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Lounge Underwear Models The Faces Behind The Mega-Brand What Influencers Are Behind Lounge Underwear (1)


Lounge Underwear Models: The Faces Behind The Mega-Brand What influencers are behind Lounge Underwear?

What is Lounge Underwear?

Lounge Underwear is a size-inclusive intimacy brand with over 3.3 million Instagram followers. A UK-based company, Lounge Underwear was formed in 2015 by founders Dan and Melanie Marsden. The couple strive to make inclusive, comfortable, and sex-positive intimacy products. They are the 5th fastest growing company in the UK and have now become a multi-million-pound company.

One of the co-founders, Dan Marsden, describes how within a few weeks of starting the company, one large Australian influencer posting their brand led them to have 12 sales in a day, when they had just been aiming for one a day. While it may not seem like a lot, those 12 sales set Lounge on an upward projection of sales for the next several years.

Lounge Underwear does not discriminate. They want to work with models of all shapes and sizes, as well as all followings, and they do not believe in the “normal” intimacy brand stereotype. They consistently have campaigns for breast cancer awareness and work to create a female-based staff. Their size ranges from XS to XXL, and are continuing to expand. 

In an interview with Klarna, Melanie Marsden also stated how she believes diversity should be natural and that they want to show natural bodies of all shapes, blemishes and all, while also showcasing their beauty.

But who are these influencers that are the faces of the brand?

Pearl Froud

Lounge Underwear Models: The Faces Behind The Mega-Brand What influencers are behind Lounge Underwear?

Pearl Froud is a British Curve model and full-time content creator represented by Sandra Reynolds Agency, a London-based agency. She has collaborated with brands such as Skims, We Are What We Wear, and RHI Dancey. Her Instagram has 107,000 followers and has reached over 1,000,000 new accounts in the past three months.

She has a majority female audience, and nearly 50% of her audience is between the ages of 25-34, a key demographic for lifestyle, fashion and beauty brand deals. Froud’s message of positivity and self-empowerment has led her to work with Lounge Underwear as they work to promote body positivity in the intimacy community. The majority of Froud’s Instagram Reels receive over 30,000 views, and Sandra Renyolds reports that her engagement rate is at nearly 16%.  

Some more brands Froud has modeled  for:

  • Adidas
  • Chi Chi London, 
  • Fat Face,
  • Bodyform

Kara Del Toro

Lounge Underwear Models: The Faces Behind The Mega-Brand What influencers are behind Lounge Underwear?

Kara Del Toro  is an American model and influencer from Texas. She has worked in many notable shows, including Beach Bunny 2018 Swim (2017), Lounge Swimwear Bikini Fashion Show (2019) and Fashion Models Beach Bunny Miami Swim Week Sexy Bikini Models (2021)

She was also in a widely viewed, controversial television commercial for the brand Carl’s JR in 2017. ‘

She has over 1.9 million Instagram followers and 1.5 million on TikTok and is verified on both platforms. 

Since her viral commercials and runway walks, though, Del Tolo has been a frequent face of Lounge’s Instagram page and continues to work as an influencer. 

She has worked with many beauty brands such as Belif USA, a skincare line sold in shops such as Sephora and Ulta, as well as brand deals with Elemisi, a UK based health and beauty line specializing in skincare.

In an interview with Gotham magazine, Del Tolo expressed how she uses TikTok and Instagram differently, and caters to a different audience depending on the platform, focusing on “aesthetic” content for Instagram, where brands will likely look first, and more playful “Get Ready With Me” content on TikTok.

@karajewel Get ready for a holiday party with me. Wearing @boohoo #boohoo #ootn #holiday ♬ original sound – Kara Del Toro

Ashley Marie Dickerson 

Lounge Underwear Models: The Faces Behind The Mega-Brand What influencers are behind Lounge Underwear?

Ashley Marie Dickerson is an American model and influencer signed to CGM models and Otto Agency. She is currently based in Miami, United States.  She is a Fashion Nova brand ambassador with over 340,000 followers on TikTok.

One of the more private Lounge models, Dickerson’s most notable brands that she works with are Lounge and Fashion Nova. Dickerson’s Instagram reels usually receive 50,000 views or more, and her fashion and beauty content receives high engagement.

She has also had sponsorships from Bali Body, an Australian beauty line with over 1,400,000 followers on Instagram.

Iskra Lawerence

Lounge Underwear Models: The Faces Behind The Mega-Brand What influencers are behind Lounge Underwear?

Perhaps one of the biggest Lounge Underwear models, Iskra Lawerence is a British model, mom influencer, and CEO with over 5,000,000 followers on Instagram. 

She has modeled for intimacy with brands such as Aerie, Adore Me, and Chromat. 

Now based in Austin, Texas, Lawrence continues to create body-positive, self-love content while modeling for intimacy brands. Pushing past stereotypes that would normally not allow a plus-sized mother to be modeling lingerie, Lawrence continues to prove people wrong by being an incredibly successful influencer.

She is the CEO of the health and beauty brand Salt Air, a sustainable brand that is now being sold in Targets across America. The brand currently has over 100,000 followers on Instagram. Their products include natural deodorant, body wash, body oil, body scrubs, and more.

Lawrence also runs Self Funding Planner, a luxury planner brand for influencers, content creators, and those just wanting to get more organized in style. The planner helps with budgeting, and organization, and is completely updated so that you can use it from any time.

Adison Justis

Lounge Underwear Models: The Faces Behind The Mega-Brand What influencers are behind Lounge Underwear?

Adison Justis  is an LA-based model and influencer with over 300,000 Instagram followers.  Represented by Wilhelmina Models, she is a Fashion Nova brand influencer and has worked with notable brands such as ALO – a female-inclusive athletic brand.

Her TikTok has amassed over 500,000 followers, where she posts behind the scenes modeling as well as dancing, lip-syncing videos, and fashion and beauty recommendations. Many of these videos receive over 1,0000,000 views. 

According to many reports, Justis is currently studying business administration at university and is prepared to take on the complex laws and trickery that can come with influencing. At just 21, she has been working with Fashion Nova for years and is a frequent model for Lounge Underwear, as well as Koana Swim, Honeybum, and Windsor, all widely known fashion brands.

Cindy Prado

Lounge Underwear Models: The Faces Behind The Mega-Brand What influencers are behind Lounge Underwear?

Cindy Prado, a Cuban-American model and Instagram influencer with over 2.5 million followers. She is signed with Elite Models Miami and has worked with several swimwear and intimacy brands. Prado has also received over 6 million likes on TikTok. 

In an exclusive interview with People Chica, Prado admits to having a loyal and encouraging fan base that has allowed her to continue to grow her success as an influencer over the years.

She also states the differences between content creating and owning a business – which she now has with her personalized workout experience, Prado Program. Prado Program is a “lifestyle and fitness journey” that allows individuals to tailor their experience. The hardest part about influencing, Prado states, is just the beginning stage of getting your name out there and becoming a brand yourself. 

karina gandola

Karina Gandola was born and raised outside the city of Charleston, in the beautiful mountain state of West Virginia. Karina loves writing about the influencer marketing space and an area she is passionate about. She considers her faith and family to be most important to her. If she isn’t spending time with her friends and family, you can almost always find her around her sweet yellow Labrador retriever, Poshna.

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