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This Creator Streaming Service Just Landed A Spotify Collab To Bring Video Content From Internet Stars To Speakers

Nebula, a video streaming platform built by and operated for digital creators, has formed a new partnership with Spotify, the company announced. The deal will allow Nebula’s creator-driven video content to be accessible to Spotify’s massive global user base of over 615 million people.

Jordan Newman, Spotify’s Head of Content Partnerships, stated that the collaboration enables creators to expand their reach and exposure through Spotify’s growing platform. A selection of popular Nebula creators, such as CinemaWins, Adam Neely, and Todd in the Shadows, will kick off the content partnership initially.

Dave Wiskus, CEO of Nebula, cited the Spotify deal as a key opportunity to showcase the service’s talented creator community and thoughtful video offerings to a wider audience beyond Nebula’s existing subscribers.

The Nebula videos will be hosted within Spotify’s podcast and creator hub, adding to Spotify’s current catalog of over 2.5 million video episodes. This represents Nebula’s first partnership with the leading audio streaming platform.

Launched in 2019, Nebula is positioning itself as a creator-centric, ad-free video subscription service. The company enlists over 180 digital creators to produce and curate content while helping directly shape platform development and operations.

In the announcement, Nebula reported tripling its paid subscriber base over the past year and achieving the second-highest customer retention rate behind only Netflix. The streaming service was named one of Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Companies” in 2024.

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