in is the most crucial element of the creative routine. Neema emphasizes his points by adding, “I am not attached to the outcome of the content or material; I just care about consistently putting in the work to produce the best quality stuff possible.” 

Best moments as a content creator

To many, the best moments as a comedian or entertainer is when things take off for you and your career, and Neema claims the same best moments.

However, he’s one of those who embrace the journey more than the destination, with a clear vision and feel of the ultimate levels of success he’s striving for.

Neema says, “My proudest moment as a content creator is building the strong fanbase and brand I have over the past seven years.” 

Neema elaborates with all sincerity, “I went from nothing to now a fast-growing following that fuck with me and my comedy every day, and I am grateful for that.” 

Neema’s Favorite content to create 

Nothing Neema creates is dearer to his heart than playing himself as a stand-up comedian or one of his original characters such as “The hockey guy, “ The Toronto Man,” and many more. 

Authenticity means everything to Neema, as he states, “It’s Impossible to choose one type of sketch as a favorite, but any video that has to do with my original characters, has to be my favorite to create.”

Although Neema says that all of them are fun to create and watch, this new skit is his current favorite.  

Brand deals and collaborations 

Brand deals are a sensitive topic for Neema and his management team as they’re working towards something greater than what they’re at now, and every deal impacts the overall image. 

Comedy is the backbone of Neema’s career, and he’s determined to only work with brands that share the same values and will stick to using his characters and many personas. 

He responded, “We’re very picky with who we work with as we know the value we bring to the table and have strict reasoning in why we do things this way.” 

Neema states, “Although we don’t do many collabs with brands and businesses, we sure work well with other influencers and future all-stars.” 


Neema has come a long way from when he started his comedy career in 2014, and his story is an inspiration to every creator striving to reach global status. 

His dedication to the craft is what differentiates him from others, and there is a lesson for every creative individual in his journey to becoming one of the greatest Canadian Comedians. 

You can find Neema on major social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube or catch one of his live shows all over Canada. 

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Moe is freelance writer and content creator who enjoys interviewing influencers and learning about their journeys to success.

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