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Threads' New Cross-Posting Feature Could Be A Game-Changer (Here's How It Works)


Threads’ New Cross-Posting Feature Could Be A Game-Changer (Here’s How It Works)

Meta is rolling out a new feature that allows users to easily cross-post content from Instagram to its Threads app, a move that could help boost engagement on the Twitter rival. The company tells TechCrunch it has launched a global test that gives Instagram users the ability to toggle on cross-posting for individual posts or all of their content.

When users cross-post from Instagram, their image captions are automatically converted to text for the Threads post, and any hashtags are stripped of the “#” symbol. However, the tech giant says the feature currently only supports cross-posting of images—videos and Reels cannot be shared directly to Threads through this process.

According to the company, the cross-posting functionality is designed with user control in mind. It’s an opt-in feature, giving users the freedom to enable or disable it at their convenience. This is part of Meta’s ongoing strategy to drive Threads adoption by leveraging its existing platforms and user bases, while respecting user preferences.

Meta has been progressively integrating Threads content into Facebook and Instagram feeds. It started with suggested post carousels, and earlier this year, it began testing cross-posting capabilities from Facebook to Threads. This strategic move is part of Meta’s broader plan to enhance user engagement across its platforms.

The cross-posting rollout coincides with Meta’s creator bonus program, which incentivizes high-follower accounts to be active on Threads. According to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Q1 2024 earnings remarks, Threads recently surpassed 150 million monthly active users.

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