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Meta Unveils 4 New Subscription Tiers To Unlock Premium Business Tools


Meta Unveils 4 New Subscription Tiers To Unlock Premium Business Tools

Meta announced an expansion of its paid verification subscription service for businesses, introducing four new pricing tiers with additional tools and features. The company has begun testing these expanded offerings in several countries around the world.

During the initial testing of a single Meta Verified subscription plan for businesses last year, Meta found that different companies have varying needs and goals when using Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp to promote their brand. As a result, the tech giant has decided to roll out four distinct subscription levels to better cater to the diverse requirements of companies operating across its platforms.

“Through additional market research, we identified more tools to offer subscribers based on some of the top needs these businesses have on our apps, like driving better connection and customer engagement and helping with account protection,” the company’s announcement reads.

The core verified badge, account support, and impersonation monitoring protections remain consistent benefits across all four new pricing tiers. However, each level provides progressively more tools aimed at enhancing credibility, fostering customer connections, accessing priority support channels, and acquiring promotional opportunities.

Specific premium features vary but may include options for advanced profile customization, improved audience interaction methods, expedited response times for business inquiries, and increased visibility for promotional content across the company’s suite of apps.

Meta emphasized that its renewed subscription offerings incorporate strict vetting processes before, during, and after verification to maintain platform safety and integrity for subscribers and general users.

“Meta Verified is built with checks in place before, during, and after verification to help keep subscribers and our community safe,” the announcement states. “As we test and learn, we’ll continue to add more value for subscribers and build out processes that help give users more confidence in the verified accounts they engage with.”

The new multi-tier pricing structure allows businesses to select the verification level best aligned with their marketing objectives and resource allocations. Smaller companies can access basic enhanced tools, while larger brands gain comprehensive promotional boosts by subscribing to premium tiers.

This expanded test of Meta Verified for businesses has been launched in Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Peru, France, and Italy. Businesses operating accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and the forthcoming WhatsApp offering can subscribe to the appropriate tier through a self-service portal. The announcement does not disclose specific pricing details for the four new subscription tiers. 

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