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Discord Just Got A Lot More Entertaining With TuneIn’s 100,000+ Stations And Podcasts

Popular communication platform Discord has introduced a new activity called ‘TuneIn Radio & Podcasts’ in collaboration with live audio streaming service TuneIn, the announcement reads. This integration brings a vast array of audio content, including music, podcasts, news, and live radio, to Discord’s millions of users.

The ‘TuneIn Radio & Podcasts’ activity is the first audio-only entertainment option available directly within Discord. Users can access it by clicking the Rocket Ship button and selecting the TuneIn option while in a Voice chat on desktop, web, or mobile platforms.

Once launched, the activity presents a curated collection of stations, allowing individuals to scroll through and select their preferred listening experience. Discord users can enjoy a wide range of content, including stations specifically curated for the platform, and can make special requests for their favorite audio choices.

Kelly Liang, SVP of Partnerships at Discord, stated in the announcement, “People come to Discord to talk and hang out around their favorite games, and app partnerships like with TuneIn give users even more fun things to do together.” This collaboration aims to enhance the platform’s offerings and cater to users’ diverse interests.

TuneIn, known for its extensive audio library, offers unlimited listening to over 100,000 radio stations, podcasts, audiobooks, sports, and news content. The company’s CEO, Rich Stern, expresses excitement about the partnership, stating, “We’re thrilled to bring TuneIn to the millions of people who use Discord daily to connect and build friendships through audio.”

Over the past year, TuneIn has expanded its reach through partnerships with connected devices like Skullcandy and automakers like Lucid and Fisker.

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